Being a princess is hard

Friday, February 26, 2010
Today I was in a rush to get to TEDxCLE in a snow storm hitting Cleveland. In my rush to get the hell out of the apartment in order to not be late, apparently I left on my treasured flat iron. The BF sent me a nice reminder e-mail that I left it on.

Subject line: You're a fire hazard......

E-mail copy: Guess who left her flat iron in the on position- burning hot this morning?? That’s right princess!

Well, we princesses aren't perfect ALL the time, BF.

Fashion according to NEXT

Over the past three years, I think I've proven to all my readers that I like to shop. And I like expensive clothing items that are ridiculously out of my reach, but one day I will have them, clicking my heels three times.

Along with a group of other cool Cleveland bloggers, I was invited to NEXT Beachwood in Beachwood mall for a $200 shopping spree. For those of you who visit the mall regularly, it's on the second floor by Nordstrom's entrance. I always park at Nordstrom because of the covered parking so I normally walk past it. I have stopped in on a few occasions to glance around and check out the clothing, but I've never purchased anything from there.

I walked away with a cropped, leather jacket, the softest, baggy T-shirt by Alternative Apparel and an Ark & Co. T-strap nude tank top with copper sequins covering it. I fell in love with the jacket and walked around the store in it the entire time. At one point, everyone thought it was actually my jacket.

On the heels of New York Fashion Week, I wanted to pick the head buyer's brain on what to expect for this coming season. Meet Ahryn Tolley who has been with NEXT for the last nine years. To keep up with the ever-changing world that is women's fashion, she shared that she's constantly bringing in fresh pieces into the store. So basically, if you see something you like, you better grab it right away.

Ahryn is on the left in the dress that I desperately want with Tracy to her right from NEXT

What trends are you seeing emerging for these upcoming seasons?
Prints: florals and stripes
Tops: oversized tees, cropped tops
Bottoms:leggings and textured hosiery
Dresses continue to be a trend in the marketplace, but I am noticing the comeback of the skirt.

Name your three top brands right now you carry and why?
-Ark & Co.- It has a great designer look, from quality to design, at at reasonable price. We have done well with this brands dresses.
-Alternative Apparel- Great tees and knit tops, that are great as a basic piece yet sexy enough to be dressed up with accessories, and worn for a night out on the town.
-Nudie denim- Quality denim that is supposed to be worn in to fit and age with the individual.

What are some key pieces every girl should have in their closet?

- black blazer, black slacks, and that "little black dress"
- great pair of jeans
- great sundress
- pair of comfortable heels in black and brown
- dressy tank top that can be worn with both jeans and slacks

For the life of me, I don't think I can do florals or cropped tops because like one flowery mess or I feel like Mr. T. I never EVER thought I would wear skinny jeans but somehow I managed to find more than one pair that fits over my calves. So, maybe there is hope with me and floral prints after all.

So, what styles will you or will you not be wearing this spring and summer?

Disclosure: I was given a $200 gift card to shop at NEXT for this review.

this still doesn't mean I'm going to clean

Long view on the oldest Oreck known to man. Notice the yellow note

Upclose to make sure you can read it.

Just for that, the vacuum might go missing.

these are the sweatpants of our lives

In preparation for the big move, the BF and I decided (really he strongly insisted) to start emptying out my closet. I just got back from a weekend in Houston with a great group of mom bloggers and friends (see Katelin and Jessica), so it proved to be a great time to clean up and toss out old clothes.

If you are like me, you keep clothes.

You keep shirts that once were in style.

You keep jeans that used to fit you and still plan on wearing them once you lose that extra weight.

You keep clothes that you only wore once because you feel bad that you wasted money.

In the beginning, I didn't think I'd have much to giveaway because I try to purge items here and there.

See closet here.

See the end result

After seven years, I finally had to part with my first ever Juicy Couture sweatpants. I bought these on a spring break in college with all my friends. Juicy had been just released and, of course, I needed to have them. Nothing says quality like a $125 terry cloth sweatpants, right?!

Love them, holes and all.

These pants have seen more places than that stupid pair of traveling pants, which was made into two movies. They've been to Acapulco, the Outerbanks two times, a few floors I'd rather forget, seven apartments, brunches at Bob Evan's, late-night McDonald's runs, girlfriend sleepovers, friends (ex)and boyfriend late night talks, holidays at my parent's house and even shopping trips with my mom where she said, "Does your ass really need to say 'juicy' on it?"

