what happens in vegas, stays on Facebook

Monday, August 30, 2010
Because of all the fun my friends and I had this weekend in Vegas, I was completely spent on Sunday and couldn't type a single thing. Hell, I could barely move from the couch up to our bedroom. After staying up for 24 hours on Friday and getting only 10 hours of sleep between the next two days, I needed to get to bed quick.

My eyes were puffy and my contacts hurt like knives to put into my eyes this morning. I was a little tired but looked like a train wreck, so I mostly stayed inside my office today so people didn't wonder, "What happened to Allison?"

So, let's get on with it - who wants to see photos? I can only show you the bachelorette/bachelor party and the Rumor pool on Saturday, which somehow none contain the actual groom! I'm pretty sure I received the nicest stop-tweeting-about-my-damn-wedding text ever from him because none of the guests can publish anything on any social network sites (Um, does he know I'm addicted to Twitter?) until the wedding appears later this week in one of your favorite gossip magazines and web sites. I also have quite a few good video clips of whole trip, including waiting at the airport, the bachelor party, our pool day and the wedding ceremony and reception.

Posing in Rumor Hotel before we left for the Hard Rock

Joe isn't that short, he just needed to stand in water to avoid burning feet

what I could do every day of my life - hang out with friends and safely tan

Atrium at the Bellagio

We were tired, but you can't tell, right?

Stay tuned for a wedding video montage!


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Oh my gosh that looks like fun! So glad you got to go. I've never heard of your hotel! Is it new?

Heather said...

I have to say, I was uber jealous of your trip reading your tweets! Sounds like you had a blast.... :)

Hotcakes said...

loveee vegas :) cant wait to come back there soon

ANG* said...

i love nothing more than that town.

Allison M. said...

@bayjb it is new! Opening in September and right across the Hard Rock. There's no casino in it, which if you aren't a gambler, is kind of nice.

Kate said...

Was that a Juicy Couture dress I spotted in one of your pictures??