childhood stories

It's funny how much more and more you can learn about a significant other when you spend time with their family. While my BF can look at my interesting outfit choices of my younger years with bright colors, huge earrings and bracelets going to my elbows, he would really need to listen to my parents and brother to understand how I was as a I grew up.

After spending time with the Bf's family a few weekends ago, I learned something quite interesting. Telling even. Good thing I'm not a psych major.

As his mom and I were walking out of the baptism, this older lady, who was singing loudly and off key throughout the mass, stopped us by tightly gripping on my arm.

"Who are you, my dear?" she asked as she adjusted a piece of hair falling from her bouffant updo.
"I'm Allison, the Bf's girlfriend."
"Oh my, I haven't seen him in years," she says to his mother.
I politely excuse myself and work my way out of the church while his mother continues to talk to her. She then comes up to share what will become one of the most hilarious stories I've heard about him. More funny than the time his older brother stabbed him in the hand playing "mean father" when all the boys had to come up with a lie as to why the BF was bleeding profusely in the basement. ( I don't remember what "mean father" is but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with beating the crap out of each other.)

"You will never believe what (insert old lady name's) just asked me about you," his mom said pointing to the BF. "She asked how Thurpy and Johnny were."

Now, his family started to laugh as I stood there thinking, who the eff would name their kid Thurpy?

As we headed to dinner I learned more about these "kids." Apparently  Thurpy and Johnny were his imaginary friends and the whole family knew about them. He would share their journeys with this grandfather who would tell the nice old lady who was singing off key on their weekly breakfast meetings.

"So, you had imaginary friends when you had two brothers to play with?" I asked, still confused.

"Yeah, I did, and Thurpy used to run away so I had to tie rope to my bed post."

Looking at his mother, "Is this seriously true?"

"Oh of course, he would run away so there was rope hanging from the bunk beds."

The BF isn't quite sure of when they went away but he can recall specific things about them like how one of them died in a train wreck years before the BF was even born. It's hilarious. I'm laughing as I think about our conversation.

All I can say is keep sharing all the details over the holidays - it makes for great blog posts, don't you think?


Heather said...

Hahahaha! This is great.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Meeting the family is great for stories!

Lil' Woman said...

I love hearing the hilarious childhood stories....things to laugh about and to tell your future children about their 'creative' and hopefully not mean :)