sickness becomes me

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Well........ I was down and out for the count this weekend. I have always only known two speeds - 0 or 100 - one or the other. There's no in between with me and every time I tell myself, "Allison, you are running yourself into the ground and going to get sick," it happens at the worst possible times. Without fail.

Sure enough that's what happened after running at 100 mph for the last month. Between moving, traveling to back and forth from the west to east coast and just plain running on empty, my body shut the eff down. Friday night I desperately tried to fight back the head cold from hell and fever to meet my friend Danielle for a celebratory dinner and drinks.

Cheers to tying up all loose ends.

It finally caught up with me on Saturday morning and I spent the majority of my weekend in my apartment, moving between the couch to the kitchen to make myself tea after cup of tea with kleenex in hand.

my medicine for the weekend

my view for most of the weekend

Caught up on some reading material

Found fascinators from Nordstorm to wear to the Jump Back Ball in February

While I did manage to leave my place to pick up a few things for my Gossip Girl party this week, I also had two of my favorite visitors over to wrap up a very much needed low-key weekend.

Mira is adorable, even though she peed on my tile floor

Here's to a busy week and one more week closer to vacation. Where to go, where to go......


Katelin said...

hope you feel better stat friend!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Aww hope you feel better! Take some time to rest!

Marie said...

Oh geez, really hoping you feel better soon! Get some rest lady!