it's too early for Jingle Bell Rock

Wednesday, November 17, 2010
So, I'm in Cleveland.

And I assume other cities have already started doing this.

Why is there Christmas music playing? All. The. Time. Thanksgiving is next week and I swear that this Cleveland station as been playing it since November 1.

Now, I love a little Stevie Wonder Christmas mix (What Christmas means to me to be exact) with the rest of them, but don't you think it's a tad early to start playing Jingle Bell Rock?

I live in the part of the country where I think we should determine when the holiday music should start. Granted, we did have a quick snow last weekend, but I still think that was a little premature gift from the weather gods. They knew it was too early and it's been 50 here every other day.

Plus, I'm not hating on Christmas music. I love Christmas music, too. I really do. You better believe I'm jamming to "All I want for Christmas" and the whole first version of Mariah Carey's Christmas album. But, it's just a little too premature.

So, I will leave with you George and the other member of Wham! whose name I don't know, singing a song covered by everyone from Jimmy Eat World to Taylor Swift. Because they make down coats and ski lifts look, tough cheesy and cool all at the same time.


Marie said...

It's wrong I tell you. SO WRONG. I started seeing Christmas decor in stores and Christmas commercials BEFORE HALLOWEEN. WHY?! <--- This makes me very angry and stabby.

Heather said...

Soon enough we'll have Christmas stuff in the mall in August! I can't get into the Christmas music yet. Not yet.

Amy said...

I feel the same - I was shopping last weekend (for myself) and the christmas music was making me feel guilty (!)for buying things for me and not others.

Shelley said...

I couldn't agree more! I almost took 106.5 off of my lovely radio list because I'm just not ready to hear carol of the bells... at least until after stuffing my face with turkey!

carrie said...

I'm not a fan of Christmas, so I can't stand the music.

kakaty said...

I actually recoiled in horror when I turned that station on a couple of weeks ago and hear Christmas music. They lost a pre-program button in my car. TOO EARLY!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I love Christmas. But COOL IT WITH THE MUSIC. Seriously, it's absurd. It's way too much. THANKSGIVING HAS NOT HAPPENED. I feel like bumping up Christmas cheapens both it & Thanksgiving.

steph anne said...

I love the holidays so I'm all for it because November & December does go by quickly and before we all know'll be January!

Fizzgig said...

im on strike with this. i work for a retailer home office, and normally they play whatever muzak is playing in our stores over our loudspeakers here too.

last year we all started a letter writing campaign, which got the xmas music banned til december. It was a little ridiculous 8 hour office days over, and over, and over..

Im sad to say that if you visit one of our stores, you dont get the same privilege. ho ho ho and a bottle of rum! Wait....merry christmas!

Lil' Woman said...

Even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE Xmas, I do have to agree that it is a bit too much too soon....but I like the music.

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