what happens in vegas, stays on Facebook

Monday, August 30, 2010
Because of all the fun my friends and I had this weekend in Vegas, I was completely spent on Sunday and couldn't type a single thing. Hell, I could barely move from the couch up to our bedroom. After staying up for 24 hours on Friday and getting only 10 hours of sleep between the next two days, I needed to get to bed quick.

My eyes were puffy and my contacts hurt like knives to put into my eyes this morning. I was a little tired but looked like a train wreck, so I mostly stayed inside my office today so people didn't wonder, "What happened to Allison?"

So, let's get on with it - who wants to see photos? I can only show you the bachelorette/bachelor party and the Rumor pool on Saturday, which somehow none contain the actual groom! I'm pretty sure I received the nicest stop-tweeting-about-my-damn-wedding text ever from him because none of the guests can publish anything on any social network sites (Um, does he know I'm addicted to Twitter?) until the wedding appears later this week in one of your favorite gossip magazines and web sites. I also have quite a few good video clips of whole trip, including waiting at the airport, the bachelor party, our pool day and the wedding ceremony and reception.

Posing in Rumor Hotel before we left for the Hard Rock

Joe isn't that short, he just needed to stand in water to avoid burning feet

what I could do every day of my life - hang out with friends and safely tan

Atrium at the Bellagio

We were tired, but you can't tell, right?

Stay tuned for a wedding video montage!

wedding bells

Thursday, August 26, 2010
Well, it's another day, another week and another wedding for me this weekend.

I'll be with this one, my friend Gretchen, and making up for her wedding that I missed because I was double booked one weekend.
The wedding looked gorgeous on Facebook!

And, then there's my friend, Steph, who I've known equally as long and haven't seen since Gretchen's bachelorette party who will be our third partner in crime.

Oh, Steph and her many faces!

We will be flying to Vegas to celebrate this boy's wedding below where we'll be doing a lot of smiling and taking crazy photos:

And a little more of this in 100 degree Vegas heat:

I can't wait. We've been texting nonstop and debating on bringing funny photos from junior high to plaster all over the hotel for fun. Jesse will either find it hilarious or hunt us down and toss us in the pool!

Here we come Vegas!

don't pick up

 I interrupt this regular blog post to share breaking news:

Get off your phones!

That's right - all you people talking on your phones on your morning commute, to pick up the kids or on the way to dinner, get the hell off your phones.

Each morning last week on my short 10 minute commute to work on 271 south, I count at least 10 cars on their phones. I know they are talking because they either swerve slightly to the left or slow up the traffic pattern by going 60 mph in the left lane. Or, they look over their right shoulder to get over, turn on the turn signal, then have to look again with their neck in this weird cocked position because they are trying not to drop their phone. You know what I'm talking about, right?

I'm going a mere 8 miles and all those people are talking on their phones. They are talking on their phones and messing up the traffic pattern. Most of the offenders are women who can't drive as it is (sorry, statistics say we can't), so I'm not sure how diverting attention away from the road makes sense to anyone.

Since I've had the Malibu, I have bluetooth and have been using it religiously in the car. I'm no saint - I talked all the time in the car. It's just about time I stop. Cold turkey. No talking while driving and sure as hell no texting.

If you text or tweet while driving, that's just plain stupid. It can wait. Really, it can. At least wait until a red light and not when you are driving 70 mph an hour.

Say it with me Clevelanders - get off your phones.

here we go brownies, here we go

Friday, August 20, 2010
With summer coming to end means we head into my ultimate favorite season - fall! It means leggings with tall boots and wrap sweaters and jackets and football season. Oh, I love football season. I have fond memories of attending high school games and painting myself with my girlfriends and sitting in the end zone couch. At college, I attended a few games because they started serving beer at the Kent State games. (Yes, the added alcohol to the games to increase attendance my senior year.)

And now I've graduated to tailgating at the Browns games. I'm not the girl who goes to actually "watch" the game. I like to go for the social aspect of it. I like to hang out in the morning, cook out with everyone and have a great time before the game and at the game.

Ask the BF. It drives him nuts because I somehow watched my brother play football all through high school and college and still don't understand any of the rules. Hell, my brother was a senior and I could answer the question, "What position is your brother?" (He was a tight end if you are interested.)

