memorial day whirlwind

Oh, how I love long weekends that bring summer back into the mix instead of the usual rain we've been experiencing in Cleveland.

My weekend was filled with driving all over northeast ohio to visit friends and family for cookouts and girls' nights - because you can never have too many of those.

Meet my friend's new puppy, Mira

First stab at making funnel cakes since the rain kept us away

However, you better believe I spent some time outside laying out and planting a few flowers too.

I was hopping all over the place from the far west side back to the east side and then the Detroit shoreway neighborhood yesterday for a long motorcycle ride. From the east side, we came down Chester into the city and the ride in was an interesting way to view the city, seeing as most of the area was deserted for the weekend. I've never noticed some of the remodeled homes that are on Chester, leading into the city. Normally, I'm driving so I'm not paying attention but this time I had to chance to look all around and just hold on for dear life so I didn't fall off the bike.

We stopped for dinner at Reddstone but they stopped serving dinner so we headed over to Stone Mad for a late dinner. Who knew we weren't the only ones who didn't attend a cookout on Memorial Day?

I'm all about the warm weather and don't want to hear anyone complain about it. Here we come summer. Now, if I can just get bathing suit ready and not scare my neighbors?

4 years in the making

For over four years, I have longed for this damn bag and my friends have grown tired of listening to me talk about it. Ever since I first laid eyes on this print, I knew I had to have it as my own but I didn't think it would take this long to get it. I've blogged about it a handful of times, frequently stopped in Sak's alone and with friends to look at it and almost purchased it several times.

I promised myself that until I paid off my credit cards I wasn't allowed to buy it.

Well, that day has come and you better believe I called my new fairy fashion godfather, Tom, who kindly answered the phone and told me there was a waiting list but graciously took my name and credit card number down. I was number three on the list, asked to cut in line (he didn't think it was as funny as I did) and ran to the store to pick it up last Friday when I got the call.

with my newest handbag
Let's just say I'm not going to be making any big purchases in the near future but am thrilled I reached my goal and purchased this lovely bag.

Now, how to keep everything from getting lost in it..........

shop til you drop - a legacy village shopping event

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Last weekend, I was cordially invited to a shopping event at Legacy Village on the east side to Charming Charlie, one of my frequent stops for jewelry because of the prices and because it is so close to my house. My friends and I frequent the other shops and restaurants there, especially in the summer and fall to sit on the many patio options. Because I'm easily distracted by shiny things, I have to narrow down my search before I go in to stores like Charming Charlie. I go in and keep my search for specific colors because if not, I will be overwhelmed and not be able to make up my mind.

I saw a few friends there like Cleshopaholic, Michelle from All Lacquered Up and Pauline from Classy Chaos and was introduced to a handful of other CLE bloggers whom I've never met. White House Black Market shared some new dresses and we all shopped throughout the store to look for jewelry.I walked away purchasing one long necklace with a bunch of charms on it.

shopping night begins

Cleshopaholic and Michelle from All Lacquered Up

swag bag contents

With summer officially here with this weekend's weather, it's time to get a-shopping! One lucky reader will win a $25 Legacy Village giftcard to spend wherever your little heart desires. Want a date night, new jewelry or clothes? You will be $25 closer if you win this giftcard.

How to enter the contest:
Two ways to enter:

Tell me what you are most excited for this summer in a comment. Vacation, flip flops, swimming pools or patio dinners? I can't wait for lazy Saturdays to layout and cookouts with friends. Nothing like beers in the summer with a cornhole game.

Tweet giveaway: I love _______ about summer and entered @allisonpeltz 's Legacy Village giftcard giveaway.

Winner will be chosen on Friday, May 27.

Happy shopping!

Disclosure: I was invited to the Legacy blogger event and provided a $50 giftcard and swag bag for attending this private shopping event.

to journal or not

Thursday, May 19, 2011
The past few weeks I haven't been blogging near enough. I like to post at least twice a week but it's been only once and I've been doing a lot of stuff. I haven't been just sitting at home watching reruns of Sex and the City. (Although that still sounds fun.)

A little known fact is that I've been writing this blog for almost four years. It will be four years in July 7. I was looking back through old posts and laughing to myself because I didn't know what the hell I was doing when I first started this thing. (No need to look back, it's not too pretty.) My friends and family didn't understand it and then others still share how "they don't have time for something like that" when I share I'm a blogger.

