the new place

It's almost been two months since I've been in my new digs.

Two flipping months!

The time has flown by because it's somehow almost Christmas and I can remember thinking that was so far away from the time I moved in here.

When I moved in, I literally had to purchase EVERYTHING except for some bedroom furniture because I left the furniture in the house. The idea of a new place with new things was incredibly appealing so the move was pretty light on my part.

I was able to purchase whatever the hell I wanted.

What I liked and what I wanted. Brilliant concept! It was such an exhilarating feeling after being part of a couple for so long with agreeing or disagreeing and trying to combine our tastes. No need for that.

My lovely mother helped me along with my friend, Danielle, who has impeccable taste in all things, including decorating my abode. I don't know exactly what you would call my style (I do love shabby chic as my Pinterest page shows) but it typically involves sparkly things - notice the lamps, the beaded pillows and some of the picture frames. While my decorating isn't complete just yet, the apartment definitely feels more comfortable and completely me with as many sparkles as I want! You know what I mean?

Couch from Macy's complete with sparkle pillows from Pier 1

Obsessed with the lamps from JC Penney of all places and the cabinet from Kaplan's

Off white chairs marked down to $300 from $1,000 from Kaplan's - STEAL

favorite gold chest from Kaplan's too
The place is coming together slowly but surely and there are still several items to purchase like a leaning bookshelf, some wall art, a new bed and some furniture for the bedroom. BUT with Christmas coming up, I will be taking a little shopping break until January for now.

Where else should I look for furniture, wall art and other decor? Send your favorite places or pieces my way. I will have some post-holiday shopping to do!


Bite Buff said...

TJ Maxx Home Goods!

OHmommy said...

Love the Arhaus warehouse by airport. There are tons of accessories there too. Somethings are still expensive but if you are a good "hunter"/shopper you can find a bunch of steals. Happy shopping!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

TJ Maxx Home Goods, Pier 1, and World Market were all my gotos when decorating my house...

and you know how good my taste is.... duh.

beautyfoodie said...

*googling kaplans* Jeah! My tip: You can find ridic framed art for under $50 at Michael's and they always have coupons. And ditto on Home Goods and Marshall's. Give yourself an hour to wander those close shelves and you'll be amazed.

melissa said...

I love Etsy for wall art- there are quite a few "Cleveland art" shops there and other fun stuff! Also love Paul Duda in Tremont.
Welcome to downtown living :)

Alana said...

Place looks great!
Home Goods for pillows and pictures, Value City Furniture & North Coast Factory Direct for furniture.

Jen said...

Don't laugh, but Big Lots and Gabriel Brothers! You can find the neatest stuff for super, super cheap!!

Katelin said...

oh your place looks so cute so far, love it. and love that black cabinet, so fun and so many drawers!

i'd also recommend home goods or CB2 they have pretty awesome stuff that's not too expensive. love it.

Je said...

Decorating your own apartment is TOO much fun. As in too easy to spend a lot of money. I like what you have - it looks really classy! Pier 1 was hands down my favorite place and what most of my apartment redecorating was done in when I moved to SF. I also use Etsy for prints and funky additions that add personality like my "Geek" bookends. :)

Fizzgig said...

Having your own stuff is the best feeling! especially after leaving a relationship, nothing like a really fresh start!! i love everything you showed here! you have awesome taste!

Christina K said...

As others have said, Arhaus outlet and TJ Maxx Home are my go-tos! Looks great! I will eventually make it over.

Lil' Woman said...

Love your couch and your decor in general, you have such good taste.

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Looking good. You've got a great sense of style (that JCPenney lamp...woof!) I love Pier 1 and it's funny to hear my oldest girls pick out stuff that "they" would decorate with if they had their own place (sort of!)

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