Through my Gotta Love Chevy relationship, we were both invited to attend the Browns Training Camp yesterday. I was a little hesitant to go because I've had a lot going on this week and I wanted a night to myself, just to relax. I'm glad I went because it was fun to meet with the Tesa and Amelia and see the players and how receptive they were to the fans. They came right over and were signing autograph after autograph. I assumed they would only sign for kids, which I can understand, but anyone who wanted something, those boys were ready to sign and armed with sharpies.

Reps from the Browns immediately greeted us and gave us goodie bags filled some Browns gear, including preseason tickets to next Thursday's game. That was totally unnecessary but the BF is extremely appreciative and is "debating" if he takes me. I'll show him "debating"....
View from the tent
Only person wearing non-Browns gear because the BF left my t-shirt at home
Signed by Josh Cribbs for the BF's coworker's kids

malibu-ing around Cleveland

Monday, August 16, 2010
If you follow me on Twitter, you knew I was all over the frickin' place this weekend in the Malibu.

On Friday night, my friend Katie and I escaped the boys and had a dinner out together even though they all said "we aren't staying out all night." While they didn't stay out all night, I ended up getting home the same time as the BF.

On Saturday, I had to drive back to my hometown of Amherst to pick up my mom for my cousin's wedding shower. Because of our Mexican adventure vacation, I'll be missing the wedding but sipping on several umbrella drinks with friends.

After the shower and some quality time with my parents, I drove back to the Cleveland to meet the BF to then drive an hour east to go to an outdoor reception. I was hoping the rain would hold but there was no such luck. When we arrived, they had tents (yay!) and I only managed to get rained on a little bit versus the torrential downpour that everyone else got caught in before the sides of the tents were up.

We left there to head to the mojito party back in Cleveland. (Told you we did a lot of driving.) My friends have heard about the Malibu and begging me to take it over to them, so a few of them were able to see a night time preview of it.

Are you tired yet? Me too.

I had been looking forward to Sunday all day because it was the ONLY day we could go to the Feast. Ever since I've moved to the east side, I'm been going with the BF for the past four years. I didn't capture many photos because A) it was hot and B) I was sweating profusely walking up and down the hill and C) it was ridiculously hot.

We were there long enough to grab fried dough (oh, how delicious), strombolis and a gyro and walk back up the hill. I'm pretty sure we were in and out in 30 minutes to come back home, shower and eat all the delicious and greasy food.

malibu-ing according to the Flip

malibu-ing around Cleveland from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

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it's about the small things.....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010
I’ve officially had the Malibu for a little over a week now. I’ve driven to lots of my usual spots but drove it down to my friend’s wedding this weekend, which is the farthest drive I’ve gone in it and it's a whole 20 minutes away.

I bring it up because I forgot what it was like to enjoy driving a car. Let me first back up to explain.

Over a year ago, my lease was up on my Ford Fusion and I decided I wanted  “zippy and sporty” car and decided to get a Mazda 3. This was a great on paper idea – it really was, or at least so I thought. After six months, I tried to unsuccessfully return the car and upgrade to a better model because I didn’t realize what I had given up in a car. The guy looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Wait, you want to return the car?"

Fast forward six months and I’m still driving that car and not enjoying it. While I know you can’t compare the cars apples to apples, I like driving the Malibu. I enjoy getting it into it. It’s more comfortable, more steady and I don’t feel like I’m being blown all over the road when I’m on the highway. It also has a decent horn so when I lay on the horn when I'm cut off, I feel like the person takes me seriously versus the high-pitched beeping they receive in the Mazda.

The other tiny feature I’m enjoying is when you start up the car. When you start it up, you hear nothing, just the hum of the engine. When I fire up my current car, there is this incessant beeping until I put on my seat belt.

It is the most annoying sound that I have to listen to for the next two years. People actually ask me, "What IS that noise?"

I don’t know about you but when I start up my car, I don’t have my seat belt on. I start the engine and then put my seat belt on. (I ALWAYS wear my seat belt and wear my helmet when on a motorcycle. Safety first.) I can’t put my seat belt on fast enough with my 3 but with the Malibu, I don’t have to worry about that noise.

It’s peace and quiet. No beeping.

At least for the next three weeks that is. 

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the wedding of the decade

Screw Chelsea Clinton, I was part of the wedding of the decade this weekend in honor of my good friends Erin and Brian.

