year in review

Friday, December 31, 2010
Ah, another year gone and done, which means it's time for another year in review. While this isn't going to be as entertaining as Jib Jab's yearly countdown, here is a quick look at my 2010.

January is always a great month because my birthday is on the 18th. I decided to switch my sign from capricorn to aquarius, purchased our house and saw my first Lady Gaga concert in Detroit - what a blast!

February started out with a bang with a night out with Cleveland's a Plum and her friends courtesy of Dove, screwed up my vision with contacts and had to wear glasses for what felt like forever, cleaned out my closet and retired my beloved Juicy sweatpants, and the BF left the unforgettable note to me about vacuuming.Oh, and I also received a kick ass look behind-the-scenes at Next in Beachwood and a shopping spree.

March was a big month. We purchased and moved into our new house. My friends and I surprised our friends with a trip to DC to see them before their tropical wedding. I attended the first family wedding of the year where I embarrassed myself dancing to Lady Gaga's bad romance.Then, I rounded out the month with my own Dove party.

In April, we attended the reception of our friends we visited in DC and was a server at Market Under Glass and gave away tickets to a lucky reader. If you live near Hudson, my friends opened B. Lux Boutique that month and I ran my first 10-miler.

May was the kickoff of all things wedding. My friends and I attended Erin's wedding shower and ate enough cheese for a whole sorority at L'Albatros with Cleveland's a Plum and Cleveland Foodie. Even with all that eating, I managed to finish running my first half marathon!

June kicks off the summer and fairs. Oh, how I absolutely love funnel cakes and festivals and gallivanted around Cleveland and laid myself out at the pool on a weekly basis.We also drove up to New York to stay the weekend at a cabin with the BF's family and he enjoyed himself quite a bit, as you'll see in pictures.

In July, I hopped all over Cleveland for two bachelorette parties in one weekend where one was in Put-In-Bay for a high school friend and the other was downtown Cleveland for a college friend and another family wedding - aren't those the best? Lady Gaga came into town so you know I had to see her again and I gave away a snazzy new pair of Gap jeans.

August was another busy month filled with two weddings - one in Cleveland and then one in Vegas and a short weekend trip to Chicago.. The whole month of August I drove around the Chevy Malibu and to attend a Browns practice, which made the BF smile.

Ever since June, it seemed like all I wanted was September to come because we planned a week long vacation to Mexico. It was beautiful and went by too quickly. September also brings new TV to the fall line up where I shared my favorite shows and attended a Gossip Girl premiere party.

In October (which is my favorite month), we attend our last wedding of the year, went to Brewzilla with friends and the Best of Cleveland Magazine awards and I hooked two girls up with a kick ass flat iron from FHI Heat with a giveaway.

With the year almost over, November sort of calmed down for me. I held a giveaway for Do Over Clothes, shared embarrassing stories of the BF and his childhood friends and promoted the Jump Back Ball kick off ticket event, which I'll be attending in February. We rounded of November with a preview dinner of Washington Place Bistro & Inn where the BF was said to be a dead ringer for Nicholas Cage.

Ah, and December. Finally. (Jesus, this post took a long time to write.) We searched high and low for our first Christmas tree, baked cookies with  my family and got stuck in Cleveland's first winter storm of the season.

My friends and I have already planned a few activities including a trip to New York City, another trip to DC and a trip to Charlotte for a wedding. Plus, we'll need to plan another vacation too! Here we come Cabo!


Fizzgig said...

Cabo? I hate you. Just kidding. Sometimes I get jealous!

Good gravy you had an eventful year. If I did a recap it'd go like this.

Moved, got dumped, got back together, got dumped, got back together, got dumped.

I like yours way better!

coawannabe said...

Ha ha ha at the "ate enough cheese for a whole sorority...".

Kimi said...

Fun post! Since I just started reading your blog a few months ago it was nice to be caught up!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Jealous about your NYC trip! I need to get out there to visit