rock the boat

Friday, February 12, 2010
Way back in October, the BF and I went to Boston together. Remember? It was our first trip together.

The whole reason behind us going was to see Boston in the fall and to see Salem. I've always had an obsession with witches and witchcraft. Maybe because I watched Sleeping Beauty, Hocus Pocus and Teen Witch way too many times a young kid, but he was game to come along and explore the cities with me.

Anyway, on the way home from Salem, the weather became very windy. We didn't drive to Salem. Instead, we took the Salem Ferry which was a great and scenic way to see the coast and all the beautiful homes. Plus, it was one of the last times we'd be able to enjoy a boat ride. It was Halloween after all!

Here we are on our ride there: Notice the couple in to the right. This is what they did the ENTIRE 60 minute boat ride.

Streetview of all the 100,000 people visiting the city

Me with Bewitched

On our way home it became extremely windy. So windy that we were encountering severe rocking on the boat, up to 12 foot waves the captain said. There was so much rocking that the BF almost became ill. (I was too busy filming him and trying to not vomit myself.)

So very ill to the point I thought he was going to vomit in front of all these strangers, who all were trying not to vomit themselves. If you wonder why the video is so shaky, it's because I'm literally bouncing up and down with the rocking boat.


PomJob said...

Teen Witch and Hocus Pocus are two of the best movies EVER! Top that!

Lil' Woman said...

Glad....that is video is hilarious.

Fizzgig said...

that looks like a fun place to visit!!!! awesome! did you see any witchy graves?

Katelin said...

oh it looks so fun but man that video is funny, thank goodness neither one of you vomited, haha.

Bayjb said...

Oh man, i could not handle that bouncing on the boat. A few waves, okay, but continuous, I would be in the toilet throwing up or over the side. No boats for me.