what would sophia do?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Obviously I share a lot about myself on this little blog. I talk about running accomplishments, my amazing cooking skills, some of the cool companies I've worked with and our newest major purchase.

I also share some my bf's quirks. Duh. How can I not? He makes me laugh and equally angry all at the same time throughout out our 3.5 year courtship.

What I'm about to say could come as a complete shock.

He religiously watches Golden Girls.

There. I've said it.

Yes, he religiously watches Golden Girls. Every night when it's on Lifetime Network at 11 p.m. I put on my sleep mask to go to bed and fall asleep listening to Rose saying something funny and Blanche saying something slutty for a 70-year-old.

I've seen more Golden Girls then I ever remember seeing before.

At one point, I think he told me he would watch it every day in college before certain classes too. My friends and I did this with tons of shows including Saved by the Bell and a Wedding and Baby Story on TLC. But the Golden Girls? Really?

Apparently his girlfriends from college all know this about the BF's interesting tendencies and I bet this doesn't surprise them one bit. (I don't think much of what I write about surprises them considering they lived with him for an entire year. That's right - my BF survived living with four girls for a whole year.)

What are the odd TV shows your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to watch?

10 miles down, only 3 more

Monday, April 26, 2010
Leading up to the 1/2 marathon, my friend Maureen and I decided it would be a great idea to test ourselves at the Hermes 10 miler this past Saturday.

I didn't feel prepared for this. I was more than a little nervous. I have been lackadaisically following Hal Higdon's 1/2 marathon training schedule and only running between 4 to 6 miles at any given time. Prior to this race, I've never exceeded running more than 62 minutes.

Do you see why I was a bit nervous? I was adding on four miles!

Between all the people, the sprinkling of rain and my music to get me through, I completed the entire 10 miles (without stopping) in 1 hour and 43 minutes.

what kept me going

I was very proud both of us because neither of us call ourselves runners. Just a few girls trying to get in shape and lose weight in the process.

We are almost to the 1/2 marathon with only three weeks left until the big day on May 16. I'm going to try and run 11 miles this weekend and then 10 then lighten up the week of the race.

Who else ran the 10 miler? How did you end up doing?

new boutique in town: B. Lux

To all my Cleveland readers, I'd like to introduce you to a new boutique in Hudson. You might have read about here in today's fashion section or caught the clip on Good Company this morning. My good friends, Lia and Michelle who are regularly featured in photos on this blog, opened this boutique a little over a month ago called B. Lux Boutique.

I missed the grand opening with my fun trip to D.C. but I've made up for it with multiple visits that have lasted longer than your average shopping spree.

Lia working behind the counter

As someone who loves to shop, there are many different styles to choose from including casual sun dresses, flowery skirts, bright (and glittery) scarves and a few beautiful jeweled cuffs. Brands include Kensie, Glam, MissMe, Hazel and Michael Stars. Because I received an inside peek as they were designing the store and picking clothes, my friends were pretty conscious of a unique style at an affordable price when searching for the perfect pieces. I currently have my eye on two dresses and a flower empire waist skirt myself.

new earrings anyone?

So if you find yourself in Hudson, run over to B.Lux for a few new outfits, and you never know, they might just have punch and cake to share with you.

street runners

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Late last year, I decided I'd start my running career with a 10K and have kicked up a notch this year with a 1/2 marathon. Yes, you read that correctly. I really like running. I like running more than I ever thought possible. I really surprised myself with this and I'm glad. (To test my ability, I even signed up for the 10 miler this weekend. Uh oh.)

However, those who run in the street instead of the sidewalks make me nervous. Very nervous.

You could get killed.
There are sidewalks for a reason.
For your own safety, get on them.

After passing a street runner, I said to the BF, "He should just get on the sidewalk, it's so much safer."

BF: "I don't run on the sidewalks."
Me: "Well that's another reason we will never run together."

Bikers also make me nervous when they are in the street. This past weekend, a couple was biking down busy Mayfield road when there are perfectly good sidewalks to bike on instead. The girl eventually jumped on the sidewalks and the guy remained in the street with the busy traffic.

For you bikers and runners who run/ride in the street, why not hop on a sidewalks when you are on a busy road? Is it that bad to run on?

romance shomance

It all started with a conversation with a friend. I then started thinking more about it and posed the question to more friends over sushi and wine because it wasn't possible that two of us could think the exact same thing, right? We all agreed. We all laughed, shared our stories and laughed some more.

