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My weekend kicked off on Thursday night this week with a birthday dinner to celebrate three birthdays because each of my two friends and I turned 29 within the last two months - November, December and now mine in January.

The girls and I hit up Ginko, sipped on complimentary champagne because they overheard me explaining the most lame ticket I've ever been given in my entire driving career minutes before I got there and tasted some of their delicious rolls (thumbs up to the Ginko and Royal crab rolls and spicy scallop chips).

Sushi and drinks! Yes please!

Earlier in the week, I received a text from my friend Carrie asking if I wanted to go see Last Call Cleveland - you know, the group behind some of our the hilarious Cleveland videos. We laughed our asses off for two hours then grabbed a few drinks to round out a busy work week for all four of us.

Saturday night one hundred of Sean's closest friends headed down to the Harbor Inn for Sean's Yacht Club Party (26 + 4). If you follow this boy on FourSquare, you know he was doing something new every night working up until this 30th bday party. Everyone showed up in their nautical best consisting of popped collar polos, striped shirts, top siders and even the occasional shark costume.

Party people!

Lisa, Kelly, Alexa, me and Janet

birthday boy, a dancing machine
Sunday brought an early morning filled with cleaning up all 800 square feet of my apartment, catching up on my DVR and knocking some work out of the way. After all that was complete, I headed to the east side for a few hours to my very good friends' house to meet their baby girl who was born on Friday the 13th. (This girl knows how to make an entrance already after arriving 5 days late.)

Although I was kept up-to-date via Facebook and pictures from my friend (the new mom!), I couldn't wait to get over and meet this adorable baby who it felt like took forever to come into this world. I'm now to the point where the majority of my friends are married and we are onto babies. (Sounds so adult, right?)

It's so surreal to see my friends have babies, especially after you've been talking about the unnamed baby girl for months! Well, the wait is over and baby Brooklyn is finally here. She is healthy at 7 pounds, some ounces and all sorts of adorableness.

Baby Brooklyn, making her blog debut!

After successfully holding a very cute infant without being too weirded out by it (they scare me!), I joined a lovely group of ladies to judge, critique and ultimately determine that every celebrity should've asked us what they should've worn at the Golden Globes at Charity's house.

champagne, sugar free jello and wine

group shot checking phones and Twitter

Two things -

1) All the ladies apparently had two color choices - Nude or Navy.

2) All the men apparently wanted to go with the "glow look" and were all specially spray tanned today.

While this weekend has come to a close, this week kicks off my birthday week with me officially turning 29 on Wednesday!!!! I'm super pumped, love celebrating birthdays and may or may not take a whole week to celebrate my birth with friends and end the week with a party on Saturday night.


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

jazz hands. spirit fingers. whatevs.

melissa said...
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melissa said...

Happy almost birthday! January birthdays rock!

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

Happy almost birthday! What did you pick as a gift?

Fizzgig said...

sounds like a blast, how i look back on 26 plus four...sigh........

seanski said...

Love that blurry dance action. Thanks for coming!

Katelin said...

that group picture is awesome. love it. yay birthdayness!