baby boomer meets cell phone

Thursday, January 13, 2011
Ever since my dad started texting a few years ago, I have received some pretty funny texts.

In the beginning, it was a learning process for him because "my fingers are too damn fat for these small keys" and his messages were garbled with letters and numbers and I needed to decipher his cryptic messages to understand what the hell he was saying or asking me.

As time has gone on, he's gotten a lot better, even better than my mom. My mom responds with "YES" or "NO THAnks." (I still can't figure out why she turns the caps off and on.) My dad can almost keep up with my fast texting too. I may send every two messages for every one he sends.

While sitting at work today, I received the most hiiiilllarious text from my dad in history.

Text: "Do you have a pair of christian louboutins. They are only $2,000."

My jaw dropped.Whhhhhattttt?

So, let me break this down for you, readers.

My dad spelled Louboutins right???? My dad doesn't know shoe brands and he sure as hell doesn't know one of the top designer shoe names.Ah, the power of the Style section with the Plain Dealer.

I explained to my dad that a pair of black pumps are an essential item to any closet. 

His response: "To add to the 50 pairs of shoes you already have?"

Correction - I don't have that many.

What's the funniest text you've ever received from a parent?


Shoes Always Fit said...

My mom just got texting - her first text to me? "OMG I can text" And I was sitting next to her at the breakfast table.

PS 50 isn't that many pairs of shoes - I'm close to 60...

Sarah said...

my dad always ends texts with "-dad" like i don't know who it's from. he sends pretty normal stuff, but we're trying to get my mom into texting, so that will definitely be entertaining. especially after she called to tell me about stuff she found on facebook.

Alicia at Poise in Parma said...

Not quite the funniest comment, but my dad is convinced that if he doesn't open the text message itself, he hasn't received it, therefore, he can't be charged for it.

Silly boomers :)

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

My dad complains about texting too and his "fat fingers." Best one "be careful about drug cartels when you go to Mexico." Seriously.

emily said...

Best text yet from my mom: her attempt at picture messaging. She turned the phone around in her hand so she was actually taking a snap of her neck and not the purse she was holding in front of her (a purse she wanted to buy for moi)! Could have sent a great response but I refrained :)acaphare

Julia Yuhasz said...

Ruth & Nick are old pros at the text game. Nick does the "-Dad" thing, too, which is funny. My mother does NOT text and can barely use her cell phone. My dad, however is the most hilarious. He has his own language that requires intense focus to decipher, as he only uses consonants to communicate.

Example: "ah burd trsr!" means "Ahh, buried treasure!" That was about a bottle of Sailor Jerry.