the go-go's said it best

Vacation is all I ever wanted. Vacation had to get away.

You can say that 5 more times.

When is the last time you took a week long vacation?

Has it been awhile?

It has for me.

The last time I was on vacation was 2005 with five friends in Acapulco where we celebrated our last year of college with a bunch of strangers. (Let's not forget they were from Jersey referred other tan and jacked Italians as guidos but they were not considered that. True story people)

Picture to prove it below.
Told ya.

Since January, the BF and I have been trying to convince all of our friends to go somewhere this fall.

We didn't care where. We just wanted a beach and beautiful weather to spend a week free from work, Twitter and my iPhone. (Wait, I think that's more what the BF requested of me but you get the point.)

So where do we book? Oh, you know, in Riviera Maya during hurricane season. Duh, wouldn't you! After searching online for a good deal and bothering the hell out of our travel agent, we settled on Dreams Puerto Aventuras. If you've been there and had a great time, I'd love to hear about it and if you've had a bad time, keep it to your pretty little self!

Of course, we purchased trip insurance in case something like a natural disaster was to come through this September 18-25. Ah, serenity now.

There's me with my big hat

What the BF will be doing

On a separate note, thank you to everyone who entered my Gap jean giveaway on my post or via Twitter. Drum roll, please.

The jeans go to Jessica Donlon - lucky number 33 says Have fun shopping - if you get the Real Straight, you will absolutely love them. I speak from experience.

Jersey Shore coming to Cleveland

What? Your friends don't look like that?
In honor of the start of another horrendous yet highly-addicting show known as the Jersey Shore, my friend Lia is debating on having a party Thursday night to celebrate this train wreck of a show I can't stop watching. (Oh, and I think we should all dress up as the Jersey Shore for Halloween, but we have a few months to get that going.)

This is the same girl who threw a Gossip Girl party at the start of the season and will probably host another one this fall. She had "I heart NY" cookies, punch and we all had to wear headbands. Of course, right!

In case Lia feels like bailing with her party, I figured I'd help her plan it (with all of your help of course).

Some must-have's at this party:
-Hair gel
-Stilletos, preferably clear ones like you would find on a stripper's feet
-Shirts worn as dresses
-Hair extensions
-Poofy hair straightened
-Self tanner
-Black eyeliner and
-Fist pumping music

Oh, and let's not forget to use the Jersey Shore Name Generator. On Thursday, I will simply be known as "A-Scream."

What am I missing and what is your Jersey Shore name?

Dear Enrique: I still heart you.

jeans, jeans and more jeans - want a new pair?

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Who feels like winning a new pair of jeans!

If you've read this blog for awhile, you will know that I was fashion fairy godmother to my friends last year when I threw a jean party courtesy of Gap and their new line of jeans, Born To Fit.

You can't go anywhere without seeing these jeans. On billboards, on behinds, in last month's Lucky with a sweet new preview of what's to come. Lots. More. Jeans. In. Way. Too. Many. Washes. Than. I. Can't. Afford.

To me, jeans are staple in my wardrobe. Always have been. I need (yes, I do) to have several different styles of jeans. I need the dressy jeans - the ones perfectly molded to my body that I can wear with heels and a fitted t-shirt or dress up with another sexy tank. I have pairs that only go with certain shoes because they are longer or shorter than I'd like them to be. Then I have the skinny pairs too, you know, the trend I swore I could never get my calves into - but, I actually can. I need the perfect boyfriend pair, but I digress.

For no other reason then they knew I needed a new jean jacket, I was sent this last week and have worn it three times already to work (with different outfits of course).

It reminds me of the 80s - who knew acid wash denim could come back and still work?

While I'm not giving away the jacket (you can buy it here on sale!), I am giving away a coupon for a free pair of jeans - men or women can win. I don't want you to do a whole lot of work to win these. Winning should be easy, right?

Contest open to men and women: Tell me which pair of jeans you would buy if you won and where you would wear them. The straight in dark wash for a night out, or the always skinny or cropped in bleached wash to a bar for day drinking with friends. Leave your email address in the comment if I can't find it linked from your blog. Enter as many times as you want and another entry is awarded if you tweet:

"I just entered Allison's contest to win a kick a** pair of #gapborntofit jeans for this summer #giveaways" and link to this post. That's it.

Contest ends Thursday, June 29.

FTC listen up: No monetary compensation was accepted for this post. I was given both the jean jacket and the coupon and giving it away freely in my own contest for my faithful readers.

new centerpiece

When the BF came home the other day, I saw him put something on the table in the kitchen. From my view from the living room, it looked like a statue of sorts sitting on the kitchen table.

BF: "Honnnneeeeeyyyyy! Check this out."
Me: "Check what out?" as I get up from my ridiculously comfortable couch
BF: "Look at what my team won for coming in last place in the golf outing."
Me: Still looking at it.
BF: "Where should we put it and what bottle of wine should put it in it?"

