dancing machine (or so we think)

Monday, March 22, 2010
Whew. That was one hell of a long week.

After a quick (and very warm) trip out to LA, I knew I had to be relaxed and ready for my cousin's wedding on Saturday night.

Lauren - if you read this - I would like to apologize in advance for a few things.

I'm sorry the videographer followed our table around on the dance floor. (Normally great music can make even the whitest of people think they can dance.)

I'm also sorry my brother (and Jake, Al and Tim) made friends with the DJ and tried to steal the microphone and make shout outs to you, Dave and anyone they knew in the room.)

I'm even more sorry they played Bad Romance by Lady Gaga and that I felt compelled to bust out my pathetic attempt of the video choreography. The only part I got right was the claw. (Please edit that out of the wedding video, it's just better for everyone involved.)

On with the pictures.

My mom, aunts and cousin

Lauren and Dave

my brother, the dancing machine

it's never a bad night with an air guitar or two

don't stop believin'

closing out the night with a bang


Fizzgig said...

ohhh i love her dress so pretty!!

Weddings can be so much fun to attend. Notsomuch when you shell out all that money adn dont remember them though.....

but theres always pictures, right?

LiLu said...

Sounds like the PERFECT wedding. :-)

Sarah Phillips said...

looks like a lot of fun!!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

so when are you getting married?!?!


Lauren Condeni said...

Mission accomplished! Commenting a year and a half later, I'm glad that you were able to tune into your inner Gaga! I asked the videographer to , "follow the action" to ensure we had a funny and memorable wedding video! Needless to say, you made the cut!