it's his vacation too

Tuesday, June 29, 2010
We survived our first trip to Lake Keuka.

On Friday, the BF and I took a 4 hour drive to what is a beautiful lake. As I said before, I'm picky about the lakes I jump in and this is one I would have no problem jumping in.

When we arrived, we met some extended family at their beautiful lake house where they live full time.

See the happy crew below.

I was soooooo looking forward to laying out on Saturday. I could just picture myself with my Monday morning tan walking into work and being the envy of my coworkers.

Newsflash: There has to be sun to get a tan. No sun on Saturday equaled a relaxed time at our house for the whole day.

And, it gave the BF plenty of things to do.

Like tackle his teenage cousin in the lake in her clothes

Scare a 5-year-old half to death of water.

Teach kids how a hood works

Take naps after too much swimming

Lastly, you can never say he's the party pooper

road trippin'

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm not a camping person.

I'm not a cabin person.

I'm not a lake person unless I can see clear down to the bottom.

Apparently, that makes me a Lake Keuka fan even though I haven't seen it yet.

This weekend the BF and I will embark on a 4 hour and 45 minute drive to the Finger Lakes, but specifically the Lake Keuka area to stay for the weekend.

According to Facebook, my friends are already water skiing and we better add "wine tasting" to that by the time I get there on Friday evening.

I sent out an SOS on Twitter to determine which Keuka wineries to visit knowing we have a short amount of time in the area. (I heart Twitter.)

My Twitter friends recommended Dr. Frank wines, Heron Hill and McGregor Vineyard Winery. So many wines, so little time to taste.

Any recommendations for car games? It's just us on the way up and the way down. This car ride should be very interesting.

summa summa-time

Hello Summer!

This weekend I experienced two of my favorite activities of summer: laying out and parties. Nothing says summer than laying out and jumping off a diving board or two.

On Friday, a friend and I headed to our local city pool. I was so lucky to live in an apartment building with a pool for the last few years. It was actually a requirement when looking for places to live. If I can, I spend every weekend at the pool, relaxing and reading. I live for those days.

My friend and I knew it would be packed on a Friday afternoon, but we didn't quite expect the amount of kids that were actually in the pool. As we entered the pool, we literally stopped in our tracks and both said some version of "holy shit" at the same time. Kids were everywhere. Every age. Every size. They were were everywhere in front of us yelling, crying and screaming.

Told you they were everywhere. I learned a very valuable lesson while at the pool and it had nothing to do with raising children.

It had to do with tattoos. I have never seen more ugly tattoos in one place in my life. There were tramp stamps, old ragged roses on ankles, Italian flags on shoulders and biceps, Jesus covering one man's entire back with a patch of colorful daises to the right of his feet and all sorts of other terribly etched ink.

Note to self: think long and hard on the placement if I ever get a tattoo.

On Saturday, the BF and I participated in our first ever block party. We were the "new neighbors" and we met several new people.

Of course, we were asked if we were engaged or married but actually only by one person. That's some kind of record. The focus was less on us but rather on an interesting neighbor who appeared to be quite sloshed at 6 p.m. She had two dogs with her and one was a puppy running circles around everyone. She lovingly referred to as a "f-cker" then as "f-cko."

This neighborhood sure is interesting to say the least.

bathroom conversations

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
It's come to my attention that women like to have in-depth conversations in the bathroom. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Picture yourself getting up from your desk and you head to the bathroom to do number 1. You walk into the bathroom, notice two women having a conversation and enter the stall. You assume they will wash their hands, squirt a dash of Purell and be on their merry way.

Nope. Doesn't happen.

As I start to relieve myself, the women continue their conversation.

And continue their conversation, and keep on freaking talking! There's no washing hands, there's no Purelling, there's just a continued conversation as I pee.

Look, I love to BS with my coworkers, but I ask you, move the conversation from the bathroom into the hallway.

It's uncomfortable for me to pee when people are chatting it up right outside my stall.

