trips around cleveland

I was all over the place this weekend. East side, then West Side, then back to the East side and then over to the West Side. Since I'm too tired to write about all my experiences, I'm patting myself on the back and glad I snapped a million pictures with my iPhone. (I'm dreaming of the iPhone 4.

After enjoying a beautiful Friday off work, I met my out of town cousins downtown to see the Bodies Exhibit. I can't show you any photos because you weren't allowed to take any even though I took a few and then was reprimanded. (In my defense, I didn't see a sign that said you couldn't take pictures, but if you are wondering, you can't so don't even try it.) Friday night started off with a trip to the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood for Made in the 216 event.

people mingling

lovely display of candles

my picks - a T-shirt from C.L.E. Clothing Co and a harness scarf from Wrath Arcane

After we quickly left the event, we headed to a 30th birthday party! Yay for birthdays!

On Saturday, I had a wedding, baby shower and a reception but only made it to two out of three. I kicked butt at the baby shower and won a game. Yes, you read that correctly - I won a baby game. So what if it was "name the baby's celebrity parents?"

Saturday night we attended a beautiful wedding for our friends the Mr. and Mrs. Awesome Davis. (Their words and introduction, not mine.)

A photo booth should be at every wedding.

Sunday started off lazy and ended lazy, but it wasn't complete until I visited my first pool this summer.

Ahhhhhh, let summer begin.


anna marie said...

Love fun-filled weekends!

You also reminded me to bug the husband for a Cleveland road-trip to see the Bodies exhibit!

Lil' Woman said...

What a had all types of events going on!!

Katelin said...

sounds like one hell of a weekend, i love it. and i totally would have rocked the celeb baby name game too, that is my favorite.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Um a photo booth should be required at EVERY wedding.

steph anne said...

I love lazy pool days!!

And I've never been to a Bodies Exhibit before... I'd love to someday though.