Sex and the City 2

Last night, I convinced (really they hardly needed it) to see Sex and the City 2 at midnight so we could be some of the first people to either love or hate it. Without seeing it, I don't know how I could hate it. I absolutely loved the series and I was really happy with the first movie. Remember when I met my now in real life friend Alexaand we graced the TV with our take on the movie?

Michael Patrick King - I could've been done at the first movie. It was perfectly complete for me. Plus, I have the style book to remember individual scenes from that the BF kindly bought me for a Valentine's Day.

So, I was a bit skeptical going into this movie. I mean, hello, they are riding on camels in the middle of desert?! Really? You needed to go all the way to the Middle East for the second movie?

So, what is my take?

Michael Patrick King and SJP should've stopped while they were ahead. The whole movie felt off to me. Even as I think back, I'm not exactly sure there was a storyline for any of the characters except for Charlotte and a little for Carrie. Samantha was her typical outrageous self, Miranda quits her job and then most of the movie takes place in Abu Dhabi. It was beautiful scenery and lots of jeweled-tone clothes, but I'm still scratching my head thinking, "Really? That was it."

During a few times, I leaned over to my friend and said, "This is boring. Really? They brought the characters back to life for this?"

With all that said, I will still need to buy the movie to complete my Sex and the City set.

days go by....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 damn fast.

I ask you - How is it already the end of May?


After I got home yesterday from an off site (and long) work day, I realized it was Memorial Day weekend. If it's almost Memorial Day, that means it's almost June which is almost the start of summer.

I swear it was just Easter and I was visiting my family. I swear!

Where was Spring? Did I miss that season in Cleveland?!

Remember when you were a kid and summers felt like they lasted forever? Or it seemed to take a bizillion years to get to Christmas break or even spring break? Those days are long gone now.

My days fly by so fast now for me. Days turn into weeks and before I know it, we've already reached the end of the month and I'm left wondering, "Where the eff did the month go?"

And, that is EXACTLY what happened today.

I can't hear you

The BF has perfected the skill at completely blocking me out. I'm not talking about when I'm in the basement screaming or upstairs needing his help. I'm talking about when I sit directly next to him and ask him a question. Any question. The simplest of questions and he doesn't respond.


You can hear birds chirp.

He is so incredibly tuned to the TV that he can't hear any words coming out of my mouth.

Most of the time, this happens during Seinfeld. God forbid he miss an episode from 7 to 8 p.m. on TBS. An episode he's only seen 16 times over the last 10 years. Side note: what IS it about this show that makes grown men drop everything they are doing?

Me: Ohh, let's catch up on our DVR.
BF: But Seinfeld is on.
Me: No shit, Seinfeld is on, it's on all the time.
BF: Let's watch Seinfeld, as he takes the remote from my hand.
Me: You have seen every episode of Seinfeld and can quote lines in your sleep. Why can't we catch up on Modern Family?
BF: Because I love this episode. It's when Jerry convinces Babu to change his restaurant food to his native country and then no one comes in.
Me: Good thing for you, Sex and the City reruns are on tonight at 10 p.m. Screw those Golden Girls, we are watching Carrie and girls tonight.

the older parents get......

Growing up, my dad hated cats. He absolutely hated them and no matter how many times I begged for a pet kitten, I was repeatedly turned down and consoled with huge Alaskan Malamute dogs. Three to be exact.

Me with the ferocious Nanuk, the first Husky

Two other dogs followed suit: Yukon and Brutus. From what my parents told me, they quickly purchased Yukon and still believe he was not a purebred, but some kind of wolf mixed with a dog because of his huge size. Yukon only lasted a few years because he bit me in the face, so we purchased another Malamute (this time from a reputable breeder) and my brother cried and cried until he was able to the name the dog. Brutus the Barber Beefcake. (Yep, we watched WWF, can you tell?)

When cats would wander to our house, my dad would let me keep them for a few days in the garage where my mom would make it a bed and I would sit with it for hours. A few days later, the kitten or cat would disappear and my little heart was crushed. (Years later I found out my dad would drop them off at other locations.)

Fast forward to my college years. I was finally able to purchase my own little kitten. Meet Captain Jack.

Such a cute little kitten.