Romance is dead. Or, at least on life support when it comes to our relationships. I told the BF how all my friends and I agreed that him and his friends need to kick it up a notch when it comes to the romance department. He laughed and went back to watching TV. (Told you romance was dead.)

To further prove my point with the other sex present, I brought it up again with the help of two friends to our boyfriends and husbands over dinner and drinks again. (I was the only non-married one of the group.)

We talked about everything from sex to love to flowers and back to sex again because it might truly be the one thing always on a guy's mind.

Here's what I've come to realize and it will save you subscriptions to Glamour and Cosmopolitan and countless future psych sessions.

Are you ready?

I'm not sure you are.

It's quite earth shattering.

All guys are the same. They are ALL the SAME! There. The secret is out of the bag. You all know it.

So when you think that the other guy is better to his girlfriend, paying more attention to her, buying flowers and making surprise dinner reservations to her favorite restaurant, just know it is one big fat lie!

And, if you don't believe me, I listened to two of my friends share the exact same stories only for their husbands to corroborate each and every one of them.

What you might have overheard from our table:
"That shit only happens because it's a new relationship."
"I want kissing for the hell of it."
"We need more spontaneity."
"I just want a little cuddling, not a lot, just a little."
"Why do you always have to grab them?"

And, to quote one of the guys, "Well ladies, at least you know you aren't holding out for anything else because we are all the same!"

How do you kick up the romance again in your relationship? What do you do?
All tips and tricks will be shared with all of my girlfriends who always share their opinions and feelings with me, no matter how ridiculous they are.

Editor's Note: Most of our conversation was around sex, as it normally is when my friends and I get together. How much are you having? Is it enough? Does it last long enough? How do you keep things fresh? Do you role play like Phil and Claire from Modern Family? You know, those kind of things. However, knowing certain family members read this blog, I decided to keep it a PG and tongue-in-cheek rather than them picturing something else.

Market Under Glass Take 2

Friday, April 16, 2010
I would like to personally thank everyone who entered my contest for the Market Under Glass event next Thursday.

To have an unbiased giveaway, I enlisted the help of my friend Katelyn pick names out of a martini glass.

Congrats to Ohmommy from Classy Chaos.

Her response when I announced it on Twitter -

@allisonpeltz OMG!!!!! I was SO hoping to win because I need a date night w/the husband. YAY ME!!! This made my day... thanks Allison!

Glad I could make someone's Friday!

the one where I'm actually a cook

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
I roasted a chicken tonight.

Yes, you read that correctly, and we devoured it. I often share how I'm sometimes culinaryly challenged in any and all kitchens, but I changed that tonight. I selected this Ina Garten recipe and make my own little tweaks it to by asking others for their advice.

the unsuspecting dinner

Now, this post wouldn't be complete without a short video demonstrating how to actually prepare the chicken. I didn't make it that far. I started to wash it, remember that it was in fact a real chicken and not your typical breast or thigh, and I quickly became slightly freaked out that I was holding a whole bird in my hands.

And, yes, it's important to make sound effects when preparing your food.

ready for the oven

we killed it

Market Under Glass ticket giveaway

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Next Thursday evening, I'll be returning to my serving days all for a good cause - Harvest for Hunger.

If you read any other Cleveland blogs, like Cleveland Foodie, Cleveland's a Plum or iCarabout, you might have heard about Market Under Glass event there and tried to have entered their contests.

From the Foodbank:

The need for food in the Cleveland community is increasing dramatically, as the Cleveland Foodbank’s more than 450 hunger centers report a 40 percent increase in the number of clients they are serving over this time last year. For every dollar donated to Harvest for Hunger, a hunger center can provide enough food for four nutritious meals

Well, if you are interested in supporting a local organization, consider purchasing tickets HERE to purchase tickets to the premier event for $85 each or $100 at the door. The event takes place on Thursday, April 22, from 6-9 p.m. at the Galleria at Erieview.

Want to join me? I'll be there with a group of my friends, serving you food from over 50 participating restaurants, drinking wine (when I'm not serving of course) and meeting all sorts of new people.

Plus, I get to check off being called a "celebrity server" off my bucket list. (Oh, how proud my mom will be when she reads this!)

If you would like to try your luck for the next week, enter to win a pair of tickets to the event, worth $200, on this little blog. Because we all love food, share what you would have as your last meal. My last meal would be chicken paprikash and a flourless cake with vanilla bean ice cream. I will pick the winner on Friday, April 16, so enter your last meal comment before then.

