do over clothes: giveaway included

As I've mentioned before, I like to think I don't have a shopping problem, but I know I do. I belong to several online boutiques like Rue La La, Gilt Groupe and Haute Look.

If you are in the Cleveland area, I'm a regular at B. Lux Boutique in Hudson and pop in at least once a month to see what is available at Next. I'm big fan of owning clothing that no one else has - what girl doesn't! I like to buy from local boutiques and designers too. I have a handful of CLE Clothing t-shirts and even have a vest I picked up from Wrath Arcane at MADE in 216.

If you like unique clothes that won't break the bank, then let me introduce you to Rique, the creator of Do Over Clothes, where she has her whole line of cashmere and silk shirts for you to preview. (If you wanted to see them in person, she would probably arrange a quick meeting as well.) She has been altering clothes since she was a kid when her mother taught her how to sew. People will always tell her how cute and stylish her clothes were and they were shocked to know that she recreated them herself.

(I may not be able to sew but I can bedazzle the hell out of a pair of jeans.)

"My clothes have to be altered to fit me," said Rique."But I’m also fussy about necklines which I typically cut away and change. Button-downs never ever fit so I sew them shut. Same for cardigans. Tee shirt shoulders never land on my shoulders so I alter them. Waistlines hit me on my hips. I’m not sure how or why I began switching the cotton sleeves of tees for cashmere sleeves. When I love the pattern of something, say a floral pattern for example, the pattern is usually so over-scaled on me I look like I’m wearing a bedspread. I cut patterned clothing up and use small parts in combination with solid pieces of fabric."

A peak inside her workspace and other shirts:

Untitled from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

She has an array of shirts, sweaters and tunics in her workspace and also working in her head, depending on the fabrics she can find to make the one-of-a-kind designs. So, are you wondering who is the do-over clothes customer?

Rique describes her as "someone who doesn’t want to see herself coming and going in the same clothes as everyone else and can tolerate some imperfection, easy, not sloppy, not formal, wants her clothes to be a second layer of skin, not armor or a uniform. Soft layers, sumptuous, not chunky, uncomplicated, but not completely destroyed."

So, here is where you come in? I have a special offer for three lucky readers. Share a comment of your favorite color or favorite design from Do Over Clothes and you may be one of three to receive 50 percent off one shirt good through 12/31/10.

Giveaway winner will be announced on Monday, November 8.

FTC Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this giveaway.


Fizzgig said...

lol how totally hip and on top of things you are!

ummm i shop at old navy, and dress barn.

I see people on tv wearing my shit though, so I guess it makes me cool.

or average. lol

Heather said...

I always love your clothes. What a great site!

The emerald green color is great. Love it.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

What a fun place a creative lady! I love her Ruby Red Cashmere Sweater, listed on the site,

Charity said...

I love the Plum top with lace sleeves. I could TOTALLY see myself wearing it through the upcoming holiday season with a long strand of pearls and a light camisole underneath.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful cleveland resource!