days go by....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 damn fast.

I ask you - How is it already the end of May?


After I got home yesterday from an off site (and long) work day, I realized it was Memorial Day weekend. If it's almost Memorial Day, that means it's almost June which is almost the start of summer.

I swear it was just Easter and I was visiting my family. I swear!

Where was Spring? Did I miss that season in Cleveland?!

Remember when you were a kid and summers felt like they lasted forever? Or it seemed to take a bizillion years to get to Christmas break or even spring break? Those days are long gone now.

My days fly by so fast now for me. Days turn into weeks and before I know it, we've already reached the end of the month and I'm left wondering, "Where the eff did the month go?"

And, that is EXACTLY what happened today.


seanski said...

I totally agree with everything you just said! I talked about the same thing in one of my recent blog posts. I feel like I think about "time" more often than not. I love/hate getting older.

steph anne said...

I effin' agree with you! I seriously have no idea where the time is going. I think it's something that gets worse when we get older. Having a full-time job really makes the time fly by so damn fast. It's absolutely crazy. I think when we retire...time will go slow lol

Fizzgig said...

time gets away from you for sure! make sure you take time to stop and smell the roses!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Yeah I'm feeling the same way lately. Seriously, how is TUESDAY JUNE 1st??? WTH? But that means my visit comes up faster :)

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