taming the weekend

The weekend, oh the weekend.

Since I've moved downtown, I've had plans almost every night since October for every weekend night. I've wanted to stay in and relax but I've pretty much been on the go for the past three months straight whether it's going out to bars, dinners or entertaining friends at my new place. (Don't worry, I'm not complaining at all!)

I finally spent my first Friday night in with a date night with my DVR and sushi for dinner. A night in was so needed after a busy week and fighting a cold that I believe is still coming on now. (Seriously, this snow then rain then 45 degrees then wind storm isn't helping my sinuses.)

Philly, spicy scallop, crab salad and miso soup. OH MY!

I passed up happy hour invites, invites to east side and movie nights to stay in to lay on my couch, catch up on Grey's Anatomy, Prime Suspect and the Mob Wives while enjoying sushi from Sushi 86, which is a stone's throw away from my place.

Saturday night I turned things up a notch and joined a group of friends at Touch Supper Club for Old School  Hip Hop Night. Holla!

Hip hop hooray,....hooooo....eeehhhhh...ohhhh

That's my best Naughty by Nature impression of course.

We busted a move in the basement for a few hours but my god it gets crowded as hell down there. And, I can't tell you how many guys were in layers after layers with even winter coats on and were dancing in them. In full winter gear! I had on a silk shirt with a blazer and leather leggings and I was DYING after a few minutes of bopping around on the floor.

How the hell did those boys last the whole night in those coats?!?

The back view of my all black ensemble courtesy of Sean

After waking up without the help of an alarm clock, I headed to the wayyyy eastside to my old stomping grounds of Chagrin Falls and joined two friends for a belated birthday brunch at Yours Truly where we were joined by one of their adorable and incredibly animated almost 4-year-old daughter.

little cutie!

I finished Sunday off visiting my friends and little Brooklyn because she just celebrated her 2 week birthday. They just grow up so fast! She's already walking and talking. Just kidding!


Nagehan said...

Living in New York City also makes it incredibly hard to stay in during my free time. There is always a happy hour somewhere, or a party this weekend, etc, etc. Sometimes, sitting around, ordering in food, and watching netflix all weekend long is a bliss!

Katelin said...

seriously a night in is needed every now and then. and now i want sushi and miso soup, mmmm.

Jessica (Bayjb) said...

I love having a good night in. And that sushi looks delish

Fizzgig said...

some of the best nights, are date nights with yourself! they are much needed, and it looks like you've got a terrific balance goin on! you go girl!!!!