I've been known to strike up my coworker as I wash my hands but I try to quickly move whatever conversation we are having outside of the bathroom. I don't want to hang out in there.

But it doesn't stop there. I was at a wedding this weekend where two women decided to scatter their make-up kits and reapply their faces. I walked in and went to the bathroom and listened to the women talk about how "she weighed 98 pounds before giving birth and was the same weight after" as she applied another line of black eyeliner.

Reapplying eyeliner I get, but dumping your entire make-up kit on the counter is a little over the top. I have a feeling there were in there for a good 20 minutes.

Of all the rooms to hang out, I'd like to pick one with a better ventilation system. Just sayin'.

trips around cleveland

I was all over the place this weekend. East side, then West Side, then back to the East side and then over to the West Side. Since I'm too tired to write about all my experiences, I'm patting myself on the back and glad I snapped a million pictures with my iPhone. (I'm dreaming of the iPhone 4.

After enjoying a beautiful Friday off work, I met my out of town cousins downtown to see the Bodies Exhibit. I can't show you any photos because you weren't allowed to take any even though I took a few and then was reprimanded. (In my defense, I didn't see a sign that said you couldn't take pictures, but if you are wondering, you can't so don't even try it.) Friday night started off with a trip to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood for Made in the 216 event.

people mingling

lovely display of candles

my picks - a T-shirt from C.L.E. Clothing Co and a harness scarf from Wrath Arcane

After we quickly left the event, we headed to a 30th birthday party! Yay for birthdays!

On Saturday, I had a wedding, baby shower and a reception but only made it to two out of three. I kicked butt at the baby shower and won a game. Yes, you read that correctly - I won a baby game. So what if it was "name the baby's celebrity parents?"

Saturday night we attended a beautiful wedding for our friends the Mr. and Mrs. Awesome Davis. (Their words and introduction, not mine.)

A photo booth should be at every wedding.

Sunday started off lazy and ended lazy, but it wasn't complete until I visited my first pool this summer.

Ahhhhhh, let summer begin.

gone til August

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
Sometime in the spring, the BF and I decided we wanted to take a trip to Chicago sometime this summer. We have several friends that live there and we wanted an expensive trip away like we did when we went to Boston in the fall.

We are so busy. I looked ahead at our schedules and seriously until Aug. 8 is the first weekend we don't have something already planned.

Wonder what is taking up all our time?

You guessed it - weddings, showers and bachelorette parties. Now to all my lovely friends who read this and whose party I'm attending, there's no need to get mad. I appreciate you and can't wait to attend your wedding/shower/party, but I'm also allowed to share that my weekends revolve around these festive occasions.

They truly do.

Years ago, I remember when all my summers contained was the sun, the beach and a few cocktails. I still try to lay out as much as I can but I find that my summer flies by so incredibly fast. In Cleveland, I treasure my summer because it means sunshine and warm weather, something I otherwise don't experience a lot of in this climate.

However, we are planning a couple's vacation to Puerto Vallarta for the end of September.

Ahhhhhhh, serenity now.

tone deaf

Note to self: When you set the password on your iPhone, you probably shouldn't share it with your boyfriend.

Author's note: I really didn't want to post this, however, the BF said it was about time I was embarrassed on my own blog. Considering I post all kinds of funny (and seriously embarrassing) things he does, I figured it was only necessary to accept a dose of my own medicine.

P.S. That only means I can post THAT much more of the BF and his antics.

the one where I talk about my fitness

Years ago, I used to qualify myself as an athlete. I was fit, kicking ass and taking names and generally in great shape from volleyball.

That was about nine years ago. It was when I was 18-20. Then, I entered college, stopped playing volleyball and working out and fell in love with the laid back college life.

Did I run? Sure, maybe a mile or two. Did I attend the 15-minute abs routine? Of course, with all my new friends in tow. Did I go out every Thursday through Sunday? You better believe it!

