the one poster kind

I find myself always having the same conversation with people when they find out I have a blog.

Random person who isn't a blogger: "You are a blogger?"
Me: Sort of afraid to answer, "Yes, yes I am."
Awkward silence.
Random person who still isn't a blogger: More awkward silence, then finally "I -i-i-i-don't have time for that."
Me: "Well, you know, it's just like any other hobby, you make time for it," realizing this person thinks I'm now a creepy person online.

I slowly back away from the random person because there's often this hint of "you-are-such-a-loser or I-can't-believe-I-know-a-blogger."

I'm bringing this up because I haven't been making time to blog as of the last three weeks. I've been a one poster a week blogger.

You know, those kind......

On my iPhone, I keep a list of ideas that are the starting of blog posts. Like the other morning when I was listening to Q104, they were talking about the top 10 things that annoy the other sex. I was nodding along to the list and found myself agreeing, "that totally drives me nuts" when the caller was talking about sharing a bathroom with their significant other. I get it!

But I've been working a lot these past two weeks tightening areas that are in dire need of being tightened, and I'm exhausted when I arrive home.

The creative juices just aren't a-flowing like they used to.

I'll get them back

I swear. I'll be back with some better thoughts.


Cleshopaholic said...

I miss your posts but i completely understand. Sometes you just have to take a break to recharge!!! Or real life gets in the way! Either way, I look forward to your return!!!

The Modern Gal said...

I write the most brilliant posts in my head while I'm driving or walking or laying in bed. I need some way that I can dictate them to my computer at those times. When I actually have time to write, my creativity is gone.

CLEgal @ Why CLE? said...

I have lots of great ideas, then I have to find the time to go out and do them and then find the time to write about them. It's fun, but sometimes my ideas outrun the time I have.

Marie said...

No apologies necessary! Blog when you can and when you feel like it. After all it is your blog!

I get the same reaction when I mention I have a blog to someone. Whatever, we're awesome!

Fizzgig said...

i always think of good stories listening to the radio in the morning. but by 5:00 all my brain has been sucked out for a paycheck and I forget.

Katelin said...

as long as you don't become a non-poster altogether, that would just be too much for me to handle...and clearly it's all about me, haha.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I've had very similar conversations with people about blogging. I find it also awkward when they ask what I write about. I end up stuttering it out and sounding like a moron

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