a few of my favorite things

Ever since I lost some much needed lbs., I've been making a list on iPhone of clothes I need to buy to glitz up my fall wardrobe. I'm also a HUGE fan of Pinterest and literally build my wardrobe within my boards. Check out my "what I want for fall" one.

Anyway, I like to find a good balance between buying trendy pieces at Forever21 and H&M and mixing in some quality pieces that will last for season after season. It may cost a little more but I know I'm making a serious fashion investment for my future. (Or at least that's what I tell myself when I look at the price tags of some of the things I pick out!) I've checked a few of my items off my list already and have a few more to add to my closet.

I was in desperate need to replace my 5-year-old Uggs, which were Oprah's favorite things mind you, with a boot that I can wear in the rainy days and through Cleveland's rough winters. Alas, behold my new Hunters. I picked these up on an amazing Gilt sale a few weeks ago.

Glossy black for me

I love my winter coats and like to have different options. You need a pea coat, a bomber, a winter white dressy one and I needed a new black coat too. I bought a Tahari coat like this one from Gilt too but the collar is different and flips around my face. I flipping love it!

Love the high collar!

I've been wanting a structured blazer - something not so typical. A jacket to throw on with jean leggings with pumps to dress up what would otherwise be a casual work outfit.

The grey pants don't do this coat justice.

What's next on my list you ask? Well, it's pretty long but this scarf has quickly risen to the top.

I've been dreaming of this scarf for over a year in multiple colors. The black, or navy with red too - I'd wear the hell out of it. Every day I swear. RIP McQueen.

McQueen scarf
As we enjoy the last month or so of fall and head into winter, what do you want you to add to spice up your wardrobe? New riding boots, winter coat, fur vest?


heisschic said...

i missed the hunter gilt sale?!? super bummed.

i just bought a pair of wide legged jeans... so my goal for the fall/winter is to figure out how to wear them. i have a feeling i'll 'have' to buy some platform booties to help. (yay!)

kimi said...

that blazer is fierce.

i want to get some more trouser cut jeans and some sweaters that'll last me several years.

Fizzgig said...

I need to get some winter boots. But, I mostly by my shoes for $4 at the thrift store. This leaves more money for wine.

Marie said...

Something tells me it would a lot of fun to go shopping with you!

Love the new things you got. As always, fabulous!

The Modern Gal said...

Cute stuff. My closet needs an update badly -- like needed it three years ago. You want to help? :)

TKTC said...

I don't know what I'd do without my Hunters or Pinterest, for that matter. LOVE your taste in jackets- blazers and overcoats alike!

Crystal @EatDrinkClev said...

I love Pinterest too! It's a good way to make up for not being able to afford some of the things I lust for until I can find a sale or cheaper version.

I need new boots! Just got some practical ones for shoveling snow but what I really NEED is some tall leather ones (brown, black, and maybe even grey?) I love your Hunters - they are awesome and still functional.

Katelin said...

i think i finally need to own boots. like legit boots. all i have is rain boots. so hopefully that will change this year.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Love that coat! Military style is my favorite. Hot boots too

Lil' Woman said...

Love those boots!!
You are a such a little fashionista :)