the one where we partied all night long

Monday, January 2, 2012
What a new years that was!

To ring in 2012, I spent two days going to parties including a Holladays party on New Year's Eve Eve and spending the night with a group of girls for New Year's Eve - one of my favorite nights out.

The fabulous Lisa and Alexa hosted their third annual New Year's Eve Eve Holla days Festival of Awesomeness (best event name ever!) and I joined 100 other peeps to drink, be merry and wear sparkles in the new Spice Kitchen and Bar.

Me and Shibani; One half of the hosts; the crowd
Dance party to Rihanna

For New Year's Eve, I hosted a group of girls at my place for apps and chocolate martinis and then we hit up W.25th and W.6th bars and drank enough champagne, vodka martinis and Coronas for five guys.

friends; Best tux of the night; Touch; me and Danielle
We were at Market for a few shoreway coolers then ran across the street to Bier Markt and Speakeasy but that place was CRAZY packed like it was a summer night on the rooftop of Velvet Dog. .

Group shot at Market
We ditched that place to head to Touch to ring in 1/1/12 and catch the end of Lady Gaga's performance (you better believe I watched it then next day hungover) then danced like it was 1998 to old school hip hop in the basement.

Like fools, we went to W.6th  and met up with my brother and his friends at Liquid. He is essentially my wing man since I've moved downtown because he's either out with me and his friends or he's calling me to come over for "breakfast" when I don't even know he's down here. Guess that's what older sisters are for.....

Yep, that's him!

What turned out to be a late night turned into another lonnnnngggg day that started with a home cooked breakfast then a walk to Panini's down the street to watch the Browns with my brother and his friends, which then turned into receiving impromptu Cavs tickets (Thanks Amanda, Kristina and Kandis!) to watch them win against the Nets.

Go Browns!
For some reason, everyone was booing Kris Humphries but I still don't understand why because if they boo him, they better be booing Kim for the sham wedding that is still covering all the gossip rags.

My pseudo roommate, Danielle; go cavs!

Like so many other people, I was lucky enough to have the day off on this lovely Monday to pull my apartment back together, take down my Christmas decorations, organize my overflowing closet all while watching a Sex and the City marathon.

Have I mentioned I love living downtown? Because I do! Here we go 2012!


CLEshopaholic said...

I can't wait to hear about more adventures in 2012. Also, we need MORE SPARKLES!!!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Is it awkward if I tell you I think your brother is hot...?

Heather said...

Damn, girl, you were busy!!
And I SO LOVE your fur coat. Love, love, love.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i love everything about this post!!

Jen said...

Ugh!! Your dance party pics make me sad that I left Holla Days early! Love your top!

kimi said...

What a fun weekend. Was so glad to meet you finally, sorry if I was a drunk mess. I definitely don't get out much and it shows. Haha.

Fizzgig said...

I really don't know what's better than chocolate martinis...AND friends! sounds like an amazing time!!

Happy 2012!!!

Katelin said...

that sounds like one fabulous way to ring in the new year, LOVE IT. and love that pic of you with the fur and the party hat, so cute.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

That's it, I'm going to Cleveland to party with you one year. That is my kind of celebration!

Kristina K. said...

Your shoutout just totally made my week :) It was nice to meet you!