So, I said good-bye to these pants today and relived all my fond memories when I proudly wore them. I put them on for the last time and strutted around the living room, then the bf says, "Can we finally burn them?" with a smile on his face.

Are you attached to any clothes? What is it and what's your best memory wearing it?

most miserable nothing

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello Cleveland! I'm in Houston through the rest of the weekend with Jessica and Katelin, but I would like to direct you over to my fabulous real life and blogger friend, Alexa, who shares why we aren't the most miserable city.

For all of you who want to visit Cleveland, don't let this little article stop you by that well-known magazine, Forbes.

Come visit and a few of us Cleveland bloggers will direct you to our great restaurants and bars, neighborhoods all over Cleveland with interesting shops and people who own them, and yes, we will show you our burning river.

gym personalities

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Let-a-me-tell-you-about my workout.

As I was running my four miles yesterday around the track, (yep, 4) I noticed how many people don't understand running etiquette on a track.

It's not hard.


Or at least I don't think it is.

When you get on the track, there are signs that let you know the direction for the day and the inner lanes are for walkers and the outer lanes are for runners.

Now, I'm not sure which part people don't understand. Maybe it's distinguishing between the inner and outer lanes or perhaps the day of the week is what stumps them?

We have these people at my gym and I'm sure you have them at yours. They are the people that keep me laughing. They are the people that make my 34th lap more interesting than my 33rd.

On yesterday's run, I was particularly pleased when these high school girls (bless their hearts) jumped on the track. They clearly didn't read the sign. They both decided to walk on the outer lanes at a very slow pace in matching short shorts and shoes. What they didn't know is that there were a few serious runners on the track today. (I'm not including myself in this batch.)

At one point, when the 6 foot blond guy ran past them, he said something to them because he spooked her and with a flip of a ponytail she said some smart remark to her slow walker friend. I couldn't hear because I was too far away but whatever it was, it wasn't enough to get their dumb asses on the inner lanes.

My other favorite personality was also on the track. It's the I-have-to-pick-up-my-cell-phone-and-answer-every-call person. I think she only answers the phone when she is on the track. I don't even think she actually "works out." I still love her though. I secretly hope she is on the track when I have my long runs because she has some drama going on with whomever is on the other line. She gets really into her conversations and takes up two lanes the way she struts and pumps her arms for extra emphasis away from her body, almost taking out a runner if you get too close.

What are your favorite gym personalities?
I can't be the only one, right? And, I don't mean the meatheads working out in jeans and Timberlands. I'm talking about the serious gym rats that are pure entertainment because to know them is to love them.

going with the flow

Monday, February 15, 2010
Ahhhhh. Do you feel that? I feel relaxed and re-energized after this weekend.

Do you remember the last time you had a relaxing Saturday where you weren't on a schedule?


I couldn't remember the last time I had the chance to relax and go with the flow because my schedule allowed it. I didn't have a list of things to get done and running around trying to fit everything in. The BF and I stayed in this weekend and talked about the upcoming move and made mental lists of what we want to get done and when.

It was great and just what we both needed, especially with this busy week ahead of me. I have an after work activity, not consisting of working out, every night this week and will be Houston for work on Thursday through Saturday meeting up with a group of bloggers including Katelin and Jessica.

And, today marks two weeks until we close on our first house.

Here's to a busy week for me!

rock the boat

Friday, February 12, 2010
Way back in October, the BF and I went to Boston together. Remember? It was our first trip together.

The whole reason behind us going was to see Boston in the fall and to see Salem. I've always had an obsession with witches and witchcraft. Maybe because I watched Sleeping Beauty, Hocus Pocus and Teen Witch way too many times a young kid, but he was game to come along and explore the cities with me.

Anyway, on the way home from Salem, the weather became very windy. We didn't drive to Salem. Instead, we took the Salem Ferry which was a great and scenic way to see the coast and all the beautiful homes. Plus, it was one of the last times we'd be able to enjoy a boat ride. It was Halloween after all!

Here we are on our ride there: Notice the couple in to the right. This is what they did the ENTIRE 60 minute boat ride.

