welcome to the block

Every time a new neighbor moves in whether it's a house or in the apartment across the hall, you always wonder what they will be like.

Will they be loud and people in and out until all hours of the morning?
Will they smoke weed and fill up the entire hallway?
Or will they be the quiet, passive neighbors who you never see?

All are good questions and I'm sure some of those, if not more, came to the minds of our neighbors when we moved in.

The BF has met two neighbors and I have only met one. (Something he is proud of to say the least.)

Last night he shared that the met the neighbors across the street and "apparently there are rumors about us."

Me: There are rumors about us?
BF: Oh yeah, I met the neighbors across the street. She knew some stuff already.
Me: Like what?!
BF: That we aren't married and have no kids.
Me: That's all true, plus you told the one neighbors that already. They just shared information.
BF: Well, she asked me other questions like "are we getting married and having kids?" And I told her, since we are already doing things backwards, we figured we'd pop out some kids and then get married.
Me: Anddddddd, they will probably never want to talk to us again.
BF: Oh no, they are super cool. I think we will get along fine.
Me: Why's that?
BF: Because she said, "Don't mind us, we both have mouths like truckers."

Do you think we will or won't fit in on the street?
How do you size up your neighbors?


Lil' Woman said...

Lol...Sounds like BF already made some friends!! :)

Fizzgig said...

my neighbors are crackheads. i know this becaue they wander the streets all scraggly at all hours, and come to my car with duct tape on their mouths.


i bet the rumor they have about me is im actually a normal person!

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

Oh my to Fizzgig! lol

Oh you guys are having a blast with getting to know your house & hood. I gotta say..nothing better then snoopy neighbors who have mouths like truckers. I could have the same & just not realize since i don't understand any of them.

I've found sizing up the neighbors is very simple. I just do what they do to me....stare like a motherf'er as i walk into my building & to my doorway. lol

M Chic Finds said...

That's funny since the BF and i live in apartments him and his friends frequently piss off the neighbors with their boys nights. Looking forward to when we can be in a house and maybe not make several neighbors angry.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Hahaha amazing. My neighbors at home were always the gossipers - they knew EVERYTHING. Best to get in good with those ones in advance.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I think you guys are going to get along JUST fine. You guys just need to play nice, talk about the loud sex you have and how great it is that you're not in an apartment anymore so you can really scream. That is your litmus test as to how cool your neighbors are

Megan said...

Sounds like you guys will get along just fine ...

We live next door to a crazy cat lady. She has a contraption of laundry baskets with the bottoms cut out going from her house to an outdoor play pen for them.

No joke.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

you should just invite them over for tea.

Kristen said...

My neighbors last year in Kent were ghost hunters. We called them James and the Giant Peach, cause the woman was huge and the guy's name really was James. They ate nothing but microwave meals and stared at us from their kitchen window ALWAYS when my roommate and I were in and out of our place. They approached me when I was laying out one day and asked me seriously if they could set up video cameras in my living room... so they could catch a ghost. This was the only time we spoke. i was like, no. gotta love the entertainment though!

Anonymous said...

haha, we haven't had the pleasure of good neighbors for a while. we just moved out to arizona and have met a few of our neighbors from around the complex, but our next door neighbors and across the hall neighbors are disappointing. the guy across the hall is divorced and has at least one child (a son). his ex occasionally shows up and argues with him in the hallway while the kid plays with our doorknob, scaring the bejeezus out of us. then, every night, he makes sure to puff like a chimney at the end of the hall (it's an outdoor hallway, all the apartment complexes in arizona are made up of multiple buildings set up like a neighborhood, some are 2 or 3 stories tall with 4 apartments on each level. the hallway runs down the middle of the buildings with stairs at either end). the smoke never ceases to blow in our patio window or linger for a few hours while his cigarette butts litter the hallway. disgusting.

our next door neighbor is actually quite friendly, it's a 40-something woman and her almost 20 daughter. they have a really annoying little barking dog and a siamese cat who likes to escape. they make sure to greet us when they see us, but at night when they are getting ready for bed, they love to drop the toilet lid down and it echoes in our bathroom. also, early in the morning, the mother likes to make sure her hair is super dry and will run her screeching (literally) hair dryer for almost 25 minutes around 7am.

i'm a complainer though, haha.