the one where we are the old people bowling

Monday, November 8, 2010
There are very few places I feel too old to enter. Some people might think that shopping at Forever21 at 27 is too old, but I'm still a fan of some of their clothes (what I can fit into) and like the jewelry. How can you go wrong with $7 necklaces?

I don't think I'm too old to wear leg warmers or leggings or even the occasional headband without all the sparkles.

Anyway, friends invited us to go bowling last Friday. I thought it would be an uneventful bowling night where I would terrible as usual and the boys would create some kind of contest to see who could do the best. I was right about the bowling contest and my terrible bowling. I was embarrassingly terrible.

What none of us expected was to walk into cosmic bowling. Filled with 50 teenagers. Only teenagers in the bowling alley. Plus my friends.

I do believe we were the creepy old people. What makes it even better was that I knew a 13-year-old there and she agreed we were the old people.

Cosmic bowling has come a lonnnnnnnggggg way from where I remember. Not only is there a DJ taking requests but there are text screens.

Notice the teens and text screens
You can text whatever you want on there. Well, at least within reason because it edits out certain words like "creepy." I know this because I tried to send texts like "who is the guy in the creepy browns shirt?" when referring to the BF in between seeing "beachwood rocks" or "orange girls are the best."

One girl was there with a group of girls celebrating her 16th birthday and I swear they didn't look a day over 13. They looked so young, I don't remember looking that young, but then again maybe we were.

Ahh, high school days.


Katie said...

I am convinced there is some sort of time warp thing going on with kids looking younger and younger these days. I swear I didn't look that young back then!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Yikes, I feel old just reading this. I love old school cosmic bowling. No kids allowed!

BeMistified said...

I ♥ bowling, even cosmic bowling. I'm soon to be 29 lol

steph anne said...

I swear I looked 16 when I was really 16... and now these days these 16 year old kiddos don't look like they're 16 AND yes, they're kiddos!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! We went bowling a few years ago (I believe at the same bowling alley--looks familiar--Solon?), and I felt equally as old. It's scary, isn't it?

The Modern Gal said...

The crazy thing about bowling at this age if you don't realize until you do it that you're too old for it. I bowled about a year ago for the first time since HS, and was shocked to discover just how out of place I was.

Amelia said...

Cosmic bowling!!

Lil' Woman said...

Ahh to be young again...ummm forget that, I like being able to have a pitcher of beer at my table while I drink : )

Fizzgig said...

its called forever 21 cus you are 21 forever when you shop there. Im glad im around to set the world straight on such things.

cosmic bowling is hella fun! you wanna know whats changed?

roller skating. whens the last time you did that? the kids are all TEXTING and skating and not paying attention. and remember falling and being pummeled by people?

No, now they have people who skate to you and blow a whistle.


Katelin said...

oh how i love some good ole cosmic bowling, but man a 13 year olds birthday? yeah that would make me feel like the oldie in the joint. then again it'd probably make me act crazier too, haha.