mistaken identity (all at a dinner)

While at a delicious 5-course preview diner at the Washington Place Bistro & Inn, a new friend, who I called channel 19 (bet he never hears that), otherwise known as  Jason pointed out something about the BF.

(He doesn't know my family so he couldn't possibly know about the brother/dad comparisons.) Could he?

Oh no. He couldn't.

Jason says to the BF, "Could you saw a few sentences? I want to test something."
So, the BF starts to act as if he's giving the weather to the weatherman and Janet and Jason bust up laughing and say, "You look and sound like Nicholas Cage. Almost right from National Treasure."

Sean and Alexa agree and the BF has another feather in his cap for being told he reminds them of  Nicholas Cage.

But, back to the dinner. I apologize in advance to anyone following me on Twitter Monday night because I tweeted throughout the whole dinner, including pictures of each and everyone one of my dishes.

  • roasted beet and goat cheese salad (chef's garden beets and greens, almonds, mackenzie creamery ranch)
  • oxtail pierogies (oxtail ragout, ohio city pasta truffles potato pierogie, caramelized onion, horseradish creme fraiche)
  • dayboat scallops (butternut squash risotto, pearl onions, apple cider, beurre blanc, micro greens)
  • braised pot roast (c.a.b., chef's garden carrots, roasted garlic mashers, big red reduction)
  • pan seared wild pacific salmon (cauliflower gratin, fine herbes)
  • housemade chocolate brownie (chocolate jeni's ice cream, bittersweet chocolate drizzle)

Chef Jonathan Guest (right) and owner Scott Kuhn

My taste buds rated my favorite dish as the scallop then beet salad then the cauliflower gratin and chocolate brownie. I'm a sucker for dessert and anything with chocolate automatically gets my vote. Before we cleaned our plates, Scott took a few minutes to talk about dish from where the cheese is from to his love of beets to where the pea tendril came from on top of the scallop. It's all in the details!

But, let's not forget that Scott and his magical team didn't only redo the restaurant but renovated all inn rooms, too.

Scott Kuhn with the BF
Alexa bet me to take a few sensual pictures on the bed and I was totally going to take her up on it, but good thing Scott knew we had dirty minds and made sure to tell us that the bed was boxes. It wasn't an actual mattress to jump on. Anyway, we were adults, didn't jump on any beds and took a peek at the rest of the unfinished rooms with fireplaces! Sign me up for $159 on a Saturday night that includes brunch the next day.

Not bad for a Monday night after a holiday weekend, eh?!

there's still hope for me

I think I've openly shared how I can't dance.

I have no rhythm.

I can't even do a correct cartwheel.

I really can't.

I once thought it would be a great idea to join the cheerleading squad my senior year. Thankfully, I saved myself from major embarrassment and didn't end up trying out. I mean, I can't do a freaking cartwheel!

So, I have hope. Yes, I do.

Because of these commercials.

Let me introduce you to Dance Central for Kinect. It's saving women without rhythm all over the planet.

Based on the promo, I really feel like I can get out there and shake my tail feather to Cascada's Evacuate the Dancefloor. And not look like I'm convulsing uncontrollably with my arms and legs flopping all over the place.

Well, at least not as bad as I usually would convulse.

it's too early for Jingle Bell Rock

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
So, I'm in Cleveland.

And I assume other cities have already started doing this.

Why is there Christmas music playing? All. The. Time. Thanksgiving is next week and I swear that this Cleveland station as been playing it since November 1.

Now, I love a little Stevie Wonder Christmas mix (What Christmas means to me to be exact) with the rest of them, but don't you think it's a tad early to start playing Jingle Bell Rock?

I live in the part of the country where I think we should determine when the holiday music should start. Granted, we did have a quick snow last weekend, but I still think that was a little premature gift from the weather gods. They knew it was too early and it's been 50 here every other day.

Plus, I'm not hating on Christmas music. I love Christmas music, too. I really do. You better believe I'm jamming to "All I want for Christmas" and the whole first version of Mariah Carey's Christmas album. But, it's just a little too premature.

So, I will leave with you George and the other member of Wham! whose name I don't know, singing a song covered by everyone from Jimmy Eat World to Taylor Swift. Because they make down coats and ski lifts look, tough cheesy and cool all at the same time.

musical furniture

Sunday, November 14, 2010
I wish I had a more exciting weekend to share but I actually don't. It was calm with not too much going on, which is the way I like it as we all head into the busy holiday season. The most exciting thing I did  was watch Avatar. P.S. There are at least 7 people on Twitter that I know who have no interest in seeing it. I'm surprised I was able to sit still that long myself.

What we didn't do again this weekend was shopping for the house.

The next big thing our combined list (yes, he's involved) is purchasing bedroom furniture. While we put it on hold this weekend because the BF went to the Browns game, I stopped in a few stores but nothing caught my eye.