Captain Jack is now a bit older and wiser, living with my parents because of the BF's allergies. My mom and I somehow convinced my dad it would be a great lifestyle change for them instead of taking Jack to the pound (like my dad originally suggested).

What I didn't expect out of all of this was how much my cat-hating dad LOVES this cat. Jack follows my dad everywhere. He comes to my dad when he calls him and Jack will bite my mom. Ever since I bought my dad a camera for Christmas last year, he sends me pictures of the cat doing weird things, such as laying in odd positions, sleeping in funny places or just simply sitting. Lately, Jack has been all about sleeping and laying on shoes, so my dad sent me this video to prove that he is in fact sleeping in his shoes.

It's safe to say Jack has integrated himself into the family and I no longer fear my Dad dropping him off at the pound.

What are the funny things your parents do now that you are an adult? Send funny e-mails or call with random reminders?

Just a quick 13.1 miles......

I'm beat.

My feet and shins are on fire.

My back is sore.

It feels like there is a ball under my left arch, causing a slight limp that makes me look like I have fake leg or hip.

Because the BF thinks I'm superwoman, he insisted we do yard work for the four hours today after I was up at 5:50 a.m. today to run my first ever Half Marathon.

Snapped a picture from my point of view when I started the race

Remember when I ran my first 10K? Or when I signed up for the 10 miler a few weeks ago?

Well, today I completed my first 13.1 miles.

Holy hell, what was I thinking. All was going great for me until I passed over the 10 mile mark and came up on 11 through 13. (Note to self: I need to train with more inclines and hills later in my runs.)

My huge calves couldn't handle the burn and I needed to walk about 5 minutes until I could run again. Somewhere around this time, my Shuffle decided to die but thankfully I brought my iPhone along and could play some music until the end of my race.

I'm not going to lie - it was tough, but I'm ready to do it again next year or maybe even a 10 miler later this summer as well.

waiting in line for the bathroom

Smiling because I finished! (although you can't see that I'm covered in sweat or limping)

Decorating is hard work

Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Since moving in, we've yet to paint, hang any pictures or buy any new furniture. It's officially been two months and it feels like we've been here a week.

On the top of my list is to decorate my dressing room.

We have four bedrooms and we agreed that I would get to have a room all to my own to decorate, throw clothes and get ready in on a daily basis.

Please notice the room.

Another view

It's hot pink. What you can't tell is that the walls are actually different colors. She so nicely painted the other walls a brighter shade of pink.

I just purchased an antique, off-white vanity after looking online for months and stalking what is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores, Stash Style. Shannon and her team have such an eclectic taste of furniture, decorations and random accessories from picture frames to vintage books and cupcakes. (I was tempted to buy one, but I passed seeing as I had to run and see my personal trainer today.)

I’m thinking on painting the walls a pale, turquoise-ish blue at this point like this Aqua-Sphere shade. Or maybe something like this from the House of Turquoise.

Some other items that are piquing my interest:

These Blik chandeliers in white

One of these to go on the wall from an Etsy boutique

Maybe a dress form like this one from PB teen

I also have enough room to put a two smaller chairs or on chaise lounge as well. I just need to get the basics down then pull in all he decorating pieces and accessories.

What do you think? Do you find decorating is hard work? What other sites do you use to find inspiration or decorating tips?

Back Up Plan

Let me first say that I've seen plenty of kill e'm, shoot 'em dead and mafia movies in my time. Some I like, and some I don't. The BF and I take turns renting movies and normally he says he hates all my choices.

Editor's Note: I don't typically make the BF watch romantic comedies. You will NEVER see me drag him to Sex and the City and be "that guy" mostly because he takes movie lines and will make me hate them. To get himself through the movie he will constantly repeat the line and then repeat them for the rest of my life.

Have you ever seen Sweet Home Alabama? If he even hears Reese Witherspoon's voice, he yells from whatever room he is in, "Awww, go back to your double-wide and fry something." See my point?

On Saturday night when my girlfriends called me for a movie, I was stoked because we haven't been to one in forever and I've been wanting see so many. Then they said, "We are going to see the Back Up Plan."

Me: Are the boys going?
My friends: Oh yea, Mike and Jesse really want to see it.
Me: They want to see the Back Up Plan?
My friends: Oh yea, really bad.
Me: And they know J.Lo is in it?

I share this news with the BF and he then tries to host an "impromptu house warming party for boys only" but my girlfriends shoot down that idea and we all head to the theater.

