super hero slumber

Thursday, August 25, 2011
I didn't hear the raging storm last night that hit Cleveland and I also didn't feel the quake. I got nothing.  I only knew about the 5.8 quake based on all the tweets I saw way before anything showed up on news sites. Then, I laughed as all the mock videos were made from everyone on the west coast - we aren't used to these kinds of things!

A friend suggested maybe it's my sweet sleep mask, but I think it's because I must have super hero capabilities in where mother nature just doesn't wake me from my slumber. Of all the super powers, apparently mine is sleep. Not flying, being invisible or seeing the future - just sleep.

Or, maybe it's because I'm burning the candle at both ends, says my trusty daily horoscope, where I'm doing too much and packing too many things into the day. I've always been guilty of this. I say YES to everything and I need to stop and be more selective because  a) I will drive myself crazy and b) I'm really not a super hero. And, if I was, apparently my super power isn't really working if I'm still tired in the morning.

How do you manage a crazy schedule without losing it in the process?


Bite Buff said...

I didn't hear the storm last night either, whoops!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

If I can sleep through a thunderstorm, that's a sign I'm tired. I am a light sleeper

Hungry In Cleveland said...

For me, running has become my escape and stress reliever.

Fizzgig said...

as with the last earthquake, people right next to me didnt feel it while some of us did.

so i vote for superhero powers. you will probably survive the apocolypse, so you should prepare for it! theres a sweet show on TLC that could help get you rolling. (or at least make you laugh!)

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