Have you ever shopped for this before? Holy expensive. I have expensive taste which really shouldn't surprise me at this point. Put me in a room with no price tags and I guarantee I will find the most expensive thing in the room by default. There must be some hidden radar that all women have when it comes to shopping because I can't be the only one with this issue, right?

Anyway, back to shopping. We decided on mattress we like. That was the easy part. The BF laid on a few and was happy with one. Well, I felt the need to pull a superman by getting a running start to jump on the beds, as if it would help me pick a comfortable mattress. The BF was discussing pricing and bug bed covers while I was holding a very scientific test on two of the mattresses via running and jumping.

Enter shopping for furniture. We went to two places and I was very underwhelmed. Extremely underwhelmed not to mention it still cost $2,000 for underwhelming furniture. Everything was very traditional, oak wood and too large for our bungalow slanted bedroom walls.

While we haven't made a final decision just yet, there is one thing I know for sure:

I want this headboard from West Elm or an upholstered head board like this. Now, if we can just find and agree on the rest of the furniture, we can check that room off our list!

Jump back - Passport to Party

Wednesday, November 10, 2010
A few weeks back, I received one of my most exciting emails of my life for this little blog. It's been awhile since I've been this excited about getting pitched. The last time I did a dance was when I was introduced to my fairy fashion god mother, Justine, who introduced me to my new favorite jeans from the Gap. (I do believe the straight leg have been replaced by the jean legging.)

So, what has made me so excited you asked?


It's Jump Back Ball Time!

If you aren't familiar with it, let me introduce you to the event - 

Here are a few pictures to flip through from last year's event.

So, if you want to go, I suggest you free up next Tuesday night to purchase your tickets. You will be able to buy tickets at the deepest discount for one night only at the Kickoff Party. Tickets are $120 per ticket ($100 if you are a PlayhouseSquare Partner) with NO handling fees.(There is a 2 ticket limit per person at the Kickoff.) The following day, ticket prices will increase to $140 plus handling. So if you attend the Kickoff, you can save $20+ per ticket. (That's some shopping money right there.)

Kickoff Party details:

Where: Zinc, 668 Euclid Ave, Cleveland

When: Tuesday, November 16, 6-8pm

This is the first time I'll be attending with the BF and a group of newcomers too. You better believe I will Rent the Runway for this party.

Disclaimer: I was given two fabulous tickets for this event in exchange for this post and another one that will be happening in the future.

the one where we are the old people bowling

Monday, November 8, 2010
There are very few places I feel too old to enter. Some people might think that shopping at Forever21 at 27 is too old, but I'm still a fan of some of their clothes (what I can fit into) and like the jewelry. How can you go wrong with $7 necklaces?

I don't think I'm too old to wear leg warmers or leggings or even the occasional headband without all the sparkles.

Anyway, friends invited us to go bowling last Friday. I thought it would be an uneventful bowling night where I would terrible as usual and the boys would create some kind of contest to see who could do the best. I was right about the bowling contest and my terrible bowling. I was embarrassingly terrible.

What none of us expected was to walk into cosmic bowling. Filled with 50 teenagers. Only teenagers in the bowling alley. Plus my friends.

I do believe we were the creepy old people. What makes it even better was that I knew a 13-year-old there and she agreed we were the old people.

Cosmic bowling has come a lonnnnnnnggggg way from where I remember. Not only is there a DJ taking requests but there are text screens.

Notice the teens and text screens
You can text whatever you want on there. Well, at least within reason because it edits out certain words like "creepy." I know this because I tried to send texts like "who is the guy in the creepy browns shirt?" when referring to the BF in between seeing "beachwood rocks" or "orange girls are the best."

One girl was there with a group of girls celebrating her 16th birthday and I swear they didn't look a day over 13. They looked so young, I don't remember looking that young, but then again maybe we were.

Ahh, high school days.

childhood stories

It's funny how much more and more you can learn about a significant other when you spend time with their family. While my BF can look at my interesting outfit choices of my younger years with bright colors, huge earrings and bracelets going to my elbows, he would really need to listen to my parents and brother to understand how I was as a I grew up.

After spending time with the Bf's family a few weekends ago, I learned something quite interesting. Telling even. Good thing I'm not a psych major.

As his mom and I were walking out of the baptism, this older lady, who was singing loudly and off key throughout the mass, stopped us by tightly gripping on my arm.

"Who are you, my dear?" she asked as she adjusted a piece of hair falling from her bouffant updo.
"I'm Allison, the Bf's girlfriend."
"Oh my, I haven't seen him in years," she says to his mother.
I politely excuse myself and work my way out of the church while his mother continues to talk to her. She then comes up to share what will become one of the most hilarious stories I've heard about him. More funny than the time his older brother stabbed him in the hand playing "mean father" when all the boys had to come up with a lie as to why the BF was bleeding profusely in the basement. ( I don't remember what "mean father" is but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with beating the crap out of each other.)