Streetview of all the 100,000 people visiting the city

Me with Bewitched

On our way home it became extremely windy. So windy that we were encountering severe rocking on the boat, up to 12 foot waves the captain said. There was so much rocking that the BF almost became ill. (I was too busy filming him and trying to not vomit myself.)

So very ill to the point I thought he was going to vomit in front of all these strangers, who all were trying not to vomit themselves. If you wonder why the video is so shaky, it's because I'm literally bouncing up and down with the rocking boat.


the one where I learn my lesson

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for?" I refer to it often when I'm rationalizing a big purchase such as furniture, a computer or a purse. (Yes, it always goes back to purses somehow.)

I don't seem to apply this motto to other key items. Why? I don't know. I try to cut corners at stupid places. However, I have learned my lesson. I really did.

It all started when I thought I could to go this this place to get an eye exam. (Editor's Note: I NEVER go there. I eliminated my limited shopping visits and make a point never to go in there. I thought saving $30 was worth it. It's not.) After two unsuccessful visits and major headaches from a prescription and what I still think is an inadequate eye exam, I'm taking myself to another office where I've gone in the past and had great service.

That brings me to today. I went for what I was hoping was a routine eye exam.

Oh, how I am eating my words.

As the doctor is examining my eyes..

Doctor: "Hmm. Are your eyes always this red?"
Me: "I didn't think they were that red."
Doctor: "Do you sleep in your contacts?"
Me: "No, not in years."
Doctor: "Do you notice your contacts being hard to remove?"
Me: "Well, yes, especially after I get out of the shower."
Doctor: "I need to use a few drops of yellow dye to get a better look at your eye."
Me: Thinking, what the hell is going on with my large pupils now?!

I think these are all routine questions until she tells me that my contacts may be too tight on my eyeballs. She notices cells missing on my eyeballs from my contacts being too tight and it's changing the shape of my eyeball, therefore, I'm not able to have 20/20 in one eye.

As I stare at her blurry face trying to make out her features, she tells me that I need to wear my glasses for six days and use eye drops every hour for the first day, every two hours the day after that and then four times a day until I see her next Monday. This way, she will be able to get a better read on my vision because the shape of my eyeball can affect my vision.

At this point, all I'm thinking are dollar signs because I sure as hell can't really see her through my blurry vision. Somehow I always end up with stupid expensive appointments. I had a $500 cough two months ago and now, by my own stupidity, I have to pay for two eye exams at and $20 eye drops. Why $20 eye drops? Well I can't use the one in the bottle, I need the no preservative eye drops with individual capsules. Of course!

The BF thought it would be better if I vlog about my experience because he wanted to point out my large pupils and eyeballs, but it didn't go quite as planned as because I was interested in playing along.


So, for the next six days, I'm going to be wearing seven-year-old glasses and an out of date prescription, which causes me to see perfectly fine up close but I can't see clear 30 feet in front of me. Only me, I tell you, only me.

Hit Or Miss

Uh oh. New York Fashion Week is next week and I know at least one blogger, Michelle from All Lacquered Up will be there checking on nail polish trends, but I thought I'd take my own stab at some fashion predictions for 2010.

Although I can't exactly rock the couture looks of Marc Jacobs or Zak Posen, we here in Cleveland make do with our unique fashion sense, no matter what type of weather Cleveland brings us. (The key is no matter what kind of weather because we see it all. And, I've been known to wear open-toed shoes with fee of snow on the ground. Fashion over function, people.)

Fashion: to be hot or to be not

Shoulder jewelry
Back in January, I received a pitch about Babette Epaulette's shoulder jewelry. I read it out loud and thought "Shoulder jewelry? WTF?" Here are few examples of how it in real life.

Hot: Depending on where the hell you are and IF you are Lady Gaga.

Shredded tie dye jeans
Love 'em or hate 'em ripped jeans are back with a vengeance. I've seen them on a few celebrities last fall and I wasn't in love them. It was a similar feeling I felt wayyy back in the day of skinny jeans when I swore I would never get my calves into a pair that small. Well, I have and I continually wear them all the time, but a favorite pair of mine aren't that skinny but rather real straight from the Gap.

Tepid: I'm still undecided with this one.

