Hit Or Miss

Uh oh. New York Fashion Week is next week and I know at least one blogger, Michelle from All Lacquered Up will be there checking on nail polish trends, but I thought I'd take my own stab at some fashion predictions for 2010.

Although I can't exactly rock the couture looks of Marc Jacobs or Zak Posen, we here in Cleveland make do with our unique fashion sense, no matter what type of weather Cleveland brings us. (The key is no matter what kind of weather because we see it all. And, I've been known to wear open-toed shoes with fee of snow on the ground. Fashion over function, people.)

Fashion: to be hot or to be not

Shoulder jewelry
Back in January, I received a pitch about Babette Epaulette's shoulder jewelry. I read it out loud and thought "Shoulder jewelry? WTF?" Here are few examples of how it in real life.

Hot: Depending on where the hell you are and IF you are Lady Gaga.

Shredded tie dye jeans
Love 'em or hate 'em ripped jeans are back with a vengeance. I've seen them on a few celebrities last fall and I wasn't in love them. It was a similar feeling I felt wayyy back in the day of skinny jeans when I swore I would never get my calves into a pair that small. Well, I have and I continually wear them all the time, but a favorite pair of mine aren't that skinny but rather real straight from the Gap.

Tepid: I'm still undecided with this one.

Leggings galore
Although this isn't necessarily new, I like that we are seeing more fabrics and colors available to us. I still have a pair of Hue leather metallic leggings and haven't jumped on the "jegging" trend just yet. Although, you can snag yourself a pair by Joe's Jeans dark leggings for $78. I'm on board with texture and muted colors like grey, navy and even chocolate brown. However, you won't see a pair of hot pink or purple leggings on these calves any time soon.

Boiling hot: Dress up or down any outfit, depending on the fabric.

As far as shoes go, I think I'll wait until Lucky's shoe issue comes out but for now, I'm loving all these styles I found on their site:

The platform - Rebecca Taylor, $325 (no one said they have to be affordable) I have been wanting a pair for last few months but can't find the perfect fit.

The bejeweled flat - Vera Wang Lavender Label, $295
I love the fact that I can be 27 and still wear jewels on my shoes. Just like jelly shoes but without the uncomfortable straps.

Knee-high boot - Colin Stuart, $158
I have wide calves and the over-the-knee doesn't work if I can't get it over-the-calf first.

There are some of my predictions for this coming spring and beyond. What about you? What trend do you love or love to hate? What won't you be wearing this season?


lbluca77 said...

Personally I have always hated skinny jeans and can't wait till they go away. They are fine on some body types, but I'm curvy with a pear shape body and I don't look good in them.

I'm kinda liking the shredded tie dye jeans though. Not the white ones. Never been a fan of white jeans. Mostly because I'm someone that spills a lot.

OHmommy said...

I am loving the leggings because I can kinda of dress them up and still be comfy.

As for the shoulder jewelry. My mom got me one for xmas. It's still in the box. I just don't know if I can pull it off. It's a tad weird.

Katelin said...

the real straight jeans from GAP are my new favorites, i wear them all the time (today included) and i never thought i'd like leggings, yet i wear them all the time now.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i would like those jeweled flats please and thank you.

Bayjb said...

I LOVE those jeweled flats! So cute. And the shoulder art is awesome. That would be so fierce in Houston

Marie said...

I've never been a fan of the ripped jeans. Why should I pay hoards of money for something I can rip up at home (or eventually rips after lots of wear).

I do love the jeweled flats. I've seen a similar pair - but a heck of a lot more affordable - at Macy's. I think there by Alfani.

The Modern Gal said...

I would never wear ripped jeans. I don't mind them so much on people who are far more fashionable than I, but I think they look hideous with the military-style jackets in those photos.

Love, love, love the bejeweled flats.

I hear nude fabric is going to be hot this season? Some people can pull it off, but my skin tone will not let me.