Jersey Shore coming to Cleveland

What? Your friends don't look like that?
In honor of the start of another horrendous yet highly-addicting show known as the Jersey Shore, my friend Lia is debating on having a party Thursday night to celebrate this train wreck of a show I can't stop watching. (Oh, and I think we should all dress up as the Jersey Shore for Halloween, but we have a few months to get that going.)

This is the same girl who threw a Gossip Girl party at the start of the season and will probably host another one this fall. She had "I heart NY" cookies, punch and we all had to wear headbands. Of course, right!

In case Lia feels like bailing with her party, I figured I'd help her plan it (with all of your help of course).

Some must-have's at this party:
-Hair gel
-Stilletos, preferably clear ones like you would find on a stripper's feet
-Shirts worn as dresses
-Hair extensions
-Poofy hair straightened
-Self tanner
-Black eyeliner and
-Fist pumping music

Oh, and let's not forget to use the Jersey Shore Name Generator. On Thursday, I will simply be known as "A-Scream."

What am I missing and what is your Jersey Shore name?

Dear Enrique: I still heart you.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol...I can't wait!! I have a post scheduled for Thursday and Friday in honor of it.

Heatha said...

You can't have a Jersey Shore party without bump its! Can't wait to see pics. :)

Christina K said...

My Jersey Shore nickname is Pooker and Phil's is The Body. Sorry, but this is still not motivating enough to ever watch the show!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Jealous!!! I wish I was there to backcomb my hair and party with you guys