name that meow

I think I've officially been living downtown a month and definitely don't have a shortage of places to go or people to hang out with on any given night. Plus, with the holidays coming up, I somehow have almost every weekend booked leading up to Christmas and New Years, which isn't a bad thing when you are a single girl living in the city.

On Friday, my friends surprised our beautiful and pregnant friend, Erin, on her 30th birthday. Leading up to this day, she was unsure what she wanted to do, "I'm soooo pregnant" she'd tell me over and over and over. I had to remind her that she wasn't the first person to be pregnant on their birthday.

Her husband decided to throw an "Impromptu Birthday Party" so a group of us were ready and waiting when they came from dinner. I thought we nearly sent her into labor when we all screamed at the top of our lungs surprise! Saturday a group of girls got together and joined Erin at Santo spa in Pepper Pike for some pampering and relaxation.

Erin cutting her rainbow cake

Celebrating 30 is Ah-mazing

These toes are ready for Punta Cana

Post spa day, three of us went and relived our teenage years watching Breaking Dawn Part 1, where I proceeded to fall in love all over with Edward Cullen. Holy hotness! I really could have sat there to watch another two hours if they would've made the movie into just one part versus two. That night, I met with up with Alexa, Sean, Suzanne and a bunch of other peeps at Market and then Tina's Nite Club - two weeks in a row!

Did I slow down on Sunday? Hell to the no. I met up with the usual suspects -  Lisa, Sean and Alexa-  to brunch it up at XYZ tavern prior to Sean's first browns game. Add mimosas and it turned into quite the laughing, table slapping session, which continued at the game where I taught them the fun game of "name that meow." You meow a song and everyone has to guess what it is. Yes, it's a fun game invented by my coworkers. (Yeah Kelly and Nic!) Initially, you think, "Is she f'ing serious with this?" because that's what I said to Kelly and Nic. Yes, why yes, I am. Try it. It's addicting and equally hilarious and if you are at the Browns game while meowing, just expect the guys in front of you to get weirded out. It's cool. A little meowing never hurt anyone.

1st game for Sean, good luck charm right there

Go Browns!

Now, onto a three-day work week followed by my favorite holiday and then vacation for a week of pure bliss. Ahh....get us on that flight already.


Brent said...

Pre-game brunch instead of tailgating and meowing in a stadium where everyone else is barking.

Glad you had fun, but you definitely did it wrong.

Heather said...

I'm so jealous of your upcoming vaca!!!

Katelin said...

what a fun weekend but man your vacation sounds even better! have so much fun!!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

So jealous of your vacation. Can I be your carry on?

Will said...

I love the little girl behind you guys in the last photo! She's excited to be in that one with ya'll!