dark ride - a lexus event

Monday, March 21, 2011
"I like my beats fast and my bass down low."

I've been singing this over and over since Dev's performance last night at the Dark Ride event at Playhouse Square. What an amazing time! I headed over to the event with the plum herself, Sean and a bunch of our friends to the event where we quickly found CLEshopalic and Alana before heading to the stage for the performances.

The place was completely transformed with dancers, colored lights with Absolut bars in every corner and looked completely different from the Jump Back Ball last month. The party was ushered onto the stage where DJ Flaco spun while the Cavs dancers rocked out and then Dev took the stage followed by Jay Sean, who has a hot British accent.

love the chandeliers

with my friends (doesn't the middle one look like Kim K.?)

Loved Dev's performance

Jay Sean with DJ Flaco

Erin in the car we both want but can't afford just yet
Thank you to Playhouse Square and Lexus for putting on this party again and extending the invitation to me.

Disclosure: As a blogger, I was given tickets to attend this fabulous event and brought my friends to accompany me. And, they are incredibly thankful as well.


Alana said...

What a fun night!

Heather said...

Dev was awesome - I was suprised! Loved your hair, btw. :)

Fizzgig said...

I thought that was the BEP that sang that song. No wonder I cant find it to download! lol

Lil' Woman said...

Looks like fun! :)

Charlene Ann said...

Agreed...awesome event and Dev was amazing! As was Jay Sean though...who knew he was British?! Great meeting you and thanks again for the tix!

Katelin said...

oh what a pretty event, looks like fun.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Looks like fun! I want a Lexus too. So bad.