hocus pocus

With Halloween this weekend, I've seen a lot of costume ideas and it appears that everyone is going as Lady Gaga or as Snooki from the Jersey Shore. I joked awhile back that my friends and I should go as the cast. I don't know what we are doing as far as parties so I though I'd share a few past Halloween's for some inspiration for a new costume.

With the cowardly lion, my brother, and me as the Wicked Witch of the West. Still scarred from this one mom. Thanks!

the closest I came to a cheerleader

A ballerina with a glitter explosion over my face

rocking a kick ass poodle skirt

As I got older, the costumes seemed to just get more and more slutty. Let's face it - when you are in need of a costume, just wear as little clothing as possible.

Slutty school girl meets Madonna I guess

this is just all sorts of wrong and reads "LAST MINUTE COSTUMES."
still love this costume
Just your average Lady Gaga costume

Well. There you have it. A rundown of my costumes over the years. The good ones, the bad ones and the very bad ones. The BF and I have never tried a group costume but maybe that's something we come up with before the weekend.

What was your worst or favorite Halloween costume?

beer weekend

I do believe my weekends keep flying by even more and more quickly as each one passes. And, it's almost Halloween! How the hell did that happen!

On Friday, a group of my friends and I celebrated our last bar party in our friends' basement. They are moving a short distance away to a new house, so we had one last throwdown in the bar.

Cleveland Beer Week officially came to a close and the BF and I headed to Brewzilla to close out the week with a bunch of other beer lovers. Last year, the BF and I went to a few events but this year we only attended Brewzilla.

Crowd below

with my friend Katie drinking Bumbleberry from FatHead's

view from below
Something to know about me is that I always carry a few digital products on me at all times. I have my iPhone, a digital camera and Flip camera or sometimes two. However, the only thing I seem to use at all times is my phone. Are you surprised? So. I've been on the quest to start taking more pictures, especially with the BF because we really don't take that many pictures together. I always rely on other friends to send me pictures. So, after being at the event for a few hours, I decided it was time to get a couple shot.

Well, below is what was captured.
Take 1 with the BF

Take 2
One of these days, we will get a frame-worthy photo!

because I love a good t-shirt

By now, I'm so incredibly over all the political ads that have been dominating my TV for the last month and holy crap are they ramping up!

Obviously, I'm not voting based on all those amazingly true TV commercials. I still can't believe they waste that much money on all those ads!

However, this is a cause I can get behind.

And get behind it I will when I order my t-shirt and maybe bust out my bedazzler for some extra sparkle! (Yes, I own a bedazzler that I used all the time in high school and had available in college in case we needed any quick studding on a Thursday night.)

Fall in Cleveland

Monday, October 18, 2010
While I don't have a lot of photos from this weekend, I swear I left the house for a few things.

On Friday, I attended the Best of Cleveland magazine awards with a group of girls who included Alexa, Always a bridesmaid, Cleshopaholic and I even finally met Heischic in person! Although, I think I had to coerce her off the escalator going down to come over to where we were sitting. As it turns out, we only live a few miles from each other and even work out the same gym.

The event was super cool because we were able to go all over the Rock Hall from the bottom all the way to the top, sampling different food from some new places I've never heard of on the west side. (I need to venture from the east side a little more.)

I tried a red velvet cupcake from Main Street Cupcakes and two macarons from Coquette Patisserie. Plus, a few glasses of wine and some food from a few other "best of" cleveland.

Here are the only two pictures I have to prove we were, in fact, present at the event:
Lisa and Alexa

proving we were in fact there

Saturday was a relatively relaxed day that started off with my second week of training with @jenarenschield, followed by a lunch with my aunts at Market in Rocky River and a lazy night in with the BF.

On Sunday, we visited a staple here in the midwest known as a farm, but more specifically, an apple farm where they make some of the best apple fritters.

Even though they didn't have the fairytale pumpkins I saw at Trader Joe's, we ended up buying two small ones with a lot more stuff then I anticipated. The BF is like a little kid in the candy store buying blueberry glazed donuts, cider, apples and some crazy chocolate-covered peanut butter candy.

Oh, and two caramel-covered apples, that I will gladly help him eat!

And, 30 years ago today, my parents were married and my dad accused me of forgetting! That's right people - these two are in it for the long haul. Thirty years of marriage, two awesome kids later plus three dogs (and one adorable cat) they are still together and having fun. For the past 10 days, I've been receiving text and pictures from my dad as they vacationed all over Florida from Jacksonville, the Keys and Fort Myer's Beach together. .