I met Erin way back in 2003 at Kent State University in speech class and we then ended up living together in a house with eight other friends.

This weekend, we all gathered to celebrate our friends in Cleveland at the Ritz-Carlton to party til our pants came off.

Instead of describing what I thought was a kick ass party, I decided to let the pictures tell the story and a little video I shot during mostly during the reception.
The bride getting dressed

The kiss!

Kent State friends

Too heavy to move into the main room

With the BF

What I didn't catch was the cute laughter during the ceremony where the groom's voice kept cracking and my friend had everyone laughing. I also missed their dance to "Don't Stop Believing" (the Glee version) where they took dance lessons to learn the choreographed moves. But, don't think for a minute I didn't try to bring some Gaga to the wedding where I got down on the floor and tried to imitate the Alejandro video. There are pictures to prove it somewhere but those don't need to be uploaded here anytime soon.

So, here's the wedding according to my flip:

Erin and Brian's wedding extravaganza from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

director's cut

As part of my Chevy test drive for the month, I have to film a few vlogs to accompany my posts both on my blog and here. I asked the BF to help me film a simple, yes a simple intro, and nothing with him every turns out to be simple with him as you will see below.

Here is the actual video:

Mission 1: Grocery shopping at Heinen's from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

And here is what it took to get there:

The outtakes from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

the one where I give a toast

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
I have to give a speech this Friday.

I have to give a speech this Friday at a very good friend's rehearsal dinner.

Have you been to a wedding where you have heard the worst best man or maid of honor speech? You probably don't have to think that hard with that question.Well, I'm trying to avoid that whole catastrophe and give one hell of a kick a** toast to my dear friend, Erin, whose bachelorette party I shared last month.

In order not to blow the three minutes where everyone is watching me at the rehearsal dinner, I've started searching online for what to do and not to do.

Here's what not to do:
- Give a drunken speech
- Share inappropriate stories of the bride
- Talk for an incredibly long time to make the guests roll their eyes as I speak

 To those of you who have given amazing speeches, please feel free to send any tips my way. My plan is to start off with a short story about how we met and go into something that someone smarter than myself wrote that is funny versus being heavily emotional. I'm probably thinking way more into this than necessary but I would like to my friend proud versus being remembered as that bridesmaid who talked entirely too fast about nothing significant.

Let the search begin.....

If you want to follow along on my Chevy Malibu journey, check out my drop-off video here where I receive my Malibu for the month. 

Weekend Getaway

I'm back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago and back.

On Friday, the BF and I visited friends in the windy city and I didn't take a picture to prove it.

Can you believe it?

Not a single photo but if you follow me on Four Square, I was all over the map. But I was in Wicker Park and Lincoln Park and visited the Wicker Park Festival, stopped a friend's friend's house, had pizza at Piece, shopped in Akira and then stopped in for cupcakes at Sweet Mandy B's. We attended a surprise birthday party a month earlier than her actual birthday and at a late-night meal at El Barco Mariscos with our great hosts for the weekend.

Then, because the BF decided not to take 90 E,  he decided to stay on 94 and delay our time even farther when we ran into traffic connecting back up to 90 E.

On a separate but related note, I wanted to share that I've been selected as part of Chevy's Girlfriend Getaway Northeast Ohio program where I get to drive a Chevy Malibu for a month. While I should get the car early this week, they are sending me on weekly excursions with my friends and the BF and I'll be sharing my experiences through my posts and vlogs on here and over here as well.

Follow me and other bloggers Amelia and Tesa along on Twitter @chevyneo and on Facebook.

So, here is the first vlog I shared where I talk about my pretty stellar driving record, which only includes one accident and a handful of tickets.At 27, that has to be some kind of record, right? (Sidenote: I totally have a nasally voice and listening to myself is incredibly weird.)

Chevy NEO Video Bio on my driving history from Allison Peltz on Vimeo.

DISCLOSURE: Ahem, dear FTC:  The NEO Chevy Girlfriend Getaway Program is sponsored by the NEO Chevy Dealers and provided me with a 2011 Chevy Malibu to test drive for 4 weeks and blog/video about my experience driving the car. Girlfriend Getaway has provided me with some fun projects to do and will be giving gift cards to cover expenses.