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 I interrupt this regular blog post to share breaking news:

Get off your phones!

That's right - all you people talking on your phones on your morning commute, to pick up the kids or on the way to dinner, get the hell off your phones.

Each morning last week on my short 10 minute commute to work on 271 south, I count at least 10 cars on their phones. I know they are talking because they either swerve slightly to the left or slow up the traffic pattern by going 60 mph in the left lane. Or, they look over their right shoulder to get over, turn on the turn signal, then have to look again with their neck in this weird cocked position because they are trying not to drop their phone. You know what I'm talking about, right?

I'm going a mere 8 miles and all those people are talking on their phones. They are talking on their phones and messing up the traffic pattern. Most of the offenders are women who can't drive as it is (sorry, statistics say we can't), so I'm not sure how diverting attention away from the road makes sense to anyone.

Since I've had the Malibu, I have bluetooth and have been using it religiously in the car. I'm no saint - I talked all the time in the car. It's just about time I stop. Cold turkey. No talking while driving and sure as hell no texting.

If you text or tweet while driving, that's just plain stupid. It can wait. Really, it can. At least wait until a red light and not when you are driving 70 mph an hour.

Say it with me Clevelanders - get off your phones.


Erin said...

Totally agree. It's perfect timing for you to post this because I was almost run out of my lane on my way home tonight by a guy looking down and texting (or doing something else equally stupid!)

Liz said...

It's illegal in our city.

Which has stopped a total of three people, but hey. It has boosted bluetooth sales quite nicely.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Seriously, even my kids have taken to hollering out the window, "You're breaking the law," and yes, I encourage them to do so.

Holler out the window -- not break the law, of course ;)

Lil' Woman said...

Amen to that!!!

steph anne said...

Arizona drivers are like that and it pisses me off. I've even managed to catch their attention a few times to gesture them to get OFF the phone. I'm deaf myself and I can't even talk on the phone, tweet, text, or ANYTHING while I'm driving so I have a little more grudge against people for this.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

guilty as charged.