one year later...

One year ago this weekend, the BF and I moved into our house when it wasn't snowing in March as it is this March.

Isn't moving soooooooo much fun? To recap our move, read this little post here.

Since we've moved in, we had high hopes of quickly painting every room, buying new furniture and maybe even getting a head start of making some changes to the kitchen like countertops and flooring. (Real sexy stuff, I know.)

However, in my whopping one year of ownership, I've learned a few valuable lessons and not completed half of those projects.

1) We have a narrow driveway so I must pay attention as I back out my Mazda 3 even though I want to ram it into the house to get a new car.

2) There are kids everywhere! So, I need to be careful as I back out of the driveway.

3) Money doesn't grow on trees in the backyard so we have to be selective in our purchases seeing as you have all these new fees like house insurance and ridiculous expensive water and heating bills.

But, we did make two key purchases that make me smile everyday since we've taken ownership of the little bungalow.

I bow down to the snow thrower. It makes the BF's life a hell of a lot easier to clear the driveway so I don't fall down and bust my ass from the garage to the house.
Look at him go!

And, a brand new queen bed! No more elbowing each other in the middle of the night or pushing each other around. Just sound sleeping for both of us.

Complete with an upholstered bed
While we still have awhile to go to update rooms, knock off a decrepit back porch and add furniture, I'm patting myself on the back for making two sound decisions. See Dad - I do listen to your advice sometimes, just sometimes though.


Lil' Woman said...

Love your bed and bedspread....very cute.

Katelin said...

i second the above comment, your bed is super cute.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I love your bedding. So cute!

Fizzgig said...

i never knew they made beds like that. why do i keep getting broke ass metal frames that dont work for squat?

I'm super jealous, it is now my goal to own a fancy bed.

Sarah Von said...

That bed looks positively snuggle-rific. And, yes, that's a word.

Anonymous said...

Your bed is adorable. I recently got a new queen bed as well. There is something simply magical about a new mattress.
~Rossy (

MrsSchenkMommy said...

i think you guys have done an awesome job in this first year!!

Mrs. said...

I found your blog through another blog I read and I think it is hilarious! Great writing. This post reminds me exactly of my husband and me--we've been in our house a year, and had grand plans...until the bills started rolling in. How fun would it be to have endless money to decorate a new place! Ugh!