Through this little domain, I've met some fantastic people all over the US and in Cleveland who I never would have met otherwise. The funny thing is a lot of us are more alike then we know and even have similar careers whether it's in marketing, advertising or public relations.

Having a blog always felt somewhat natural to me. Maybe because I had a pen pal (yes, seriously I did) when I was kid and have always wrote down my thoughts in some way. Way back when it was in a stylish diary complete with a key so my mom couldn't get into it.

something like this without all the butterflies

I then graduated to adult journals because having something with a key and looking like it was taken out of the Babysitter's Club didn't seem so appropriate anymore, you know?

Something like this fleur-de-lis one

Or this one that screams "I'll never get lost"

Do you keep a journal or use your blog to blast out your thoughts?

weekend warrior

Since Friday afternoon, I have driven all over northeast ohio and have the mileage to prove it. 584 miles from Friday morning through Sunday night.

584 miles at $4.08 a gallon.

If you follow me on FourSquare or Twitter, you probably wondered where the hell I was going because I was bouncing from Milan, Ohio, for a work event to Youngstown for the BF's brother's wedding, back to Cleveland to sleep Saturday night then headed allllll the way to Ada for my brother's law school graduation and even made to a Legacy Village shopping event with some blogger friends. (More on that later.)

I can't wait to crawl into my bed tonight and watch Desperate Housewives. (Yes, I'm still one of the few that watches and laughs out loud and Gaby and her crazy antics.)

The bride and groom

Ohio Northern Commencement

My brother not taking his hard-earned hood off

While tons of people took pictures at the wedding and at the graduation, I unfortunately did not but I assure you I was there at both.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lay in bed and prepare for what will probably be a busy work day tomorrow.

dear mom

Holy shit - Cleveland had weather that resembled spring and I couldn't be happier. Saturday and Sunday  it was almost 70. AND sunny. The sun came out and stayed out for the majority of the day.

On Satuday, my family wanted to celebrate mother's day a day early and we headed to Washington Place Bistro for dinner without my brother. He's off studying for finals so he graduates law school this weekend. My little brother is almost a lawyer.

Who knew this little dweeb would grow up to graduate law school?

already dressing the part at age 4

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, even if it was incredibly early by my normal dinner time, but we walked down Murray Hill to make a stop at Presti's to stock up on cannolis, macaroons and several other desserts.  

In honor of Mother's Day, I'd like to apologize for some of my antics over the years. In all reality, I didn't do half the stuff my brother pulled because unlike him, I got away with all my stunts, and I'm not about to reveal most of those things here anyway!

Dear Mom,
I'm sorry I threw my pink Barbie boombox down the wooden stairs when I was supposed to be taking a nap. I'm also sorry that that neighbor still remembers that as the first time she officially met our family. Ooooops. I'm sorry that I lost your black pearl ring that Dad bought you when you guys first started dating. I really couldn't help that it didn't fit my 10-year-old fingers BUT I think we learned that it probably wasn't a good idea to let me wear your jewelry that day. Even IF I begged you. Also, sorry about never following your rules of "no girls in the third seat of the Expedition" when I first got my license. In all seriousness, you probably should've taken out the third seat so I wouldn't be tempted to shove my six friends into the car and sing the Spice Girls at the top of our lungs. I swear, I still stopped at every stop sign. Lastly, I'm sorry about how I caused all that drama when it came time for my confirmation. It turns out Anastasia did work as a confirmation name, even though I still think Madonna was the better choice.


Circa 1984
Happy Mother's Day, Julie Jean!

ga-ga ooh la la

While I'm sure you've read all about the concert last week or were at the Q yourself, I haven't had time to sit down and blog about it until now. This would be my third concert in two years and it was an exact repeat of the Monster Ball last year, but that didn't stop my friends and I from going again last week.

serious glasses made my friend's mom

Had to take a pic of these girls - so cute

These guys were die hards.

the glasses were a hit.
All in all it was  a fun night even though Gaga was about an hour late but the girl danced her ass off for two hours. My friends and I never made it to our actual seats, instead, we went out on the floor were incredibly close to the stage. In person, that Lady Gaga is one tiny chick, running up and down the stage in latex and high heels.

Were you there - did you like it, love it or hate? And, will you be at the Born This Way tour because you know I will be!