I want my TV.

Thursday, September 9, 2010
Oh oh! It's September and you know what that means, don't you? Football, sweaters, leggings, boots and the start of my favorite TV shows.

All summer I've been dealing with reality TV and was able to catch up on Glee since I didn't start watching it until mid season.

Shows I'll be dvr'ing religiously:

Oprah - No laughing people. I get all my great ideas from Oprah and her guests. I've read fabulous books, found some favorite things and saw Charice as a child star before she blew up with the help of the big O.

Big Love - I've watched this since it started four seasons ago. The last season ended with Bill outing all the wives to the whole city. While everyone basically suspected they were polygamists, they are now out in the open. Let the chaos begin!

How to Make it in America - I love HBO shows and am the only person who doesn't watch True Blood. (I know, I know, I started to watch a few episodes and then lost interest.) BUT, I didn't lose interest with this one mostly because of who the lead actor is....hello Bryan Greenberg.

so cute, right?
This show is about a cute boy named Ben, who is an aspiring clothing designer for his label, Crisp, and has Cam as his BFF and sidekick as they take you through what it's like starting a clothing line in New York City. The season ended with Cam and Ben retrieving their t-shirts and making their Japan delivery. Will Cam get caught for blowing up the truck? Will Ben hook up again with Rachel or will she date that weirdo Darren again?

Glee - Ahh, Glee. A show set about 1.5 hours west of here in Lima, Ohio. So, Quinn gave her baby and if the previews mean anything, it looks like she is going jump back in the no-sex-zone with Finn, probably leaving Rachel to hook up with a new character. Hopefully, Kurt will see some actual guy action although I did just rewatch the episode where he makes out with Brittany in his basement. I'm looking forward to the Britney episode (really, are you even surprised?) and this Beiste character who will rival Sue Sylvester. Here's a link to a new preview. Did you hear Gaga in it?

Modern Family - I absolutely love this show and can rewatch the episodes over and over to find something I missed the first time. It's amazing and beyond well written because both the BF and I laugh out loud at the damn TV. Phil is my favorite, followed by Cameron and Mitchell (yes together) and then Manny. Who doesn't love a very serious and adorable kid?

Parenthood - I started watching this show mid way through and picked up the rest of the episodes online. I really love Lauren Graham so she kept me interested in the whole show. It's a family drama but much more serious than Modern Family.

Desperate Housewives - I started way back when with this show and it's part of my Sunday night routine. I can't give up on these housewives now! I follow it up with Brothers & Sisters and the BF won't watch either of these with me. He can normally be heard saying, "This is the worst acting ever," in regards to the Housewives and "why is everyone yelling" when I watch Brothers & Sisters.

Law & Order: SVU - Ahhhh, Benson and Stabler. I still don't know how after all these years they've never hooked up.

So, those are just a few of the shows I DVR on a weekly basis. It gets to the point where we are both DVRing the shows at the same time. I'm spoiled with the DVR and hate watching the shows live - I like to wait about 14 minutes and then start the show to fast forward through commercials.

What about you? What is your list of shows this fall?


Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I'm ridiculously excited for Glee and Modern Family! I have to say, I might even be watching Oprah more

steph anne said...

I LOVE Modern Family, Parenthood, Desperate Housewives, and so many other shows! It's insane but I love it.

Michelle said...

i love love love fall!! boots, pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, halloween!! i thought of you this morning when i was putting my over the knee boots!! if you like big love (which i do too) then you may love a new reality show about real life polygamy...i can't remember what it's called but i will let you know!

BeMistified said...

This time of year is just awesome. Now if only we can skip the Winter part. haha!

I absolutely ♥ Law & Order: SVU and Grey's Anatomy.

Sincerely following.

Lil' Woman said...

I can't wait for How I Met Your Mother to come back on...I love that show

City Dreamer said...

i LOVE starting the DVR late and fast forwarding. it's great when you time it so perfectly that you end up getting to see the last segment in real-time. all the benefits of watching the show in real-world-time and none of the crappy of having to sit through stupid commercials!

if it's a night show, i spend that pre-start time to brush my teeth and change into my jammies!

City Dreamer said...

oh, ps, the real-life show about polygamy is called Sister Wives. but i couldn't find it in my guide to set a recording!!

Fizzgig said...

i love modern family! but i cant wait to have my greys, and desperate housewives, and lost.

oh wait.

im really super sad about that one.

Heather said...

Modern Family is the jam. Love it.

I'm also a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother and the Office!

Michelle said...

Best time of the year! I LOVE MF and just watched Parenthood. Doesn't Lauren look exactly like someone in our office? I can't watch the show without thinking of Kati.