mistaken identity (all at a dinner)

While at a delicious 5-course preview diner at the Washington Place Bistro & Inn, a new friend, who I called channel 19 (bet he never hears that), otherwise known as  Jason pointed out something about the BF.

(He doesn't know my family so he couldn't possibly know about the brother/dad comparisons.) Could he?

Oh no. He couldn't.

Jason says to the BF, "Could you saw a few sentences? I want to test something."
So, the BF starts to act as if he's giving the weather to the weatherman and Janet and Jason bust up laughing and say, "You look and sound like Nicholas Cage. Almost right from National Treasure."

Sean and Alexa agree and the BF has another feather in his cap for being told he reminds them of  Nicholas Cage.

But, back to the dinner. I apologize in advance to anyone following me on Twitter Monday night because I tweeted throughout the whole dinner, including pictures of each and everyone one of my dishes.

  • roasted beet and goat cheese salad (chef's garden beets and greens, almonds, mackenzie creamery ranch)
  • oxtail pierogies (oxtail ragout, ohio city pasta truffles potato pierogie, caramelized onion, horseradish creme fraiche)
  • dayboat scallops (butternut squash risotto, pearl onions, apple cider, beurre blanc, micro greens)
  • braised pot roast (c.a.b., chef's garden carrots, roasted garlic mashers, big red reduction)
  • pan seared wild pacific salmon (cauliflower gratin, fine herbes)
  • housemade chocolate brownie (chocolate jeni's ice cream, bittersweet chocolate drizzle)

Chef Jonathan Guest (right) and owner Scott Kuhn

My taste buds rated my favorite dish as the scallop then beet salad then the cauliflower gratin and chocolate brownie. I'm a sucker for dessert and anything with chocolate automatically gets my vote. Before we cleaned our plates, Scott took a few minutes to talk about dish from where the cheese is from to his love of beets to where the pea tendril came from on top of the scallop. It's all in the details!

But, let's not forget that Scott and his magical team didn't only redo the restaurant but renovated all inn rooms, too.

Scott Kuhn with the BF
Alexa bet me to take a few sensual pictures on the bed and I was totally going to take her up on it, but good thing Scott knew we had dirty minds and made sure to tell us that the bed was boxes. It wasn't an actual mattress to jump on. Anyway, we were adults, didn't jump on any beds and took a peek at the rest of the unfinished rooms with fireplaces! Sign me up for $159 on a Saturday night that includes brunch the next day.

Not bad for a Monday night after a holiday weekend, eh?!


OHmommy said...

Wow... $159 for a swanky night away with brunch included is not a bad deal.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

but what about luke russert?!?! the bf also looks like him!!!

Heather said...

What a fun night. And I'm all over that hotel - maybe I'll just go by myself to get away from the crazy boys I live with for a night. :)

Anonymous said...

The weird part is that's NOT the first time someone said I look/sound like Nicholas Cage. Out of all possible celebs, I always get Nicholas Cage.


Fizzgig said...

ok, so this is the fourth post on ive read about this night. im not knocking your post, im pointing out that i was the only one not invited.

i wouldnt have ate anything anyway.

aw snap he does look like nicholas cage!!!! you guys should use that for next halloween!

Michelle V said...

I don't see N Cage, but yes to Luke Russert.

Lil' Woman said...

Lol... a video of this Nick Cage voice might be necessary! :)

janguyen said...

OMG. Did Nicholas Cage just comment on your post?? Loved him in Raising Arizona!

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