Dove Love

We've officially been in our new house for a whopping two weeks. In the beginning, I always wanted to have a few friends over to see the house in it's "before" stage because we haven't really done anything to it yet.

The blog gods somehow heard me and I was offered a red carpet party courtesy of Dove. Yes, the same Dove is the deodorant and does the amazing real beauty campaign.
(It's about time someone did that.)

To me, it was a no brainer.

As I was contacting friends to come over, I quickly found selecting a date became an issue. People couldn't commit to this day, then I was out of town, blah blah, you get where I'm going.

When we finally could pick a date, my friends all eagerly committed once they heard it was Dove.

Sample conversation with just about everyone:

Me: "Hi, so I've decided on this day to have you guys over to see my new house. I'll have appetizers and wine. What do you think?"
Friend: "Sure, I guess I'll come but I might be late."
Me: "OK, well as a part of the party, you will get a free stick of Dove deodorant and a bead necklace."
Friend: Now very interested, "Wait, did you say Dove?"
Me: Not thinking THAT would coerce my friends to come over, "Yes, I have a stick for everyone and a necklace."
Friend: "I use Dove, what scent is it? Is it cucumber & green tea? That's my favorite. I only use Dove."
Me: "Ummm. I don't know. I don't remember."
Friend: "Well, can you find out, that kind of determines if I come."

Friends scoping out the jewelry and deodorant

Samples next to the precious TV

Well, someone had to apply it.

Now, it's your turn. I have five sticks of Ultimate Visibly Smooth deodorant in Nature Fresh to giveaway to you. Just leave a comment by April 2, but, you could always share an embarrassing sweating moment as well.

Disclosure: Dove provided all necessities for this party including product and necklaces as gifts to my guests.


Amy G said...

I just bought Dove VS and it's GLORIOUS!! Pick me to win one, please.

I love to smell like nature.

~*~Lilly~*~ said...
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~*~Lilly~*~ said...

here's a moment although i'm sure not the most embarrassing....

Yesterday mid morning at work i figured out whilein my exhausted & sick stupor getting ready for work i forgot my dove. Well luckily i was planning to meet the hubs for lunch at subway so i stopped by value drug quickly to get a little dove travel size. After purchase i figured out "shit! no place to apply immediately!" so since i felt this could not wait, i made hubs stand at the corner of Starbucks & subway in the Rockefeller plaza hallway during lunch hour while i tried to covertly put my dove on. lmao

Desperate girls resort to desperate measures! lol (also not my proudest moment...but for sure a funny one!)

Alana said...

I love Dove. Their grapefruit deodorant is my fav!

Erin said...

Oh man... I'd love to try Dove UVS! And ugh, I have too many sweaty moments to share... what can I say, I'm a nervous sweater with anxiety issues haha

Thanks for the giveaway!

Sarah Phillips said...

i havent tried dove deodorant yet.. ive been wanting to..but honestly waiting till the current deodorant runs out...

an embarrassing story... hhmm... well i sweat a lot.. like worse than a guy... and i used to always have big wet spots under my arms... and any time my ex boyfriend would notice... he would point it out and laugh at me... it was slightly embarrassing.. and really annoying...

(soon to be) Mrs. G said...

i LOVE dove! i sweat ALL THE TIME...isn't that enough of an embarrassment?

monicaonthego said...

LOL, interesting giveaway, why not! We all sweat and I love the Dove beauty campaign. When I was in college, I was always frickin pitting out. So I have a ton of horrible sweating stories, can't even pick one.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

How fun! I used to wear prescription deodorant when I was in middle school. How's that for embarrassing? But now that I'm 25, I discover pretty regularly that lots of other people - who I went to school with! - did, too. If only we'd all known so we didn't have to be so humiliated. :)

Haley said...

I'm a 19 year old single mom who's losing her car and as a result will have to drop out of school for the semester. I'm having a really crap day and I stubbed my toe and I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself. Also, I just realized that I haven't shaved my armpits in three days because I've been rushing through showers so that I can be done before the baby wakes up. It's all sweat inducing, and less stubble would be appreciated. Also, I'm smiling really big at you, like this -> :D

TaraMetBlog said...

I'm a Dove VS fan...must admit. Cute video :)

Lil' Woman said...

I love Dove, I want to throw a party!! :)

Michelle B said...

im wearing my Dove now and im loving it!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

sad i missed it lady friend!!

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