Do Not Playlist

Friday, April 9, 2010
If the BF and I ever decided to get married and host a traditional reception, there are several songs that will not be on the playlist. I will draft a separate "Do Not Playlist" contract if needed and if one of those songs are played, I'm not paying them. I don't care if the band/DJ tells me that these songs "really get the crowd moving," they aren't playing at any type of wedding function related to me.

Songs on my Do Not Playlist
Electric Slide
Hokey Pokey
Cha Cha Slide
C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)

And, no matter how many times my mom begs for the band or DJ to play it, there will be no Brick House by the Commodores.

I'm not sure when my dislike for this song started but it was kick-started this morning as it came on the radio when I was waking up from a great night of slumber. The LAST song I want to hear in the morning or at any wedding.

If you have been married or been to a lot of weddings like me, what are your favorite worst songs to be played?


heisschic said...

granted i've never heard these songs at a wedding, but i really want to.

background: the bf's friend is dating a girl that no one likes.... they've been together over 3yrs now and she's pushing for a ring. IF he proposes, his friends already have a playlist ready for introducing the bride and groom at the reception:

1- love the one you're with
2- she's a brick house (repeat, i know).
3- the "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, make an ugly woman your wife" song

OHmommy said...

Our wedding band rocked. Seriously. They were the most amazing band ever. We heard them play before our wedding and although we enjoyed their "Piece of Shit Car" we told them

DO NOT PLAY at our wedding.

Guess what they played? Yup. It's on our very classy wedding video, too.

TAYLOR said...

Peltz.. you might want to add the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey. I don't know why, but DJs seem to think these are fun songs that will get everyone out on the dance floor. I too had a do not play list because you just never know what the DJ will play. I also made a list of songs that he absolutely HAD to play.. BTW when are you getting married? haha

Amy said...

"We are Family"
"Celebrate good times come on.."
both were on our do not play list -
Our D.J. selected Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" to play - really? A song about drug abuse and inability to accept addiction at a wedding? Probably wasn't the best choice.

I also had an "absolutely play" list which included gems like Bon Jovi and Journey.

heidzilla said...

ooh ooh! pick me pick me!

i did a post about this about a year ago after polling some djs and adding some of my hates :)

Michelle V said...

I loved loved loved our wedding band - but I gave them a list of songs and told them under no circumstances were they allowed to play the following songs. I don't care if my niece or mom begged - no way. I think I scared them, but it worked!

Lil' Woman said...

I've thought about axing those....but I know they get my mom and aunts up dancing so I'm gonna suck it :)

Katelin said...

pretty much all of those are axed on our music list so far. the only exception is the chicken dance because it's a ridiculous family tradition that i sort of have to abide by, haha.

Anonymous said...

What no Hendrix, Allman Bros., or Black Sabbath at your wedding//That's un-American!!!!!...Loosen up !!!..Love, 162

Cleshopaholic said...

Our dj lost our playlist the night before our wedding. We just gave him a "do not play list" which was pretty simple: no songs that have a choreographed dance. It worked really well!!

Amy G said...

Don't forget Mony Mony!!!!!

I have to admit that a wedding is the only place I can get my Electric Slide on. I love it.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I agree with all of those items. Especially the hokey pokey. Good lord. Actually I lied, Shout isn't awful. I would take that before 1999 by Prince ANY day. What song can I dry hump to?

wekeepsaying said...

ugh, i agree with you 100%. i'm taking note of all of these so that on my wedding day, i don't have to deal with any of this.

Liz said...

Thank you SO much for posting this. The b/f thinks I'm nuts, but your list pretty much covers all of mine. I would add the Chicken Dance and the Hokey Pokey, as others have suggested, plus the ever-popular-for-reasons-I-fail-to-understand Celebration. Also, Cotton-Eyed Joe.

I think I'd have to ban pretty much everything from the 70's (e.g. the Hustle) due to a female Drunkle.

I did decide that I would allow an "choreographed dance" exception for the Tootsie Roll, just because.

While I hope I would never even have to worry about this ever being played at a WEDDING, I would add the Thong Song to the banned list, too, just in case.

Christina K said...

I showed our band a pic of my mom and told them to ignore her requests and never, ever let her get on the stage. She would have requested all of the songs on your list.