at the moment

i'm in love with these girls. I can't get enough of Sophia Grace and Rosie.

chandelier earrings, can never have too many in my book

on sale makes it even better

new flat black clutch that I've been wanting for months. hello new friend!

complete with a gold chain arm strap

hmmmmm I could find somewhere to wear these, but, the question is will my friends want to go out with me?

Harem sequin pants are so in. well, maybe not.

all three of my favorite girl scout cookies - tagalongs, caramel delights and thin mints


Kelly said...

I would absolutely NOT go out with you if you wore those hideous pants. As a friend, I refuse.

Melven said...

Kel - you would if they were leps!

seanski said...

I would go out with you in those pants. But only if our destination was Bounce.

Fizzgig said...

ohhh GS cookies. im on year two of detox. next year, i think i get an award or something......and yea, i dont even like kids, and those girls are so adorable! i wish we could all be that footloose and fancy free again!

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