pamper away

Every girl loves to be pampered.

And, I for one, haven't made it a priority over the past year but I vowed to focus more on me and one of those ways is at the salon.

Maybe it's a biweekly nail appointment, monthly facial or massage but every girl has her beauty routine down to a science or is always looking for new ways to improve it.

Over the past few months, I've taken my pampering very seriously by scheduling shellac appointments, pedicures and a facial to get myself back in a routine.

I understand that due to my years of tanning every two days for about two years, I'm going to need some serious work down the road. I'm not opposed to plastic surgery. I'd do botox, fillers and I used to want a nose job pretty bad but I'm slowly getting over that one. (I have a bump and I don't love it and often think that a nose job would be a good solution.)

Anyway, from one girl to another, I thought I'd share my go to beauty team around Cleveland.

First, my hair. My friend Danielle has cut, colored, curled, straightened, shaved, and mohawked my hair for the past 10 years. I have a complicated mane that most hair stylists don't understand how to cut into it - I have serious horse hair. I have a lot of fine, thick hair and would need double the extensions to pull off any long hair look until my mane grows out. She is well worth the drive to the west side at the Lorain location at HeadQuarters Salon & Spa.

When it comes to my face, my friend Shawn fixes my skin on the east side at Studio MZ with facials and whipping my eyebrows into the perfect arch shape. I don't know about you, but I always read about how important your skin care routine is in your 20s, 30s, and beyond and how it's all about starting young. Like 10 years ago. Oops. Way back when, I always used Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and an occassional eye cream but I went to Shawn and said, "Give me a damn facial routine - I need to prevent any wrinkles I can at this point." Did I mention I used to fake and bake.....

Her first thought, "Well, do you exfoliate?" No, no I don't. "Well, that's a great place to start......"

For the past two months, I've been using the products below for my facial routine and I seem to have less blemishes on my face all around. Every night, I wash my face with the Swell bar and then add a few drops of seabuckthorn oil at night. (Not going to lie, when she used it on my face, I was weirded out by the smell because it has this funky earthy scent but you get used to after a few uses. No worries.) And, as a bonus, Swell was created by a local Beachwood woman, Kelli Klus. Buying local my friends!

Swell facial bar and seabuckthorn oil and GlamGlow
Once a week, I use GlamGlow Mud Mask for 15 tingling minutes usually on a Sunday while I watch a DVR'd show and drink tea.

Sexy, right? Now THAT is going to land me a date, I know it!

It's tingling - let's get that out of the way, the first time Shawn used it she had to fan my face because holy hell was it TINGLING. After about a minute, that burning feeling goes away and then you rub and exfoliate your skin. It has chunks of green tea leaves (yes, chunks) and I normally feel like I break out from exfoliaters but not in this case. No random break outs or little bumps anywhere. If it's possible, I think I have less blackheads but I'll have to defer to Shawn on my next facial visit where I'll know based on how much time she spends with that evil little tool.

Next on my list is to find a spray tanner in the downtown or west side area (use Callie at Glow Tan and Spa if you are on the east side) and a masseuse.

So, dear downtowners and west siders, any recommendations you can send my way? What is your skin care routine or products you can't live without?


Alana said...

ow! ow!

i've been meaning to take better care of my skin with facials and masks - maybe ill ask santa for some help :)

Jen said...

I go to my mom who is an aesthetician at Rauns in Willoughby for my skincare needs. Her rules for having gorgeous skin: 1)Don't smoke or tan unless you want to look like a leather handbag by age 40. 2) NEVER go to bed with make up on. 3)Prevention is key. Start using serums and anti wrinkle products in your mid 20s. (I use a retinol every other night.) 4) Drink at least 100 oz of water a day 5) You are what you eat. A healthy diet is key, along with taking a multivitamin daily, and I also take omega 3 capsules twice daily in the winter to keep my skin soft and hydrated.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

dude, i told you four seasons on clifton - the versa spa!

Barb said...

My facialist recently turned me on to iS Clinicals active serum's. I use the healing one and it has really helped keep rosacea redness down and diminished those fine lines. Also pretty tingly at first but after a few applications, it goes away.

raven said...

For spray tanning on the west side, I used to always go to Charles Scott salon in Rocky River. They do an excellent job. I only stopped going because I bought my own machine to do it at home.
For massage, the BEST in Cleveland is Jennifer at Essence of Tranquility (again in Rocky River) I have been going to her every other week for almost 2 years now and I never used to get massages that often before. Nicely priced too. Everyone I've referred to her sounds almost drugged after they experience her massage. It's so good.

Charlene Ann said...

I've gone to Options Salon in Fairview Park for spray tanning and they've been pretty fantastic and not expensive at all. I for sure will be hitting them up before Jump Back Ball.

Nagehan said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE anything that has to do with pampering and make-up? Just today, my friend convinced me to become a freelance make up artist for weddings and special events as a side job!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I am obsessed with the skin care counter. Literally, want it all! I need to be better about pampering, you would be disgusted by my routine

Fizzgig said...

props for posting the mask photo! lol and im on the same boat, if i need botox one day, im on it! nothin like pampering yourself! you go girl!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I'm so terrible at figuring out skincare stuff. And beauty stuff in general. I often think I look really nice when I leave the house or first get ready, but the next time I look in the mirror, I'm a hot mess. WHAT GIVES, UNIVERSE? Maybe I need one of those masks, eh?

kimi said...

I'm intrigued with the GlamGlow... I love masks! This sounds kooky but once a week I use just used coffee grounds for an all over exfoliate in the shower. It makes my skin SO soft and the caffeine tightens skin. And eco friendly!