Do Not Playlist

Friday, April 9, 2010
If the BF and I ever decided to get married and host a traditional reception, there are several songs that will not be on the playlist. I will draft a separate "Do Not Playlist" contract if needed and if one of those songs are played, I'm not paying them. I don't care if the band/DJ tells me that these songs "really get the crowd moving," they aren't playing at any type of wedding function related to me.

Songs on my Do Not Playlist
Electric Slide
Hokey Pokey
Cha Cha Slide
C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)

And, no matter how many times my mom begs for the band or DJ to play it, there will be no Brick House by the Commodores.

I'm not sure when my dislike for this song started but it was kick-started this morning as it came on the radio when I was waking up from a great night of slumber. The LAST song I want to hear in the morning or at any wedding.

If you have been married or been to a lot of weddings like me, what are your favorite worst songs to be played?

Club Q - the hottest spot in Cleveland

Monday, April 5, 2010
On Friday, the BF surprised me with a pair of Cavs tickets. We didn't have any plans and it was beautiful weather, so we went and called our friends to buy tickets to join us for a night of Cleveland fun. We went downtown early to drink and eat before the game at the Panini's around the corner.

Before we went to the game, like all girls, my Erin asked me what I was wearing. My C.L.E Clothing Co. Cavs t-shirt of course!

See friends in Cavs gear.

Have you been to a Cavs basketball game lately?

What the hell are some of these women wearing? Based on what little clothing some girls were wearing, my friend and I were lovingly calling it Club Q instead of Quicken Loans Arena. Then, we began to dance in our seats as they walked by us.

Cut-out shirts? Short jersey knit dresses? Short cutoff jean shorts? Three inch hooker wannabe heels walking up and down steep stairs with chain link purses? All to an 8 p.m. Cavs game on a Friday night.

You know my hatred for these shirts

I get that it's a place to be seen, but do you really expect to catch a player's attention from your seat and go home with him?

In my opinion, it would make sense to wear a t-shirt to support your home team or a nice pair of jeans and casual shirt, but no, girls dress up like hookers on sunset.

Pretty woman anyone?

Have you been to a game lately? Do you notice the same trend?

spring is in the air

Sunday, April 4, 2010
I've come to the conclusion that I've lost my drinking hat.

It's gone. I lost it somewhere between the years 2006 and 2008, immediately after college when my three nights out quickly turned to only one.

I lost the battle with vodka and tonic on Saturday night at my friends' wedding. Remember the couple we went and surprised in DC? Well, they came back from their tropical wedding and had their reception this past weekend. It was such a blast to see all my very old (and hilarious) group of friends from high school. Plus, the BF had the chance to meet some people that he has only heard about in the past.

What I don't have pictures of is the bride and me dancing in the bar to, what else, but Lady Gaga. I also don't have pictures of me almost falling in my platform shoes. I also didn't snap pictures of a girl who approached us after our amazing rendition of Bad Romance to tell us to delete all pictures of her. We didn't actually have any pictures with her, but she preceded to tell us she had a master's degree and wasn't the token the black girl to dance with. I still have no idea what she was talking about because a) I'm really losing my hearing and b) I was more focused on dancing like a complete idiot with my friends. (I'm pretty confident none of us can dance, not even a little.)

The married couple

Smashing the cake

Rocking out

Me with the bride

This kicks off wedding season for us. I am in two more weddings later in the summer, so there will be plenty of showers and bachelorette parties to write about in upcoming posts.

welcome to the block

Every time a new neighbor moves in whether it's a house or in the apartment across the hall, you always wonder what they will be like.

Will they be loud and people in and out until all hours of the morning?
Will they smoke weed and fill up the entire hallway?
Or will they be the quiet, passive neighbors who you never see?

All are good questions and I'm sure some of those, if not more, came to the minds of our neighbors when we moved in.

The BF has met two neighbors and I have only met one. (Something he is proud of to say the least.)

Last night he shared that the met the neighbors across the street and "apparently there are rumors about us."

Me: There are rumors about us?
BF: Oh yeah, I met the neighbors across the street. She knew some stuff already.
Me: Like what?!
BF: That we aren't married and have no kids.
Me: That's all true, plus you told the one neighbors that already. They just shared information.
BF: Well, she asked me other questions like "are we getting married and having kids?" And I told her, since we are already doing things backwards, we figured we'd pop out some kids and then get married.
Me: Anddddddd, they will probably never want to talk to us again.
BF: Oh no, they are super cool. I think we will get along fine.
Me: Why's that?
BF: Because she said, "Don't mind us, we both have mouths like truckers."

Do you think we will or won't fit in on the street?
How do you size up your neighbors?