the big Vday

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - Join me for a girls' night this Valentine's Day to celebrate our independence before we drunk text our exes and quietly sob ourselves to sleep

Ha ha - Let's get real - Do girls really do this?

Sh*t, let's hope not. Leave them in the past, ladies!

Happy Valentine's day to you and your significant other!

happy vday - who doesn't love candy hearts?!
What will I be up to? I will be wearing some red or pink and thought it would be hysterically cliche to go see the most lovey dovey movie out there right now - The Vow - with another single girlfriend.

Who doesn't want to look at some eye candy for two hours? Channing Tatum, I'm lookin' at you!


Heather said...

I've mentioned this movie to Jay no less than 20 times. He's yet to say "wanna go see it?".
Happy Valentines Day!

Joanna M said...

I saw The Vow with my daughters this past weekend. Tatum is nice to look at but not such a great actor. Overall - it was an "eh - rentable" flick.

PomJob said...

Enjoy the movie! I agree with Joanna. He's pretty but sometimes that's all you need.

I saw This Means War last night - it was hilarious. And Chris Pines in even prettier than Channing.

Charlene said...

I saw that movie this weekend. Channing is very nice to look at. Not gonna lie. Perfect girls night movie.

Bite Buff said...

My single girlfriends from college have an annual tradition...Blackout Valentine's Day. It begins with saki bombs at sushi dinner and ends at the bar. Ah, good times!

Fizzgig said...

i hope girls dont do that! who wants to implode the exes ego by drunk texting them? no way jose!!

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