Leggings galore
Although this isn't necessarily new, I like that we are seeing more fabrics and colors available to us. I still have a pair of Hue leather metallic leggings and haven't jumped on the "jegging" trend just yet. Although, you can snag yourself a pair by Joe's Jeans dark leggings for $78. I'm on board with texture and muted colors like grey, navy and even chocolate brown. However, you won't see a pair of hot pink or purple leggings on these calves any time soon.

Boiling hot: Dress up or down any outfit, depending on the fabric.

As far as shoes go, I think I'll wait until Lucky's shoe issue comes out but for now, I'm loving all these styles I found on their site:

The platform - Rebecca Taylor, $325 (no one said they have to be affordable) I have been wanting a pair for last few months but can't find the perfect fit.

The bejeweled flat - Vera Wang Lavender Label, $295
I love the fact that I can be 27 and still wear jewels on my shoes. Just like jelly shoes but without the uncomfortable straps.

Knee-high boot - Colin Stuart, $158
I have wide calves and the over-the-knee doesn't work if I can't get it over-the-calf first.

There are some of my predictions for this coming spring and beyond. What about you? What trend do you love or love to hate? What won't you be wearing this season?

give me back my snooki

Let me go on the record and say, I don't think any amount of "making over" Snooki is necessary.

Hello! America loves her for the short, bouncy guidette that she is.

Insider Edition, don't take away her signature bump! If you do, she looks like every other dark-haired little mama hitting the clubs on the Saturday night on the Jersey Shore.

Look at her made over! You don't want to call her Snooki. You want to call her Nicole or Nikki or Nicolette or even Mrs. Snooki. Snooki doesn't roll of your tongue as nicely when you see her in a tailored dress instead of the "shirts" she buys at Rave and Deb and wears as a dress.

This is how we like to see her. Bump, pouty lips, long faux nails and a pair of aviators dangling off her hand. Although with the $10,000 she is making an episode, let's upgrade the bag to something like a Gucci, honey. You will have all the guidettes screaming your name then.

movin' on up

Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Way back on my birthday, I kept telling the BF that that day would be a magical day.

He didn't believe me. Well, on that day we decided to bid on a house and ended up negotiating a deal with the sellers. As long as no other major problems arise, we will be moving into this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house sometime in March.

If you thought me living in the apartment with the BF was a wild ride, just wait until we both move into a house. There is WAY more to clean in 1,600 sq. feet than in our 1,000 sq. foot apartment and more decisions to be made, too. We are talking paint colors, furniture and flooring options and renovating entire rooms.

Now, this could get interesting.....

all I wanted was pepperoni bread

That was last thing that I said to my friends as I left a ridiculously fun evening on Saturday night.

Seriously, all I wanted was some homemade pepperoni bread by @lzone to finish off our great night, but we couldn't get into the apartment. Why you ask? Well let's back up to how the night began....

It all started when I received a phone call from Alexa asking if I had plans for this weekend and if I didn't, she had a great surprise for me. Dove, yes Dove deodorant, contacted her to see if she and her friends would be interested in a night on the town. Dove would provide a limo and a hefty gift card to spend on a night out on the town for all of us.

Here's a recap of our night with no pictures. (I know, really boring, right?) Since she took most of the photos, hop on over to her blog to see the night in pictures.

-Dinner with Alexa and all her friends in her apartment
-Stretch excursion limo picked us and up and we headed east to Bodega for martinis, wine and champagne
-What else but we needed a bomb at the Colony on Lee Road
-We migrated over to the House of Blues to see Who's Bad, the ultimate Michael Jackson tribute band, and rocked out dancing to our favorite MJ songs. Maybe we did or didn't make a few randoms take pictures with the Dove deodorant for good measure.

So why didn't I get to eat the infamous pepperoni bread?

This is why.


We were locked out and tried to kick and pound our way into the apartment. We tried yelling through the door, pounding on the door and even took off shoes to bang on the window of the bedroom where our sleeping friend was sawing zzzzz's. We gave up after a good 30 minutes and before the cops were called by her neighbors because we HAD to have woken up someone in that apartment building.

Needless to say, we all saved ourselves a few calories in the end.

Disclosure: Dove didn't ask me to write this post. Dove won't even know that I was invited to the party until they see this pop up in their Google alerts.