give me back my snooki

Let me go on the record and say, I don't think any amount of "making over" Snooki is necessary.

Hello! America loves her for the short, bouncy guidette that she is.

Insider Edition, don't take away her signature bump! If you do, she looks like every other dark-haired little mama hitting the clubs on the Saturday night on the Jersey Shore.

Look at her made over! You don't want to call her Snooki. You want to call her Nicole or Nikki or Nicolette or even Mrs. Snooki. Snooki doesn't roll of your tongue as nicely when you see her in a tailored dress instead of the "shirts" she buys at Rave and Deb and wears as a dress.

This is how we like to see her. Bump, pouty lips, long faux nails and a pair of aviators dangling off her hand. Although with the $10,000 she is making an episode, let's upgrade the bag to something like a Gucci, honey. You will have all the guidettes screaming your name then.


Bite Buff said...

Oh no, what a tragedy! Don't they know that we all just love the "real" Snickers, Snooks, Snicks...whatever you choose to fondly call her?! The bump better be back for Season 2.

LiLu said...

I'm with you 100%. I want the character, not the human being. ;-)

Lil' Woman said...

That poof better be back for Season 2 otherwise I will boycott the shit out of Snickers/Snooki! :)

Katelin said...

the refined snooki sort of freaks me out than the regular snooki. and seriously i still can't get over the 10k an episode thing. nuts.

Bayjb said...

Her poof is her signature. I mean, they can't take that away. Now she looks all....respectable.