Greg and Julie circa 1976 or so
Snapped by my cousin on their Florida vacation

Happy anniversary to two of the best people I know! (Mom- no yelling about the 1976 photo either. I think it's cute and you will just have to deal with it.)

Friday fodder

Friday, October 15, 2010
Helloooooooo to the weekend!

It's been a long week filled with a lot of work, not a lot of working out or TV watching. Although I was able to squeeze in Gossip Girl with some great Chuck Bass oneliners and let's not forget about Modern Family and Cam's shiny blue bike shorts.

Anyway, this weekend I'll be celebrating with Always a Bridesmaid and Alexa at Best of Cleveland party by Cleveland Magazine for Alexa's win of best blog for the second year in a row. So, if you are going tonight, look for a group of girls who are talking loud (because that's the only way we know how to), laughing and possibly dancing  and join in the on the fun.

because no one likes a bad hair day - FHI Heat giveaway

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
I would describe myself as a little bit of a hair snob.

I've always gone to great hair stylists and colored my hair since I was 16. You better believe I did several of the "trends" and then look back now at photos and think, "Really, did I need to add chunky blond streaks?"

But anyway, as I got older and wiser, my friend, Danielle, has been handling my hair since I was 19 and she graduated from the Brown/Aveda Institute. I was her model a few times for photo shoots and she turned my hair different shades of blond and red. (Not my best days and thank god I can't find any photos to show.)

With Danielle - my hair whisperer

But, she introduced me to the wide world of Aveda and I've been hooked ever since with their hair care products. I NEVER color my hair unless it's professional and always use good styling products.

About two months ago, I was lucky enough to connect with FHI Heat and have been using both the EPS flat iron and Nano Weight Pro 1900 hair dryer.

Holy amazeballs - I'm hooked. While I've used a CHI for the past 8 years (seriously, what did we do before flat irons) mine started to go bad. I had dropped it one too many times and the paddles were coming loose. And, if you use a good one, you know you can't replace it with some cheap model from Target. It's not the same - at all! Even though I have naturally thick, straight hair, I have an interesting wave that happens to one side of my head that doesn't happen to the other, so kick ass hair products are a must.

Not knowing too much about FHI, I took to Twitter to ask the question, "who uses FHI and do you like it?" People quickly responded that they loved their FHI flat iron because of the different heat settings you can set it on.

While I haven't left the house without it (even took it to Mexico in the sleek case), there are few things I've noticed right away about the EPS flat iron:
  • Multiple heat settings - I don't go above about 350 but it goes all the way up to 450.
  • No hair pulling - When I first fired it up, I instantly noticed it didn't pull at my hair. If you use a flat iron daily, you know what I'm talking about it. It almost can feel like you are pulling out your hair, but NOT at all with this one.
  • Looks and feels better. It's looks shinier and people have noticed. I've always used a gel or a styling creme prior my flat ironing and after. Before I blow dry my hair, I've been applying Hot Sauce to my ends

The same hairdresser friend had been recommending I get a better hair dryer for years. "Stop using that cheap one you have and invest in a professional one. You will notice the difference and it will give you more shine."

She was right. I've been using it and tried to explain the importance of a good blower to the BF. He has used it before and maybe I might've screamed like a little girl when he didn't replace it, but still, you understand how attached I am.
  • Dries my whole head. I have pretty thick hair and I always felt like parts were never dry but my scalp was ON FIRE from blow drying. The Nano Weight Pro 1900 has three heat settings, so you can adjust between warm and hot. And, there's a  
  • Weighs under a pound. Yep, no lie. Exactly.8 pounds if you are interested.
  • Quiet. My BF hates the sound of hair dryers. He likes to imitate my old one but I haven't heard him complain about this one yet. My friend is looking to replace hers at the salon and is looking into getting an FHI one, but probably the next step up.
So, here's where you come in- Do you need a new flat iron? Is yours dieing as you read this? You have a chance to win one of two FHI flat irons - Platform Styling Iron valued at $195 each.(I know, I know - you can thank me later if you win!)

How To Enter: Share your favorite hair care products -either styling tools or products you won't leave home without. Make sure to leave your email address or Twitter handle so I can easily contact you in your comment.Otherwise, how will I find you?

Tweet: I entered to win @allisonpeltz 's @FHI_Heat 's flat iron giveaway bc I need a new one! #fhiheat

Winner will be chosen on Friday, October 22.

Comments have been closed and winner has been chosen.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but was given products to test in exchange for this giveaway. All thoughts are my own and I'm still using the products daily.

four eyes

Monday, October 11, 2010
Jesus, these glasses are finally done. Kaput. The end.