The boys didn't hate the whole thing, although they were introduced to quite the "natural" birthing scene that even had my friends and I squirming in our seats. All the BF took away from the movie was the actor's shirts. He loved the actor's v-neck t-shirts which he wore over and over again in different scenes. He is now on the lookout for the v-necks.

And, I have the feeling he will be repeating the line, "Your muffins suck ass," from now on.

cheese, cheese and more cheese

Thursday, May 6, 2010
When warm weather starts to grace Cleveland, I get particularly excited about flip flops, cookouts and dresses. I also love all the patios we get to enjoy at restaurants. I LIVE for eating outside after being cooped up all winter. The BF and I eat out quite a bit, which is mostly on the weekends with friends or just the two of us. If we get home late for work on Friday, I normally don't feel like cooking (yes, I do the majority of the cooking because if I didn't, we'd be eating pasta every night). There are a slew of restaurants I want to visit based on the patio alone, and I was finally able to get myself to L'Albatros after being invited to their wine and cheese tasting with my friends Michelle and Alexa.

I love cheese. I love all kinds of cheese. I could eat cheese, drink wine and sit on a patio for hours. Ask the BF - he personally gets annoyed, I'm sure.

Our cheese samplings (Starting at the top, the first three were my favorite (La Tur, Casatica di Bufala, Salva Cremasco) plus the orange-ish color (Monte Veronese Malga) one on the left.)

The menu with maps of the areas in Italy where we were eating from

Brandon sharing his knowledge with the group

Although we weren't on the patio, it was a great time and I learned about the age of some of the cheese, regions and some new wines. I loved the Kerner tasting so much that Alexa and I both picked up a bottle of it while Michelle bought the port. (It was a close tie but I went with the Kerner.) Nothing says summer to me than a crisp glass of white wine and cheese of course.

We didn't order anything off the menu but we will be back to try the pork two ways, chicken confit and maybe even the escargot, which were all recommended from Twitter.

a gift is from the heart

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
When I moved out my parent's house a few years ago, my mom decided to pack up what was left of my life and put it all in my closet. All of my belongings from 18 and under exist in that closet. My girl scout sash, my diaries, junior high notes passed between friends and picture upon picture from when I was baby through my teen years.

I took a single box from the closet which was filled with some of the pictures and took it to my new home. (It's about time, right?)

Isn't it cute?

My friend Laura made it for a few of her friends before we went off to college. As I was flipping through the photos of my early years, you know, the ones where your mom let you dress yourself because it was "soooo cute," I don't understand why I was allowed to dress myself.

Please notice the bunch of bangle bracelets and socks w/ jelly shoes (No idea why I have a black eye or why I am only wearing one color of the rainbow or why I have bangs from ear to ear.)

I stumbled across a few questionable high school pictures and it reminded me of one of my favorite presents my mom ever bought me.

My Victoria's Secret water bra.

You know you had one, don't be embarrassed. I can't post the picture because I'm actually lifting up my shirt to prove I have a water bra.(As if my friends didn't believe me so apparently I felt the need to show everyone. I'm sure these photos will haunt me one day.)

But I can remember when I requested the bra as my big 18th birthday present. I'm sure my mom was stunned, shook her head and said, "You want what for your 18th birthday?" Not a shopping trip, or a Tiffany's bracelet or a new pair of shoes. Nope, not for me - I needed a water bra.

Seeing as mother's day and my mom's birthday is coming up in a month, maybe I need to return the favor and buy her some off the wall gift.

What should I get my lovely mother for mother's day and her birthday?

and the wedding festivities begin

Well that weekend flew by.

After a busy work week, here is what I did on Friday and then you can clearly see what the BF was doing.

My summer of weddings has officially started with my second wedding shower of the season. All of my college friends and I gathered in honor of my friend, Erin, for her wedding shower. This is one of the two weddings I'm in at the end of summer. From all my friends who have gotten married, I've only been in one wedding and this will bring my total count to three after this summer.

If you are getting married, having a shower and reading this, you should know my friend rocked the gift opening. She had her sister opening gifts, handing them to her and then handing them off to another bridesmaid. She went through tons and tons of gifts in a short amount of time.

Name cards

I love all desserts

The bride-to-be

The bridal party