i'll show you a ski bunny

That's right.

This girl right here is heading skiing over the next few days. We are staying at the house below with 25 friends of friends this weekend in West Virginia.

how much fun does that look!

I'll be joined by a few of the usual suspects pictured below and a lot other people I don't know. But we all know that makes for a great party!

Have I ever skied?

I don't think you can count Camp Fitch in 6th grade........

However, I am somewhat athletic so hopefully I will be able to pull it off. Maybe for an afternoon. Or for an hour.

While I'm not a ski bunny yet I am REALLY good at sipping cocktails in a hot tub or sitting at the bar with a bunch of people I don't know and socializing into the early hours. Either way, we will all have an amazing time together.

So, that will be my weekend - here's to coming home without any broken bones, sprains or any other crazy fluke accidents that would only happen to me and navigating myself to and from the destination by myself.


Lil' Woman said...

That house is amazing!!
I skied once or twice but I'm much better at sitting in the lodge looking cute : )

Jen said...

I'm actually really good at looking cute in expensive ski outfits I will only wear once, and drinking alcohol in lodges by fireplaces. Not everyone can master it, but I've been practicing for years. BTW, YMCA Camp Fitch in PA was my home away from home in the summers. I wonder if you're referring to the same one. If so, I bet you we've hung out when we were 12 and don't even know it.

laurajane said...

Reading this now (post-weekend), you clearly jinxed yourself in the last paragraph.

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