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With Halloween this weekend, I've seen a lot of costume ideas and it appears that everyone is going as Lady Gaga or as Snooki from the Jersey Shore. I joked awhile back that my friends and I should go as the cast. I don't know what we are doing as far as parties so I though I'd share a few past Halloween's for some inspiration for a new costume.

With the cowardly lion, my brother, and me as the Wicked Witch of the West. Still scarred from this one mom. Thanks!

the closest I came to a cheerleader

A ballerina with a glitter explosion over my face

rocking a kick ass poodle skirt

As I got older, the costumes seemed to just get more and more slutty. Let's face it - when you are in need of a costume, just wear as little clothing as possible.

Slutty school girl meets Madonna I guess

this is just all sorts of wrong and reads "LAST MINUTE COSTUMES."
still love this costume
Just your average Lady Gaga costume

Well. There you have it. A rundown of my costumes over the years. The good ones, the bad ones and the very bad ones. The BF and I have never tried a group costume but maybe that's something we come up with before the weekend.

What was your worst or favorite Halloween costume?


heisschic said...

worst- soccer player. it was soccer season- so i threw my jersey on and called in a night. lame-o.

best- hippie. i was in 6th grade and was actually not embarrassed to leave the house.

your rainbow brite costume?! love it!
for my work costume, im seriously considering wearing a floofy dress and bringing a watermelon: "i carried a watermelon." i just don't want anyone at work calling me Baby.

Fizzgig said...

i heart the rainbow brite one too! I think im being a scarecrow this year. cus my two friends are doing wizard of oz at work so their being the witch and tin man, and lets face it, the scarecrow is all sorts of easy to do.

i never had any spectacular costumes. its never really been my thing i guess. my m ost creative was last year i was a paper doll.

Heather said...

Worst was when I went in my old baton costume as a twirler. I was WAY too old to be wearing that outfit and cringe every time I see pictures....
Best was a few years ago when we had a 70's themed party. We went all out!

I think your costumes were cute when you were younger. And that bride one made me laugh out loud! :)

Alana said...

I love the Gaga costume!

My worst: a BF of the past and I went as Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton...I was Bill he was Monica.

katelyn said...

my best: Pippi Longstocking. I've always wanted to recreate that costume.

my worst: slutty alice in wonderland. i couldn't find a rainbow brite costume!

Always a Bridesmaid said...

I just did a post like this too! My best couple's costume was when an ex- went as Siegfried (or Roy?) and I was the white tiger that attacked him. Inappropriate, yet a party hit.

Go as Katy Perry and Russell Brand! I'd love to see the BF with messy hair for once. ha ha ha!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

My favorite was probably the year I went as the Keebler Elf & passed out cookies from a cauldron to my friends while drunk. I also thrifted pirate costumes for 15 people one year, & we looked AMAZINGGGG.

Katie said...

Rainbow Brite! OMG I love it.

Katelin said...

love the costumes! my sister wore the rainbow brite one and i'm borrowing the socks for it this year, haha.

as for group costumes, i'm a big fan since i've done so many. i highly recommend doing it at least once :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

This is sad but I don't have a favorite, I've never been really into it. But, your Rainbow Bright costume is amazing. LOVE it

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

hands down my favorite is rainbow brite - LOVE.

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