party weekend

While I've been in my apartment for only two weekends, I've yet to spend a true weekend actually in Cleveland with friends. With the wedding, traveling and moving, I haven't spent a lot of time even in my lovely new apartment or even in Cleveland.

On Friday night after a long week of work, a group of us headed out to celebrate my wonderful friend Lia's 27th birthday.

dinner and drinks at Bar Cento

On Saturday, my lovely family came over to help me set up the apartment AKA hang all my pictures because I'm not patient enough to use a level or hang anything even remotely close to straight. And, if I were to hang it incorrectly, it would bother the hell out of me everytime I looked at the crooked mirror.

a little preview  of apt

Then at night, I transformed into the very fashionable Rachel Zoe to head to my first Halloween party at the Harbor Inn at the infamous @timmybennet party I've read about on Alexa's blog for years followed by first trip to the Big Egg. (It's a popular place after Halloween festivities I tell ya.)

BANANAS with Zoolander

Chucky and his bride

Twitter bird

dance party revolution
Now, it's back to reality to the work week and to my last week of travel for the month. I've been everywhere this month from LA to Charlotte to Houston to Denver to LA and then back to LA this week for a few days. Phew! I'm building miles to go somewhere fabulous, that's for sure.


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i'm so sad i missed the party!!! next year i'll be back at it baby, next year.

Fizzgig said...

awesome costume!! You did a great job!

I hate using levels and whatnot too. That's why when I move, I have approximatley 5 holes per picture hidden behind, and I use about two tubes of hole filler.

I'm more of a doer, and less of a planner...

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

LOVED your costume!! Can I borrow your friends when I need to hang stuff on my walls? I NEVER get it right!

Jen said...

First, LOVE your costume! Second, I saw your tweets this weekend of the new furniture. It's gorgeous! Love the new look of the blog! Your new lease on life inspired me to pamper myself, get skinny & put myself first for once! Thanks!

Katelin said...

LOVE the Rachel Zoe outfit, it looks awesome. nicely done.

seanski said...

OMG, I love the dance party pics. When did you take those!?