parties, parties and a giveaway

It feels like a million years since I've been back from Punta Cana but in all reality it's been 10 days. The week back at work was hectic, trying to juggle everything I missed out on while preparing for hosting and attending a few this weekend.

On Thursday, I hosted a party for B. Lux party for friends to catch up on their holiday shopping but randomly picked the day of the Steelers/Browns game - Fail on my part.

B.Lux accessories and clothes

On Friday, a group of coworkers came over to slurp on noodles from Noodlecat, lots of red and white wine and watch Bridesmaids, where we laughed our asses off and all agreed our coworker does a kick-ass rendition of Kristen Wiig's plane scene.

Fast forward to Saturday night where I headed to annual Christmas P.J. Jammy Jam party at Lindsay and Ryan's house. Seeing as I don't normally wear pajamas I purchased a new sleep shirt to party the night away in a comfortable holiday shirt.

Self shot, Shotts in all pink and the girls

Left, right, center - I lost, the holiday host and baby G had too much fun

I vote Jill for the best pajamas!

To kick off your Monday to a caffeinated start, our friends at Keybank will be buying EVERY cup, yes you read that right, buying EVERY cup of coffee, latte, cappuccino, frappuccino and any other coffee drink you order at the following Starbucks locations below ALL DAY LONG:
  • West 6th Street, 1374 West 6th Street 
  • Hanna Building, Euclid Ave
  • Cleveland Clinic, Euclid Ave
  • Cedar & Fairmount,12405 Cedar Road
  • Chagrin & Green, Chagrin Blvd
  • Rocky River, 19555 Detroit Road 
  • Westgate Mall Drive-Thru, 20645 Center Ridge Road 
For one lucky reader, you can buy even more Starbucks if you'd like because Key Bank is giving me a $25 Key Possibilities MasterCard Gift Card to give to one of you lovely readers.

To enter: Tell me what you'd buy me for an XMAS gift and leave your email address too. The funnier, the better! I'll choose a winner on Tuesday night.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this giveaway but you better believe I'll be in line at the West 6th  location tomorrow AM on my way to work to get my caramel brulee latte.


Jackie said...

Allison's amazing Christmas gift: Kent State bar crawl t-shirt (only in bright pink with KENT across the front). Memories!

Lil' Woman said...

Looks like a fun weekend.
I want to go to a PJ party :)

kakaty said...

Sounds like you need a nice pair of PJs...that's your xmas gift!

kate AT kakakakaty DOT com

Managed Chaos said...

I'd buy you some tanning sessions, but I think the Snooki look is SO 2010. Or maybe some fugly Ugg boots ;)

melissa said...

I'd buy you those Frye boots you want.. so I could wear them too! (in all honesty, they're out of my price range for a gift, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

FlipFlopGirl said...

I'd have to create a "emergency kit" for all your out on the town needs (small size and trunk friendly), including:
- snazzy hot pink and zebra carrying case
- safety pins
- duct tape (redneck fix for everything!)
- double-sided tape (No Janet Jackson moments for you!)
- Roll up flip flops and flats (Ahhh, comfort!)
- Socks (To warm feet, hands or be filled with rocks as an emergency apocalypse weapon – Homie don’t play that!)
- a black sharpie (Can leave notes, fix posters and rub out some black shoe scuffs quickly)
- sewing kit
- stain stick (for accidental wine dribble or silly mustard attacks)
- anti-static spray
- a hair tie (Because women in action and suspense movies never seem to0 have one to tie their hair back when running from an axe murderer, zombies or scary weather situations!)
- bobby pins
- gum
- brush ups
- dental floss
- $5 Starbucks card (Necessity for late nights and early mornings)
- $5 cash card
- Antacid
- Tylenol
- cough drops
- mini lotion
- mini hairspray
- mini deodorant
- a nail kit
- tissues
- a notepad and pen (For those note-leaving emergencies - like a jerk that hasn't a clue on parking etiquette)
- and a flask filled with the festive beverage of your choice, cause when all else fails - cheers & have fun!

~Charity - RareTune at AOL DOT com

Katelin said...

i would totally buy you those sparkly tights. i mean i know you'd rock them like a superstar.

Sarah said...

Pajamas, specifically some just like those pictured above in your post! Those are amazing and I want some...I guess I'm assuming you'd like some too

Fizzgig said...

i dont think a single scene in a movie, has the ability to make me laugh into tears, as much as the plane scene in bridesmaids!!!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Can I just find a way to buy you some extra time so you can blog more often? Because I am a fan.

Also, I enjoy coffee. And footie pajamas.