i'ts christmastime

wellllllcome back from the holiday weekend!

As I recover from eating way too many cookies for breakfast, chocolate-covered homemade candy and drinking one too many pints of Christmas ale, I figured I'd do a recap post via photos to explain what I did for the past four days.

I'm really serious about the cookies for breakfast thing - this HAS to stop.

To kick off the Christmas festivities, my cousins and I all went out on Friday night to Lakewood, which proved to reiterate the fact that we were too old to be there.

I failed at taking photos but here's our favorite beer and Keith and Greg.

Christmas Eve was spent with my family in Amherst and ended with a late night at a local bar with a group of my high school friends. Nothing says the holidays like an impromptu bar night.

fur, family and cookies
love these ladies - katey, danielle and steph

Christmas ales all around

high school crew
Because my brother and I closed the bars down and up super early on Christmas day, we enjoyed a Christmas day lunch/dinner and after my third mimosa I made the mistake of lying down on the most comfortable couch next to mine.

most comfortable couch
I was out for another hour then joined my family later in the evening to watch Hangover 2 - nothing says Merry Christmas like some good ol' fbombs and Thai strip clubs.

Somehow....it's almost January 1. Wow has this month (and year) flown the hell by......


Lil' Woman said...

Look at you all dolled up in your fur, freakin love it!

steph anne said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! I know, I can't believe it's almost 2012 already!?

Nagehan said...

My family wasn't around for christmas this year! So, I left NYC for Philly to visit my brother. Looks like you had a good one :)

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