"You will never believe what (insert old lady name's) just asked me about you," his mom said pointing to the BF. "She asked how Thurpy and Johnny were."

Now, his family started to laugh as I stood there thinking, who the eff would name their kid Thurpy?

As we headed to dinner I learned more about these "kids." Apparently  Thurpy and Johnny were his imaginary friends and the whole family knew about them. He would share their journeys with this grandfather who would tell the nice old lady who was singing off key on their weekly breakfast meetings.

"So, you had imaginary friends when you had two brothers to play with?" I asked, still confused.

"Yeah, I did, and Thurpy used to run away so I had to tie rope to my bed post."

Looking at his mother, "Is this seriously true?"

"Oh of course, he would run away so there was rope hanging from the bunk beds."

The BF isn't quite sure of when they went away but he can recall specific things about them like how one of them died in a train wreck years before the BF was even born. It's hilarious. I'm laughing as I think about our conversation.

All I can say is keep sharing all the details over the holidays - it makes for great blog posts, don't you think?

do over clothes: giveaway included

As I've mentioned before, I like to think I don't have a shopping problem, but I know I do. I belong to several online boutiques like Rue La La, Gilt Groupe and Haute Look.

If you are in the Cleveland area, I'm a regular at B. Lux Boutique in Hudson and pop in at least once a month to see what is available at Next. I'm big fan of owning clothing that no one else has - what girl doesn't! I like to buy from local boutiques and designers too. I have a handful of CLE Clothing t-shirts and even have a vest I picked up from Wrath Arcane at MADE in 216.

If you like unique clothes that won't break the bank, then let me introduce you to Rique, the creator of Do Over Clothes, where she has her whole line of cashmere and silk shirts for you to preview. (If you wanted to see them in person, she would probably arrange a quick meeting as well.) She has been altering clothes since she was a kid when her mother taught her how to sew. People will always tell her how cute and stylish her clothes were and they were shocked to know that she recreated them herself.

(I may not be able to sew but I can bedazzle the hell out of a pair of jeans.)

"My clothes have to be altered to fit me," said Rique."But I’m also fussy about necklines which I typically cut away and change. Button-downs never ever fit so I sew them shut. Same for cardigans. Tee shirt shoulders never land on my shoulders so I alter them. Waistlines hit me on my hips. I’m not sure how or why I began switching the cotton sleeves of tees for cashmere sleeves. When I love the pattern of something, say a floral pattern for example, the pattern is usually so over-scaled on me I look like I’m wearing a bedspread. I cut patterned clothing up and use small parts in combination with solid pieces of fabric."

A peak inside her workspace and other shirts:

Untitled from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

She has an array of shirts, sweaters and tunics in her workspace and also working in her head, depending on the fabrics she can find to make the one-of-a-kind designs. So, are you wondering who is the do-over clothes customer?

Rique describes her as "someone who doesn’t want to see herself coming and going in the same clothes as everyone else and can tolerate some imperfection, easy, not sloppy, not formal, wants her clothes to be a second layer of skin, not armor or a uniform. Soft layers, sumptuous, not chunky, uncomplicated, but not completely destroyed."

So, here is where you come in? I have a special offer for three lucky readers. Share a comment of your favorite color or favorite design from Do Over Clothes and you may be one of three to receive 50 percent off one shirt good through 12/31/10.

Giveaway winner will be announced on Monday, November 8.

FTC Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this giveaway.

almond joy....not

Monday, November 1, 2010
For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't celebrate Halloween in a slutty costume with the BF. Our friends who normally host the party didn't this year so we decided to have a relatively low-key weekend with date nights with friends and then handed out candy to all the kids. ( I think I've shared before that we 25 kids on my block.)

After inspecting the candy selection, the BF pointed out that "the kids are going to laugh when they see Almond Joys."

BF: "Allison, you bought Almond Joys."
Me: "I freaking love Almond Joys and we needed more candy because you ate it all week!"
BF: "Noooooooooooo. The kids are going to know we give shitty candy. We can't be known as the shitty candy house.
Me: thinking, "really who gets this worked up over candy. "No way. Candy is candy. They won't know the difference."

candy removed from the candy bowl

As the BF started to hand out candy, I didn't believe this "Almond Joy" theory. I rushed to the door to hand out candy to an 8-year-old army sargent and asked, " I have bet going with my boyfriend. Do you like Almond Joys?" The little army sargent said, "Um....not today. I really don't like Almond Joys." Hmmmmm I thought. "Well, here is a Kit Kat. Happy Halloween!"

Because I wasn't fully satisfied with the little Army brat's answer, I decided to ask a few more kids. A zombie and football player approached and I asked them the same question again and they looked at me with these eyes like, "this lady is crazy and I'm never going to this house again."

Needless to say, Almond Joys are not a popular Halloween candy. So says the neighborhood kids and the BF, who is really just a big kid after all.