It wasn't until I was coming up on my 22nd birthday that I realized I needed to get back into shape. I started running, decreased my drinking and voila! I dropped 20 pounds and was slim again. It was a piece of cake.

So, I'm now 27 and will fully admit I weigh the most (yes, the most) I've ever weighed in my life. I'm convinced my body has changed because the weight isn't falling off like it used to. Before, I never adjusted my eating and just increased my exercise. It isn't working now.

I weigh 159.2 pounds. There. I said it. For all of you who are rolling your eyes and thinking, "that's nothing," well it is for me and my 5' 6" frame. I'm most comfortable when I'm 135 and borderline between a size six and eight. I've had enough and am making the right choices to get back to that weight.

Earlier this year, I signed up for the half marathon and completed it. Savvy Avenue Cleveland ran a special on personal training sessions with Brian at Body Creations. We've completed three sessions together and I'm repeating our workout (to the best of my ability) on my own and mixing in running and a kickboxing class for my cardio.

Since my friends are also trying to lose weight and get healthy, we share our eating habit tips back and forth with each other. It's summer so I want ice cream every day. After watching Food Inc. vowing I'd never eat any type of meat again, I'm making better and smarter food choices. I'm only buying local and organic chicken and grass-fed beef. I buy organic vegetables and fruit and stocking up on almonds, greek yogurt and healthy snacks. I've also downloaded a few cooking apps on my phone like Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, Epicurious and All Recipes.

With all that said, I'm not going to deprive myself of chocolate or ice cream, but need to make sure I'm not over indulging in these treats.

Maybe if I'm as brave as Renee, I will post before and after pictures. I have them and look fondly at my svelte past body, but I'm also completely motivated to get it back.

This is my fitness journey. What is yours? How do you stay in shape and stay motivate to reach your goal?

what a lovely weekend....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
What a long weekend. Oh, how I’ve enjoyed my longer than expected holiday weekend.
It was fantastic. I loved every bit of it and don’t want to rejoin the working world yet. It’s been so much fun.

I began my holiday weekend a bit earlier than expected. I was able to introduce the BF to a bunch of my extended family, although I wish it was under happier circumstances but life happens.

During the day on Saturday, I safely tanned myself with a friend, agreed that my backyard was perfect for an in-ground pool and toasted with champagne and chocolate-covered pretzels. Saturday night my friends and I headed down to Tremont to have dinner at the Taphouse before we headed over to the Greek festival for gyros and Greek beer. It was an absolutely beautiful night after what was a hot afternoon.

After the Taphouse, we went over to the Greek festival where we were very under dressed. VERY under dressed. But, we managed to enjoy ourselves and eat some fried dough with Alexa. We also watched a 17-year-old Casanova attempt to dance with every girl who walked by. If he struck out, he decided to break dance instead. (I WISH I would've taken video of this. He made our night.)

On Sunday, I managed to grab another few hours of sun and headed to my first ever Blossom Time Fest in Chagrin Falls. I've lived on the east side for four years and somehow I never knew this existed or have attended. Never fear - I made it this year.

This starts the summer festival experience for me. Oh, how I LOVE funnel cakes.

I instantly beeline for it at any and every festival I attend. After quickly eating our funnel cake, we headed over to Jekyll’s and sat outside on the patio to enjoy a few John Daly cocktails. However, I didn’t know we were going to be sitting next to Mr. and Mrs. PDA. I’m not talking about a little kiss here and a hand hold there.
Um…. I’m talking full-out-I’m-going-lick-her-neck-up-and-down. I don’t even think they were 21. They couldn’t have been. Everyone was staring at them because a) they were wondering how old they were and b) how many times was she going to massage his hair and put it in the pony tail for him. If you were wondering, she did it two times while we were sitting next to her in between licks and sloppy kisses. Being the blogger that I am, I tried to take video or even a picture of the love fest but he was making out with her with his eyes open, so I could never grab a picture. Plus, the boys were cracking jokes that they kept turning around and giving us the evil eye.

Now, back to the work week reality.