This has been four years in the making and he has finally decided to replace his spectacles with two new pairs. I can't tell you how long I've made comments about these lovely glasses. The BF even nicknamed them the "pewters."

I mean, look at these things?

I think he's had these since 1995, don't you?

They sit crooked on your face and the once clear nose pads aren't so clear anymore.

Now. If we could only get rid of that chair with the leopard pillows.....

....and alarm clock with the lamest sticker NOT added by me.

RIP the pewters. You won't be missed.

when you are feeling down...

Thursday, October 7, 2010
You know when you are having a bad day or your boyfriend pissed you off or your mom called to tell you something unimportant and annoyed you?

You  have those days too, right? Well when I'm having a bad day, I like to listen to certain music (insert British pop music) or I like to remind myself that it could get worse, which normally helps perk me up right away.

Well, if I need a laugh at the end of the long day or week, this video will always cheer me up. Always. I mean, have you actually ever seen a chicken do any of these things? No, never! But, Jason Batemen is still one fine actor, if I do say so myself.

RIP Arrested Development

Cleveland Beer Week - Brewzilla giveaway

Cleveland - it's giveaway time!

Who doesn't love a giveaway to a sought after event? Especially when it's to Brewzilla. If you follow some of the bloggers in my blogroll, you know you have had a few chances to win already.

Well, here's another chance for you because I have two tickets to giveaway for the October 23rd event. It's the official closing of the Beer Week where you can drank your heart away from over 80 breweries. Because you will need something absorb all the craft beer, Heinen's and Winking Lizard are providing different pairings for the beers to support the Malone Scholarship Fund (managed by Cleveland Scholarship Programs ).Tickets are either $75 or $50 and if you are a designated driver, tickets are $40 or $20.

Sandwiches and more:
  • Gourmet Angus hot dogs and "build your own" dog bar with tasty toppings including Heinen's own chili.
  • Slow roasted beef brisket with peppers and onions, stuffed in warm garlic hoagie roll with melted questo cheese sauce.
  • Slow roasted vegetables, hummus, black bean corn salsa and queso sauce on a warm hoagie bun.
Cheeses galore:

  • Goat cheese samples courtesy of Mackenzie Creamery and available in the Ohio Brewery area.
  • Cheese station 1 (great with dark Belgian-styles and stouts): Roth Kase Surchoix Gruyere, Moody Blue, Crave les Frere.
  • Cheese station 2 (great with pilsners and wheats): Widmer Colby, Carr Valley Smoked Garlic Chedder, Carr Valley Menage.
  • Cheese station 3 (great with IPAs, brown ales and porters): Widmer 4-year Cheddar, Sartori Bellavitano, Sartori Raspberry Bellavitano.
Sweets you adore:
  • A special chocolate creation (while supplies last!) made just for CBW to pair with a local brewery's beer, by Lilly's Handmade Chocolates.  Oh, how I love her truffles! 
 With all that said, all you have to do is share one of your favorite or worst beer you've ever tasted. It's that simple! Can you guess what kinds of beers I like? My favorites are fruity or Belgian ales and my least favorite are hoppy beers. Blah! Order me a Magic Hat #9, Blue Moon, Thirsty Dog Raspberry Ale and only one Lambic at a time. It's so sweet, I can't handle more than that.

You have two ways to enter and can enter as many times as you want:
Share your favorite beer in a comment on this post.
Tweet: I entered to win 2 tix to Brewzilla on @allisonpeltz blog (insert link to contest) @clevelandbeerwk #clebeerweek #happyincle

I will randomly draw my winner on Tuesday, October 12. Note to contestants: if your email isn't linked to your comment name, leave it in the comment section so I contact you.

If you purchase on your own tickets, make sure to enter "Confessions of a Cohabitant sent me" on the thank you page in the name area. I'm eligible to win a happy hour for my friends and I at the Barley House in Cleveland.

UPDATE: Winner chosen was @kimhenderson! Thanks all who entered!

the last wedding

Monday, October 4, 2010
It's been a busy wedding season for me this year. It started in March with my cousin Lauren's wedding, my high school friends' party, my cousin Mike's weddingmy friend Erin's Cleveland party  and don't forget about my quick trip out to Vegas in August. So, this is it. We ended with Jerrod and Meaghan. The last one in 2010.

Instead of posting all the pretty posy pictures, I thought I'd share the action shots from the wedding, mostly taken from the dance floor. You know, the ones where we are dancing, drinking and having a ton of fun.

three amigos

max and amanda   

The bf and me

surprise Francesca!

Piggybacks are cool

Leg air guitar

Just dance.

Dancing with stationary props
And with that, wedding season has come to close.