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Thursday, September 16, 2010
For most of this week, I've been having a similar conversation with my coworkers and friends and so has the BF.

Coworker: Are you excited for vacation?
Me: Wondering how I couldn't be anything BUT excited, "Of course I'm excited."
Coworker: Do you think you will get engaged?
Me: Speechless.....""

Friend: "I bet you are so excited for vacation this week."
Me: "Of course. How couldn't I be?"
Friend: "Do you think the BF will propose?"
Me: ""

Manicurist: "Do you have any plans this weekend?"
Me: "Yes, I'm actually leaving for Mexico this weekend. I'm taking a whole week off with my boyfriend and another couple."
Manicurist: "Well, that will be fun."
Me: "I'm really looking forward to it."
Manicurist: "How long have you been with that boyfriend of yours?"
Me: "Four years."
Manicurist: "I wonder if he will propose....."
Me: Smile and shrug because I'm not about to get into my explanation with the nice manicurist.
Manicurist: "Well, do you?"

BF: In the kitchen earlier this week, "People at work have asked me if I'm proposing to you in Mexico."
Me: "Yeah, I've been getting the same stuff."

Do you see a pattern developing?

I'm not quite sure what a week in Mexico says about getting engaged but everyone seems to have it on their minds. Everyone. Except my mom. She hasn't said anything about it.

Here's to sun, relaxation and alcoholic drinks with little umbrellas by the pool. For seven whole days.


Erin said...

OMG! I had the SAME thing happen. I went on a vacation with my BF of 4 years last week and got the same questions.

And guess what?


Hope you have fun, engagement or not :)

allijag said...

Why do people do that? I always cringe when I hear people saying that, cuz in my head I'm all like "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" - sounds like you handle it much nicer than I would!


rosemarie said...

My boyfriend of 6 years and I have been to Germany and California this year. Both times, BOTH TIMES, people have told me "i bet you will get engaged". Well, I didn't on the last trip, so what makes you think I will this time? People are idiots.
Have a great vacation!

Alana said...

#ANNOYING. I get those questions all too much as well, I feel your pain. Enjoy the trip!!!!

Candis said...

Have a good trip. There are some nice romantic spots on that beach! (ha!)

Candis said...
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Cleshopaholic said...

What a stupid question. (a) how would you even know unless you were the one proposing? (b) why would bf tell someone at work before it happened (same applie for you, if you were in fact the one proposing)?

I hope you have a wonderful time filled with sunshine and margaritas!!!!

shannon (the daily balance) said...

ENJOY! Can't wait to hear about it ;)

Maggie Rose said...

Ugh we got the same drill when my sister got married. Luckily (ha) we haven't gone on a trip in a while, but everytime I come back from Christmas/New Years/Valentines/birthday my boss does a ring check (subtly but I know she's doing it cause she wants to know if I'll quit, probably).

And have a great trip!

Katy K said...

Sounds about right! When my (now) fiance and I went on a cruise, EVERYONE - even strangers on the cruise - said he would propose. I didn't expect him to, but after all the thoughts being pumped into my head, I was actually a little sad when he didn't! Freaking people!!

Anonymous said...

In you get will be news to me.

lil desiqua said...

Hey I'm going to Mexico next week too!! Random! Luckily I didn't get those questions this time, but I think it's because we're going to a wedding, so no one expects the BF to propose.

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Katelin said...

that happened to me and matt when we went on vacations too, so funny how people jump to engagement all the time!!

but have a fabulous vacation!

Lil' Woman said...

Have fun girl, people just to come to expect that stuff once you been together for awhile, silly people.

Anonymous said...

There's hope. Once you get to 8 years, people stop asking.

OHmommy said...

HAVE A BLAST!!!!!!!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Aww yeah I can see why they're saying that. Either way, it's going to be an amazing trip!

Fizzgig said...

people like to passivly suggest that you have been dating far too long w/o getting engaged. people like to pretend they know whats best for other people. People always think, i dated so and so for 7 years and he never proposed.

sometimes people should mind their own damned business.

enjoy mexicoooooo

Denise said...

LOL. i love this post. I get this everytime I go on vacation with my bf of 6 years. When we were long distance and I took time off for visits my co-workers would always say something similar. Or look for a ring when I got back.

To Be Determined said...


Random-accidental-lurker coming out of the woodworks. You remember from jewelry party extravangaza 2010. I truly have no idea how I found your blog. At least I am not a weird lurker anymore. There’s that, right?