I don't know, where should we put this readers?

family ties

Family weddings are always an interesting time. Every family is crazy and if you disagree, then you must be the crazy one. After all these years, I fully embrace my family and extended group of family friends. They are who they are, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

This past Saturday, we gathered together to celebrate my cousin's wedding and it was the first family wedding on my mom's side. So, it was a big deal. I was asked to read and apparently I was huffing into the microphone and sounded like a phone sex operator. If it's any consolation, before I got up to read I was having a coughing attack and was considering telling the alter boy to go get me a glass of water, but I didn't, and ended up sounding like a man in front of a few hundred strangers. Only me.

the couple during the ceremony

with the bf

a little game called tie limbo my brother likes to play at weddings, only this time it didn't work out so well

My camera failed to catch other moments like the best man speech, when my cousin announced that his brother owned a stuff animal named "papa bunny," where, at that point, I thought the groom would jump over the table to grab the mic away from him. I also missed my brother trying to sway not one but three different girls and in the end he went home alone, sleeping in my hotel room because his roommate locked him out of their room. And, finally, I have to give a shout-out to Keith, a faithful reader, who said he likes my posts. And, even has his favorites. So, Keith here's to Bryan, him beating out my brother and to hill billies. After all, we are from Lorain County, right?

sweet lady gaga

Friday, July 16, 2010
If you follow me on Twitter or ever read a single post, you know I love the artist known as Lady Gaga. So I don't bore you with my review of the concert (because you know I give it an A+++++), here is our night in pictures and a video.

With Christina, nine months pregnant and in a maternitard

With Gaga's number one fan (he had a picture with her from two years ago on his phone) and my concert BFF

 Start of the show

Boys, boys, boys

In a live dress, or at least it moved while singing

Put your paws up - Bad Romance Finale

For those of you who didn't attend, here is a taste of the concert where I picked my most favorite performances with the exception of Teeth. Somehow I stopped filming during Teeth and it was awesome - she rocked and sang her ass off.

Lady Gaga in Cleveland from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

don't call my name....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
In honor of tomorrow's Lady Gaga concert, here's another :16 seconds of my glorious sounding voice singing my own rendition of Alejandro.

Note to self: Add a lock on bathroom door and don't tell the BF the password to my iPhone.

P.S. I'll be there in my hairbow and all!

a bride kind of weekend....

I was an exceptional friend this weekend. A kick butt friend, if you will.

On Friday, I jetted over to Put-in-Bay to celebrate Gretchen's bachelorette party with a group of great girls.

the house of fun

the group trying to pull off the college shotgun

me with the bride #1, Gretchen

We started off the night at the bonfire and then we decided to go downtown to finish off the night. For those of you who have never been to Put-in-Bay as an adult, it's quite the entertaining island. Someone referred to it as the midwest Vegas but others also call it white trash central. I'm not sure what it is, but the guys are straight up strange when they reach that island.

As I started a dance party to "Just Dance," a group of guys joined us on stage at the end of the song and I looked to the kid to my right and made the comment that he wasn't even 21.

He says, "Oh no, I'm 25."
Me: "Yea, right, you are only 20!"
Young boy: "No, here's my license."
Me: "OK, let me see it."
Young idiot boy: "Ok, if I prove my age, can I have a kiss?"

Cue laughter from four girls and a story I've shared with several people.

The next day, we hung out at the pool until I had to come back to Cleveland, take a power nap and be downtown Cleveland for other bachelorette party.


As I got to bride #2's house, the festivities were in full swing and I barely made it to catch the party bus.

The bride with our great party planner

a night downtown cleveland isn't complete without a picture with Ice T and Coco's rear

a group shot (well, part of the group)

Luckily, our fist pumping action to "Call on Me" wasn't caught on film or the random, sporadic dancing (seriously, I can't dance) or the chowdown in Panini's at the end of the night.

Let's hope this weekend is a bit more tame with a family wedding on Saturday.

whirlwind week

I'm here, I swear. With a short work week and a busy weekend, I've been neglecting this little old blog.

Because you know, Allison has to do what's best for Allison. (Just following in LeBron's lame footsteps of talking about myself in 3rd person.)


Anyway, I'll be driving all over Northeast Ohio this weekend for two back-to-back bachelorette parties for my very good friends- Gretchen and Erin.

I met Gretchen in 8th grade and Erin my sophomore year of college.

See Gretchen to the left with our friend Steph. We will be heading to Put-In-Bay to celebrate her and all her crazy antics.

While I missed Erin's Cancun trip last month, the rest of us will make our way downtown tomorrow in honor of the wannabe pink princess.

Unlike last weekend, I'll be snapping plenty of pictures and shutting my Twitter self down at about 11 p.m. Because really, nothing good can be tweeted after 11 p.m. right? Especially when cocktails are involved.

pajamas are the lastest rage

Thursday, July 1, 2010
First, there were skinny jeans, which I was against at first and now own several pairs.

Then, jeggings, which my friends at B. Lux try to convince me to buy.

Now, pajama jeans.

Apparently I've been living under a rock because I've never heard of pajama jeans.

What's next? Pajamas onesie? Pajama winter coats?

Guess I know what I'm getting all my friends for Christmas.