director's cut

As part of my Chevy test drive for the month, I have to film a few vlogs to accompany my posts both on my blog and here. I asked the BF to help me film a simple, yes a simple intro, and nothing with him every turns out to be simple with him as you will see below.

Here is the actual video:

Mission 1: Grocery shopping at Heinen's from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

And here is what it took to get there:

The outtakes from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.


texasholly said...

Ha! I think next time you need to be fighting IN the it.

Alana said...

That's hilarious. Aren't boyfriends the best?

On a side note: your Heinen's looks just like the one in Bay!

Mel said...

Hahaha. That out-takes video is hysterical.

Fizzgig said...

this made me lol

Bite Buff said...

Loved the out-takes. :)